SAN Infusion

  1. Thumbs up SAN Infusion

    I've been using this product alot lately and would rate tha flavors in tha following order when mixed in water ( milk is another story ):

    Vanilla Caramel... says ALOT as I don't like ANY vanilla flavored proteins
    Chocolate Peanut Butter... more of a dark chocolate
    Cinnamon Oatmeal... almost ginger snap like, tied for first in milk
    Wildberry Yogurt

    *Note: for whatever reason they all seem to have a somewhat bitter taste to them that definitely detracts. Milk helps but Vanilla Caramel masks it quite well regardless.

  2. Oh yeah I have ben looking at that protein, Poloquin endorses Infusion. I think the caesin is giving you that bitter taste, or maybe the efa's...

  3. I like this product quite a bit, especially the choc. pb. Nutritionally it is a sound product. However, it can be cost restrictive due to the number of serving/container. One thing I was happy about was that a SAN representative disclosed % contents when I asked b/c I questioned the amount of colostrum.

    47grams of Protein Blend=
    (Micellar Casein 30%, WPC 30%, WPI 25%, Colostrum 10%, Lactalbumin 5%)

  4. Nice, I should get some. Looks decent and good reviews.

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