FnF's Monster Mass Building, Fat Incinerating Plan with ALRI

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  1. WEEK 8 DAY 55 JULY 30 2006 SUNDAY


    Feeling great, getting plenty of rest. Sleeping like a rock, literally!!!! Even though the weather here is pretty much unbearable Ive not let it get me down. I spent the day ironing and getting tasks done around the house and taking care of Viper who has a sore back.


    I had a good training session, I did not go up in weights but I did get more reps. I worked out alone and the gym was like a ghost town so it went real fast and smooth, my kinda workout! I am still working on form on the lat pulldowns at 120 lb, im getting better and better. Today the BB rows seemed pretty easy too, so next week I will move up the weight 5-10 pounds. I sure like doing BB rows with free weights instead of that smith machine.


    All my supplements are working for me very well. The pumps I get with the primed and N-gorge were big before but now with Jungle Warfare they are even bigger and more intense. My arms get hard as rocks they get so full. My back always seems to get really big pumps, the traps are growing nicely too.

    Ive done really well keeping fat gain to a minimum on this stack during my bulk. My energy levels are always good with the Hyperdrive 3.0 and still it works great after 55 days, I take it on all days as well.

    I wouldnt know how to answer if someone asked me what was my favorite product of the stack because they are all so good, each one works differently but I do esp love the Primed, Jungle Warfare, Lean Dreams. LOL I love it all. I look forward to more innovating products made by ALRI in the future.


    Ive added my weight chart which is up to date fro Monday July 31 2006, Im up 11 pounds. Measrements are coming in the next post.

    I want to send out a special Congrats to some new Members of Team Torture!!!!!!

    Mom-Chris and her hubby
    Richard Russell

    And a big Congrats goes to SPACECLOWN!!!!!!!!!! He has made a tremendous transformation recently!!!!

    And My girl DawnMarie- I know she is feeling better because she is trying to lure me with Muscle Pancakes all the way to Florida!!!!!! Her sneaky little self is coming back fast!!!!!! Get well in a hurry Dawn!!!!!

  2. Nice job baby! Keep up the good work. Great detail on all your charts, you are the Stat Queen

    Congrats as well to the new members of Team Torure


    I am adding a previous measurement chart from the past to show a comparison at virtually the same weight I am now on a bulk. Before on the date I have marked with an arrow on second chart I had alot of fat on my arms and now its muscle with very little fat, same with the legs, Ive lost fat and put on muscle. My forearms have grown alot too.

    Overall Im happy so far with my results, even though I added another 1/2 inch in my waist I know it will go away very quickly when I cut.


  4. Team Torture eh? Sounds kinky I see your weight hasn't changed much since you started jungle warfare, sounds like you're leaning out and gaining nicely at the same time

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Ziricote
    Team Torture eh? Sounds kinky I see your weight hasn't changed much since you started jungle warfare, sounds like you're leaning out and gaining nicely at the same time
    Yep, I had to up my cals again for the second time

    Kinky is good right??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    Yep, I had to up my cals again for the second time

    Kinky is good right??
    Ohhh yeaaaah

  7. don't worry about the 1/2 inch on your waist. you can cut that in no time.

    if it makes you feel any better, i've added a few myself.

  8. WEEK 9 DAY 56 & 57 JULY 31 & AUG 1 2006 MONDAY - TUESDAY



    I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I conquered the 40 pound dumbbells on military press I did not get them up on my own but did all the reps on my own, and I did get more reps that I thought I would, I was hoping for 4-6 but did much better!!! Im so happy about it!

    I went back to bench press with the barbell and did very well and had no pain whatsoever!!!!!!! I went up to 75 pounds today, I will work hard to get that number up while not creating injury to my chest pec tie in area.

    I had a great workout and never ran low on fuel , the pumps in my shoulders were totally awesome, I saw cuts I didnt know I had! I will not be happy till I have big shoulder caps, nice big round delts! The sky is the limit!

    I had great energy today and was ready to give it all I had, Went on Tuesday instead of Monday due to a important matter I had to go spend the night with my Mother for a meeting the next day that could not be rescheduled.

    Im trying to stay cool in this weather, but dang its hard!!! It can take alot out of ya, so people please be safe!!!

    I am having no bad side effects from any of the products in my stack. I am gaining alot of strength from Jungle Warfare though, and ya gotta love that!!!! I must make the best of this bulk with my JW as a cutting cycle is right around the corner, and I fear cutting!!!!!!! I do not want to lose strength and go back to little girl weights NO dont make me do it!!!!!!!!!



  9. Ha Ha Fit you ROCK congrats on the 40lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your stats are amazing you better be VERY proud of yourself

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Pitbull954
    Ha Ha Fit you ROCK congrats on the 40lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your stats are amazing you better be VERY proud of yourself

    Thanks Pit!!!!! I was very happy to say the least!!!!! I wanted to scream but didnt want to freak people out, LOL




    Mood has been great, Ive been getting plenty of quality sleep on the Lean Dreams, It's still working great for me and I look forward to using it each night, I love the calming effect it has! Aside from the horrible humidity all is well in FnF land.


    Ok, WOW.........I know for sure Jungle Warfare is really kicking in for me, I've had to hardest time getting many reps with the 60 lb barbell curl, Finally today I did 10 reps on the first two sets and 7 on the last, I could of had 10 on the last set had it not been for a wierdo standing in front of me playing with his hair and tweaking his man boobs as if he was proud of them, I lost concentration due to this waste of gym air!

    oddly enough the preacher curls felt really easy today so Ill go up to 40 pounds next week, usually the BB curls taks so much out of me that I have to lower the weights for Preacher and Im getting more strength and energy now from JW so Im happy as heck over that!

    The rest of the training went very well, even hammer curls are becoming very easy to do, all while superseting and drop setting with the preacher, this is crazy!!!!!!

    My triceps are feeling much better and I am having no issues with shoulder doing kickbacks as long as I do not use high weight.


    Ahhhhhh, Had a big compliment at the gym tonight, a guy that we see everyday at the gym said we both looked leaner and more defined, I mean he went out of his way to ask us what we were doing! So I told him about Jungle Warfare and he was like " whats that" I swear people live in caves!

    So tonight while doing arms I had the big poppa pump PUMPS going on, WOW I really like seeing the definition I get when I am pumped! Watch out Scott Steiner, something beefier is coming!!!!!

    I am having no side effects at all, its all good on this stack, much better strength and stamina, I love it!

  12. WEEK 9 DAY 59 AUGUST 3 2006 THURSDAY




    Hey all, FnF is doing well. Having a day off for rest is good! I am really liking the Jungle Warfare as of lately I am having pumps all the time even on off days doing absolutely nothing at all! I feel all beefy, LOL

    I will be trying something new this week, Im trading legs on Friday for Back on Sunday, this way My shoulders have more time to re-coup before Monday when I do chest & shoulders. I hope to be able to perform even better this way.

    We are meeting a member we met on the internet at another board at his gym Friday night, this should be fun! We will work out together. He lives right in our area so its cool!

    Im having no side effects from any of the products and they are working for me very well. My weigh is at 138 today, even after upping cals again You know what that means! Muscle building MOMMA!!!!! I never want this bulking to end, Im loving every day of it!

  13. WEEK 9 DAYS 60-61 AUGUST 4 - 5 2006 FRIDAY & SATURDAY



    Friday we went to another local gym with a buddy that we met on another board, he lives very close to us. We had a great time and our workout went very smooth and fast compared to working out around 300 people at our gym!

    I switched up legs to do back today, Im going to keep that schedule now, this way my shoulders have an extra day to rest before shoulders on Monday as back is a heavy lift day and im usually sore on Monday which I feel effects my shoulder lifts. Im hoping to get to 45-50 lb DB's before the end of my bulk, however wishful thinking that may be, its my goal!

    I didnt break any records or set any PR's for Friday's training but did well. We were able to use the good old fashioned t-bar, I started with 2 45's and the partial weight of the bar lifting which we figured to be about 112.5 lbs total, I did it but Viper thought it was too heavy for me so we switched out a 45 for a 25, that form with a real t-bar sure is hard on your darn back!!!!!!!! I had to use some icy hot for relief.

    I had extra time as my training was different than Vipers so I did biceps again, who knows maybe it will make them grow faster

    Its always weird working out with all different equipment but I managed well, I did like their dumbbells, the good ones like what Ronnie uses

    Everything else is going well, the supps are working great and Im really loving Jungle Warfare. I do have some more acne but its very small in size and on my back, I didnt even know it was there until Viper told me, looks more like tiny bumps really, I would hate those big ugly zits on my masterpiece back!!!!

    I also have to say again that these all day pumps have kept up from JW, its pretty cool!!! Thanks to hyperdrive I made it through the workout so I could go home and eat! My second favorite thing to do now, LOL



  14. WEEK 9 DAY 62 AUGUST 6 2006 SUNDAY



    BE PREPARED FOR AMAZEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in shock tonight during my leg training, I still cannot believe my progress since adding Jungle Warfare. I went up to 530 lbs in leg press, thats 160 more pounds im pushing in 9 weeks on bulking and JW, at this rate I may hit 1000 pounds in another year!!!!!!!

    Ok, still not amazed?????? Check this !!!!!! Leg extension a whopping 195 pounds!!!!! With a witness, I knew if Viperspit didnt watch me do it he may not even believe me, so I called him over to watch, I planned for 6 and got 6, it was tough but they were full reps

    The rest was just good, LOL cant have everything!!!!! I had the biggest pump today in my quads I though my pants were seriously going to rip open like the hulk, it was crazy!!!!

    Today is exactly 3 weeks on Jungle warfare and I took pictures today too, I have not had time to re-size and crop but.........my O' my........... some things have really changed I will get them up soon I promise!

    I got plenty of energy today for my training from Primed & Hyperdrive, I just kept going and going like the energizer bunny.

    Im on my 3rd bottle of Special Tactics now, its sure nice to take a fat burner that is not a stim and not have the side effects others can give as in cramps and bloating, I much rather have trouble free supplements and thats what I am lucky enough to have!

    Ya know after taking creatine in the capsule form ( N-Gorge ) Ill never go back to bulk, I dreaded that flavor twice a day! Its so easy to pop 4 pills twice a day and have no nasty taste in your mouth! And as an added bonus it has a great NO in it, makes life just that much better.

    Well its late and my Lean Dreams is kicking in, Im feeling all relaxed and at peace with the world, thats the sign to get your booty in the sack, LOL well that or sleep on your keyboard for the night!

    Have a great week everyone and I hope your Monday is a smooth one!

  15. Just checkin' it to let you know I'm still watchin you kick ass Fit!

  16. Fit, your progress is totally insane!!!!!!!!

    I am seriously rethinking the order of what supps I use when I start bulking again in mid-september. JW is mindboggling.

    I really look forward to seeing the pics.

  17. For the cookie man

  18. WEEK 9 DAY 63 AUGUST 7 2006 MONDAY



    Weight 140 as of 8-8-2006- total gain of 12.5 pounds


    All is well in FnF land, Feeling on top of the world lately. Its a feeling of well being that comes from Jungle Warfare and Lean dreams giving you great rest. Im ready for just about anything!


    You know it!!!! I got news!!!!! With all the set backs Ive had on chest........I started up with barbell bench last week after using DB's for a couple weeks, and before that on my very first week I had an issue that caused much pain, so I had taken off a whole week.

    WELL ............Anyway, last week I went up 75 without pain. Today felt so good I kept adding weight so I got up to 110 pounds That made my night!!!! Although I kept getting leg cramps in one leg while pressing, OMG it hurt!!!!! I was arching my back like your supposed to and good form but being shorter made me push with my toes and I think thats where the problem started.

    NOW for Military Press- It was a good day for FnF- I came soooooo close to getting them up by myself, actually the third set I did get them about 99% up on my own, and would of had 10 reps on all sets but the last set some jerk stood in front of me so I couldnt see the mirror and I lost concentration and threw the dumbbells to his feet, Darn I thought I would of hit him but I didnt. When you are playing around with heavy DB's the mirror helps keep your balance in check and form, for that reason I will make sure next time no one has room to be in front of me, cause it will be a very dangerous place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Them 45 lb DB's are coming my way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yep, that Jungle Warfare is really kicking in for strength gains, and the endurance is incredible, I could work out much longer if it were not so late and well over training is not good!

    I again had major pumps in shoulders and arms, the pumps last all day on JW, they dont go away!!!!

    I just love my stack, I think it shall be called the FnF Stack ( insert huge smile)


    Ive added the 9 week lift progress charts, looking good! & the weight chart too.

  19. UPDATED PICS TAKEN 8 -6- 2006

  20. Nice work Fit

  21. More updated pics

  22. WEEK 10 DAYS 64 & 65 AUGUST 8 & 9 2006



    I had a great workout Wednesday I finally went up on preacher curls to 40 pounds again! I used to do 40 in my old plan before but now when doing barbell curls first it took alot out of me so I had to lower the weight, but im back now and stronger than ever!!!!!

    I was most impressed with going up to 65 pound BB curl !!!! OMG and the fact that I got 10 - 10 - 8 made me freak out!!!!! 70's here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The rest went well, I felt great and didnt run out of steam, even while supersetting and doing drop sets. It makes for one helluva arm day!

    The Jungle Warfare is some good stuff, I keep being amazed at it, I have made some great strength gains lately.

    All the supps are working to my benefit, no bad side effects at all!

    Tomorrow I am adding ALRI LIPOLYTIC WHEY™: Ill let you all know how it tastes!!!!!!


    DAY 65 AUGUST 9 2006 FOOD

    DAY 64 AUGUST 8 2006 FOOD

  23. Great improvements Fit keep it up!

  24. My Jungle Girl

  25. I take time off from AM and this happens goodness gracious FnF !!! and VIper good lord, I know couples are jealous of you two! you are the fittest couples around !!! GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!

  26. Quote Originally Posted by Apowerz6
    I take time off from AM and this happens goodness gracious FnF !!! and VIper good lord, I know couples are jealous of you two! you are the fittest couples around !!! GREAT WORK !!!!!!!!

    You better be trying to butter me up! Leave me all high and dry! :bruce1: Thanks!

  27. I added ALRI Lipolytic Protein to my regiman

    My first impression when opening the container was This stuff looks like spun gold, its very fine and fluffy. The color of the vanilla was very creamy white, not yellow like others I have used.

    I made my first shake with skim milk as I do for all shakes. The mixability is fantabulous, the flavor is awesome, the texture is rich and creamy.

    This is by far the best protein I have ever tasted!!!!!

    The other really cool thing is the protein comes in a 5 pound jug, the lid has a carry handle on it which I find a big plus!!!!! Ive never seen that before.

    Im going to try it out im my pancakes on Sunday

    Lipolytic Whey Protein™ (5 pounds)
    Introducing ALRI Lipolytic Whey Protein™

    With all of the endless possible sources of protein available today only one still remains king: Whey...And it just got better!

    We combined high quality whey protein concentrate with our one of our favorite new stimulant free fat burning goodies called OEA. Together they aid in building a better, more muscular lean body by supporting your serious training and dietary efforts in a big way.

    What’s so Special About Whey?

    Whey protein fills the body with the right building blocks and micro fractions used for building muscle tissue. Nearly every serious athlete knows the importance of protein supplementation, and more importantly the superiority of whey protein. Many studies have done to compare whey protein to other protein sources. They have found that whey protein contains the perfect ratio of overall amino acid in just the right concentrations for optimal performance in the body. Whey protein has also been noted to play a role as an antioxidant and an immune system builder. Combined with training, whey protein has been shown to build muscle. Bottom line!

    Okay, but everyone already knew that…

    How about…Burning fat while building muscle?

    OEA is produced in the small intestine and belongs to a group of fats produced in response to nervous system activity and certain metabolic events.

    In an interesting mammal study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, OEA was shown to reduce feeding and body weight gain by activating the nuclear receptor PPAR-alpha (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha). In the present report, we examined whether OEA can also influence energy utilization. OEA stimulated glycerol and fatty acid release from freshly dissociated rat adipocytes. OEA enhanced fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscle strips, dissociated hepatocytes, and primary cardiomyocyte cultures. Administration of OEA in vivo produced lipolysis.

    In short, the OEA study results showed a decrease in food intake and an increase in calorie expenditure by way of lipolysis and fat oxidation through a unique pathway. The same study left us with this quote to consider: “The results suggest that OEA stimulates fat utilization through activation of PPAR-alpha and that this effect may contribute to its anti-obesity actions”.

    3 Great flavors: Chocolate Milkshake, Vanilla Crème and Strawberry Creme

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  28. WEEK 10 DAYS 66-67-68 THURS-FRIDAY-SATURDAY AUGUST 10-11-12 2006



    My training for Friday went well, Im doing back on Friday's instead of Legs, and now doing leg's on Sunday so I have a better shoulder & chest day on Mondays!!!!!!

    I finally got 10 reps on lat pulldown, but I still need form improvement on the last 2 reps, in time it will come!

    I have come to the conclusion that its the T-bar rows that are hurting my lower back, the machine I use is not woman friendly, and so I have to position myself a little different which seems to put more stress on my lower back, Im going to try something different next week.

    I have been using ALRI Lipolytic Whey Protein the last few days, WOW, I am amazed at the great rich flavor it has. By far its the best I have used so far. ON protein is good but this stuff knocks it outta the ball park. Ive seen it on sale for 25 bucks for the 5 pound container this weekend at a popular online store, this is a darn good price!!!!!! You should have No Problem locating it, BB.com does not carry it as of yet.

    I am definitely feeling more strength gains from the Jungle Warfare!!!! My biggest hope comes on Monday when I will try to get the 40 lb DB's up all the way by myself without help, I did pretty good last week but I want to do great this next time!!!!! And then...........45's here I come!!!!!!!

    I am doing great with all my other supplements as usual!!!!! Enjoying the great pumps, and energy & focus, not to mention controlling fat gain Gotta love that the most!

    I plan on continuing taking the JW through my cutting cycle that starts in 2 weeks unless Michael tells me otherwise. My hopes are not to lose any strength during the cut, I fear that!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






  29. DAY 69 AUGUST 13 2006 SUNDAY - LEG DAY



    Mood has been great! Im still sleeping like a baby!!!!!!!!!

    My training went well, I was sorta at the same weights as last week except for Hack Squat. I think I should of warmed up more before leg press, it just seemed I did better after doing several sets, although the weight felt heavier than last week for some reason.

    I did the SLDL esp, low as far down as the floor, Viper was watching me and then told me I was crazy, lol. I use the 12 inch step platform and put on many smaller plates just so I can go down even farther. I had tried adding some weight but my form suffered so 115 it is until firther notice!

    I think I need to up my cals again, Im back down to 138.5 (drats) During the middle of my leg workout I started tasting ketones, my furnace is kicking butt!

    I would like to add that I used the new ALRI Lipolytic Protein in my pancakes and it made a really big difference in the texture, they were very fluffy compared to using ON Protein.

    Im looking forward to Military presses tonight ( Monday), I must get them 40's up by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im starting to wonder if I will get to the 45's before this 12 weeks is over.......50's woulda been real nice, but I dont see that happening in 2 weeks! lol

    I am noticing that my lower ab area is looking really different lately, I have these muscles that are coming up on an angle like from my pelvic area, in the morning they are very noticable. Last night while doing abs I thought I was gonna bust a rib man, the upper area got so pumped it actually freaking hurt bad!!!!!! it felt like my abs went under my ribs and were gonna bust out! I never had that before!




    Yep today was the day...................I sweated all day waiting to go do Military presses to see if I could get them up on my own. On the first set I did 99% on my own, had a snafu as I hit the db's together right away and lost balance of one and Viper had to help quick. The second set I did get them up all by myself The third set, NO!!!!!!!!! Was too tired by this time I guess. Maybe next week!!!!!! Next week is my last bulking workout Im so sad as I will not make it to 45's this log, unless some miracle happens and I try that weight on my last set next week.

    I really seemed to be getting sorta wore out during this workout but I kept pushing hard, Im very stubborn! I was not able to get 110 pounds again on bench press, I just didnt have it in me. But on the other hand I went up to 25's for flyes!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!

    All in all it was an ok workout, I cant really complain, well I could but it wouldnt do any good right! I really dont think my focus was all there tonight, I tried but too many things on my mind. I ate more today but that didnt seem to help either.

    Well no other news to report at this time, all is going well with my supplementation and I plan on continuing the Jungle Warfare through several weeks of my cutting cycle. Im just now at almost 4 weeks, so I may go a full 12 weeks Or at least 10.

  31. That's alright Fit you can get your 45's on your next bulk! Look at how far you have come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bb:

  32. DAYS 71-72 AUGUST 15 & 16 2006 TUES-WED



    Ahhhhhhhh happy days for FNF I have been feeling very good, sleeping well with Lean Dreams and getting the kick a$$ energy during the day from Hyperdrive.

    Im doing very well controlling fat on this bulk with the help of Special Tactics and clean diet that is lower in fat, I have good fats though. I actually woke up and looked in the mirror and said, CRAP I think I lost weight, but to my surprise I GAINED, Funny how I can look leaner but be gaining, That is what Jungle Warfare does to ya and I will not be complaining! I have 11 days left on this bulk and I am gonna use it wisely!!!!!!!! Im looking at my regression chart and according to that I may weigh about 142 by the end. I am 139.5 today so I am up 12 pounds. I have had to up cals a few times as I started losing weight with the increased muscle mass requiring more food, they are hungry boogers, LOL

    I also wanted to share with you all that I tried the Chocolate ALRI Lipolytic Whey Protein, and it tasted like the candy Milk Duds, Very yummy!!!!!!! Rich and creamy. I am gonna love this when cutting as it will be like a treat for me. I have Strawberry too, will try that tomorrow and let ya know how it is. There is a big sale on it right now, I got 5 pounds each for 25 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! per 5 pounds that is.

    YEP- BIG PR for FNF - 75 pound BB curls BABY!!!!!!!! 2 sets of 4 reps, full motion reps, I was even suprised! Last week I did so well on 65 BB curl that I needed to move up, but I hate the straight bar and thats what the 70 is, so I said what the heck! Im going for it, I doubt I will stay there though, POOR back, lol I know the Jungle Warfare is playing a huge roll in my strength increases lately, gee I cant wait to see more!!!!! I am having no side effects at all, acne gone, libido up still, Loving it!!!!!!!

    The pumps on arm day are you know CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even my traps were pumped during this workout, wild stuff that N-Gorge & Primed.

    I need a really big cheat meal as I have not been using mine, 11 days left for a nice one, Im thinking STEAK, giant one!!!!!!!Any ideas for me guys?

    TOP SECRET STUFF Viper ( Big V ) And I get to test a new product out on Friday for ALRI, I cannot say what it is but it sounds FREAKY!!!!!!! We are very excited to check it out, Dont ask me any questions or I will have to kidnap you!!!!!!!!!!!



  33. great PR, Fit!! 12 pounds is amazing. that's really awesome.

    hmm, if i could cheat, i'd have 12oz steak, sushi, hummus/pita.

    will you log your results with the top secret addition? if you were to kidnap someone, would you let them try the new supp?

  34. Quote Originally Posted by dominique
    great PR, Fit!! 12 pounds is amazing. that's really awesome.

    hmm, if i could cheat, i'd have 12oz steak, sushi, hummus/pita.

    will you log your results with the top secret addition? if you were to kidnap someone, would you let them try the new supp?

    Woman, Im not a mouse!!! I eat 20 oz steaks

    Im not sure if I will be allowed to elaborate on the secret product, but if we do kidnap someone they will have to cookl for us

  35. DAYS 73-74-75 AUGUST 17-18-19 2006



    I finally got to 10 reps on all set for back day, I will move up in weight next week on all exercises. My form was very good on the lat pulldowns at 10 reps, I gave it everything I had!!! I can say that the "Top Secret" product we used that night for ALRI had an impact on me That product is still in tweaking mode so it will be awhile before available to the public.

    I am feeling very good lately, JW has an effect on you, its almost euphoric, just a real powerful, positive, confident feeling. Im very focused in the gym and ready to push all limits!

    Im taking advantage of the last few days on bulking, I have really enjoyed this cycle and I have leared alot about my body. But as all things must change so must my diet, and the cutting will begin after this next week. I will be doing this for two reasons, One I am in a contest online that has been running since April where we take pictures every month of out progress and it ends in November, may the most ripped, transformed person win That better be me too!!!!! Secondly this will be a test for a future BB contest I will enter in 2007, it will help my trainer and I see the results of all our hard work since March and then make any changes necessary to make it to the stage in optimal condition. So its sort of a test run. At this point I have no idea what my capabilites are, I am learning as I go in this. I certainly have not set any limits though, I will go for the gold no matter what I do. I have not decided wether or not I will enter fitness or BB, It depends on how much muscle I have once I cut.

    I am doing well on al my supplements. I really like the ALRI Lipolytic Whey Protein, it makes my pancakes really fluffy too! So far Ive used Vanilla & Chocolate and love them both. I have strawberry but keep forgetting to try it!!!! But I will this week.

    New things happening: FnF found 2 3inch stretchmarks on her lats, on the inside of the arm pit area, from increased thickness, bummer............ I put body butter on every training day and so far they are not very noticeable, I hope I can keep them from getting ugly.

    Veins- I started having some vascularity Friday night, I guess I do have veins, lol Ive been noticing them coming to the surface but now one is popped out, this was during a workout too.




  36. END OF WEEK 11 STATS- DAY 76 AUGUST 20 2006




    Well its the end of week 11, one more week to go on this bulk. I had a good workout tonight. I got a PR on leg press as well, I went up 10 pounds each set and by the third set I still got 10 reps at 550 so I guess next week I will up the weight again. It did take everything living breath of me to do those reps though.

    On hack squat, I tried 280 right off the bat, ummmmm couldnt budge it, lol so instead of adding the 5 pound rubber thingy I went back to 265, maybe next week!

    I seem to be stuck with leg curls, just cant get past 135, and to think I used to be able to do more weight on curls than extensions, HA wow how things change!

    On SLDL, I found out tonight I have been doing them wrong for 11 weeks, how about that. I made a video of myself doing them tonight to show how far I could go down, while standing on a 12 inch platform. I thought I was doing really well and was actually quite proud of the fact that I could go to the floor and back up with 115 pounds, But I was told otherwise tonight. Who would of thought Stiff legged Deadlifts are not done stiff legged, thats how I have done them for 11 long weeks. Obviously I have wasted 11 weeks of training doing this, so its back to square one for me. Its nothing a dozen krispy kreme's wont fix though.

    Below are the charts for lift progress and weight, along with my training for today and macros.

  37. On the positive side Fit, at least you know your doing them right now and you have a little challenge ahead of yourself. Just like me and the :squat:

  38. I DID IT!!!!!!! YES I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WEEK 12 DAY 77 AUGUST 21 2006



    I am very pleased with my training last night for shoulders I did the 45 lb. DB's for Military press for a nice PR, that was the last shoulder workout for this 12 weeks!!!!!! This is my last week on this bulking log, then its CUTTING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although I still needed a little help launching the 40's I again got 10 reps on my own. I def needed help with the 45's, WHOA BABY those are heavy!!!!! But I did get 6 reps all on my own!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will say that when I came home I was TOAST!!!!!! I was sore!!!!!! I was WHOOPED!!!!!! But today after using Regeneration X, I feel better.

    I had HYOOOOOOOOGE pumps going with all this iron I was flinging, lol I felt very powerful last night. We had Pitbull with us, he trained with us last night at our gym, we had a great time. Pit did very good last night, He is a freaking animal!!!!!!!!! I gave him some Lean Dreams to try out, so hopefully he can get some nice rest

    Well Im cutting this short today, Im just darn happy with my Military presses and wanted to get this up! THANK YOU ALRI!!!!! Thank you Author for designing such awesome products to help a gal out!!!!

  39. 45's I seen you using the 20's? HAHAH Just kidding yeah she smoked the 45's I was pretty shocked myself! Congrats on the BIG PR before your cut


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