FnF's Monster Mass Building, Fat Incinerating Plan with ALRI

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  1. WEEK 2 DAY 8 JUNE 13 2006 TUESDAY



    Well I needed this day off for sure, body is sore from day before. It pays to stretch more before exercise! And from now on I will do even more than I already do, although the stretch machine we use doesnt really help with chest, and now I have some good exercises to stretch the chest for future workouts.

    I spent several hours working out in the yard, mowing, trimming, weeding, watering, cleanup. It never ends out there. There are lots of baby birds being born and fledging already

    The hyperdrive has kept me moving all day through all the things I needed to do, I had lots of errands to run to and did everything I wanted to get done Oh funny thing, the N-Gorge I took in the morning, I had pumps while using the weed trimmer and mowing, LOL , It seems any physical activity at all makes the pumps come right away!

    You will notice on my non-training days my calories are lower, it makes it alot easier to eat the smaller amount of food.

    Have a great day!!!!!

  2. WEEK 2 DAY 9 JUNE 14 2006 WEDNESDAY


    Mood has been great during my new bulking diet and getting accustomed to all 5 ALRI supplements! I continue to wake up early, as if I dont require as much sleep as before but yet at the same time I feel more refreshed. I feel as if I am ready for anything!


    Ya thats the first thing I want to say!!! I had the most awesome workout tonight! Last week I went up to 50 pound barbell curls and got 6 reps, Well 1 week later, and last night I got 10 reps on the first two set and 9 reps on the third, this is amazing!!!!

    Then I go right to supersettting preacher curls w/ hammer curls. I do one set of preachers and immediatley go to hammer curls starting at 25 pounds, then 20 pounds, then 10 pounds, talk about a arm burner! But the great thing was the weights were feeling lighter last night, the 20's felt like 10's and I was able to do more reps.

    I had the biggest most freaky pumps last night! My arms were so swollen and pumped that the last set of hammer curls were hard to finish becuase the pumps were so big, my biceps grew an inch and were very round and perky, the forearms were also pumped and hard as rocks. People working out around me actually noticed this and two people asked me what are you doing to make that happen? I was even laughing cause it was so cool, course I shared the ALRI secret . There are people at the gym who know I am testing ALRI and are following my progress. I had a very buff girl ask me during my rest of supersets if I was getting ready to compete, LOL I said no Im just trying to get stronger and build muscle but who knows someday I might compete just to do it once. I told her I was a little old to be doing that and she said you look better than most 20 year olds, Ok that made my night!!!!!!!!!!!

    I stayed at 25 pound curl bar for skull crushers for one reason, that exercise is the one that initally broke my bicep tendons and caused my shoulder to slowly fall apart. The position your arms are in when going down to forehead totally stretch your tendons to the limit so im a bit nervous and cautious about it. When the tendons were repaired I was told they had shrunk over the two years they were floating around inside and that they were shorter now and in time they would stretch again but to be careful, I could easily do more weight but for safety reasons Im going slow at this.

    Them kickbacks totally rock, I got a huge pump in them too last night!!!! But I wont be happy till I get the horse shoe


    Oh were do I start, the Hyperdrive is awesome, I get lots of clean energy for a long period off of one capsule, and there are not jitters at all, no crashing, no lows, no highs, just consistant clean great energy. I am loving the Primed big time!!!!!! Hey if I can get pumps like this there is no reason to use any other product, I thought I knew what a good pump was until I tried Primed!!!!!! When ALRI says its a NO, they dont mess around!

    I really like taking the creatine capsules N-gorge, its so easy and conveinient! The Special Tactics is kicking butt, I will definitely want to use this when I am cutting along with Hyperdrive cause they will keep your appettie at a controllable state, right now I have to make myself eat all these cals on training days and its so hard because I am not hungry, but I manage to get it down as I know I need it for the bulk and for the training for the energy

    The Regeneration tastes good and really helps with DOMS, I have not experienced any bad DOMS while using this product and STAIRS dont suck anymore, LOL

    On a side note, when taking Primed you can still get a pump an hour later after workouts if you do something physical like even vacuuming, Im serious, any repetitive motion with arms its comes right back!


    I have learned that I am either sensitive to or allergic to Sucralose, I figured this out on the week of bulking as I eat alot of Muscle Pancakes, always after eating them I get this spacy-buzzed feeling. I now know this and will use less of it. Before I was having pancakes only once a week and this didnt happen, and it doesnt happen on my off training days, so I will be using something else on pancakes or having them plain, cause that feeling is whacked! I read up on it on the net and there are many people who claim it causes lots of side effects to them, for me its just one, I just cannot have as much as I have been, Moderation is the key to this one.

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  3. everything sounds awesome, keep it up!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Ziricote
    everything sounds awesome, keep it up!

    Ya Im loving this stack!!!!! And I like bulking on my quest for bigger muscles

    Thanks for popping in, cookie man!!!!!!!

  5. Keep up the great work babe, you kicked somer serious ass last night

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Viperspit
    Keep up the great work babe, you kicked somer serious ass last night

    Thanks Viper I was feeling great last night for sure! My arms gave you a run for your money

  7. WEEK 2 DAY 10 JUNE 15 2006 THURSDAY



    I spent the day doing things around the yard & playing with the pups Had tons of energy from Hyperdrive to get through everything I needed to do.

    I really enjoyed having steak for dinner too felt like a total cheat, but a great source of protein.

    Amazingly my arms were not sore today after that killer workout, must be the regeneration x helping with that!!!

    Well thats all for today, nothing else much to share since I had no weight training today. Have great day!

  8. enjoy the steak its not a cheat izza: < now thats a cheat

    very detailed log and looks like the reults are comming left and right

  9. WEEK 2 DAY 11 JUNE 16 2006


    Super mood today, was ready to work those legs!!!!! I spent most of the day with my Son taking care of some business. It was a beautiful day. I woke up early eager to start my day.


    Oh what can I say, what a grueling workout!!!!!! I went in thinking im breaking some PRs and I did. I had gone up in weight last week and this week I did lots more reps, so I am getting stronger with this bulking diet and my ALRI supplements.

    It seemed like a long workout but I made it through thanks to Hyperdrive & Primed. My legs felt a lot stronger today. I did have a pump in my legs, they felt heavy too. I was glad when the workout was over though!!

    I went light on the SLDL because I'm still new at those and last week I had major hammie cramps, so this week I stretched a lot more and went at it again.


    I am really impressed so far with this ALRI stack, if you use it as intended at the proper times it will give you great workouts and energy. The special tactics must really be kicking the fat because I have gained less weight than planned for this period. It seems as if the N-Gorge creatine is really being pulled into my muscles better than other products I have used, the pumps I get every workout are to drool over


    I am looking forward to continued progress and muscle growth. With my bulking plan from Michael Elias and ALRI supplements there is no where to go but UP

  10. Quote Originally Posted by OCCFan023
    enjoy the steak its not a cheat izza: < now thats a cheat

    very detailed log and looks like the reults are comming left and right

    yep, im really happy so far its early but I sure hope I get to where I want by the end of the 12 weeks for mass.

  11. WEEK 2 DAY 12 JUNE 17 2006 SATURDAY



    Nothing real special today, Just wanted to update my macros for the day. I spent alot of time in the sun, it was 92 degrees and sunny

  12. END OF WEEK 2 DAY 13 JUNE 18 2006 SUNDAY


    Ah I felt great when I got up, had good sleep and solid sleep!!!! We had crappy weather and didnt do anything outside today.


    I was hyped up to go workout today, and now I know why, all that eating today paid off at the gym. I had so much power today I amazed myself, I will be moving up in weight next week!!!!!!!!

    I had a totally swollen back from the pumps, It felt crazy as heck! Sweated alot during workout today, I had like an inferno going on inside of me.

    Hyperdrive came through with lots of energy as usual. That primed, should be called like EXPLOSIVE cause of how big the pumps are!!!!! I feel like the hulk, as if my clothes may rip to shreads cause im busting outta them with pumps


    Here are my lifting charts to show progress from week to week, and weight gain chart. I feel a little beefier already.

  13. WEEK 3 DAY 14 JUNE 19 2006 MONDAY


    Super mood as usual, felt great. Started my day with my favorite pancakes- Muscle building flap jacks


    Tonight will always be a memorable night for me at the gym. I have worked so hard to get to the 30 pound dumbbells on Military press, before I could not get the left side up without help to get started. Last week Viper helped me just to get them up and I was able to do 3 sets of 6 reps on my own.

    Well Tonight I said to myself, your a big girl, you MUST do this on your own!!! All this bulking is really making me stronger as I got them up all by myself and to top that off I did 3 sets of 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted so bad to scream and yell and do cart wheels around the gym ! I saw viper from across the gym and he smiled at me cause He knew what I just did, and how hard I have worked for that! Tonight was definitely a milestone for me. The rest of the workout went very well up in reps on everything!!!!!!!

    I tell ya bulking has its benefits!!!!!!!!


    Wanna talk about great supplements, Tonight after the military presses, my shoulders grew alot from the pump, so much so that I had definition all over the place, im loving this supp stack!!!!!!! The energy, the power, the pumps, the recovery! I cannot say enough, somebody pinch me cause this is almost to good to be true. Everything is going so great for me.


    I was told to skip chest tonight from EME because of last weeks pain in my pec tie in area, we are giving it some extra time to heal in case there was a small injury. Then I will start back up next week and be very careful, prolly lower the weights and go back to a machine instead of bench for a bit.

  14. Damn! I am more than impressed with this log FnF!! Outstanding job so far, and keep those huge gains coming:clean:

  15. Quote Originally Posted by swole210
    Damn! I am more than impressed with this log FnF!! Outstanding job so far, and keep those huge gains coming:clean:

    Thank you very much!!!!! I cant wait to see the gains I get in the next 10 weeks! Prepare to be amazed

    Thanks for stopping in, its comments like yours that help keep me motivated

  16. WEEK 3 DAY 15 JUNE 20 2006 TUESDAY



    Not a lot goes on on my off days from the gym. I just did things around the house and went food shopping and ran errands.

    Im finding that on my off days when my calories are lower that Im really hungry later in the day, such a difference in cals from training days. Im really working hard to stay on track on these off days It seems my body like all that extra food im getting lately bulking, I never would of thought that either!

    I needed the rest day after 2 training days in a row, its always hard for me to do that.



    Mood has been great, Im sleeping very well, deeper and harder than ever before, I dont even get up at night to go to the restroom anymore either! Used to be 2-3 times during the night, made my rest not so good.


    Another SUPER great night at the gym!!!!! I had a couple PR's. I went up already on barbell curls to 55 pounds, I had just went to 50 two workouts ago. I was able to get more reps than anticipated as well.

    I also went up in preacher curls. I do supersets with preacher and hammer, and with the hammer I do triple drop sets, its a real killer workout. I was able to do more with the hammer curls at 25 pounds than usual even after going up in weight on the other 2 exercises. I have a ton of workout energy on this bulking plan. I also notice Im sweating all over my body, even my legs sweat on arm day.


    LOL, Oh these supplements really rock my world. Tonight during workout the pumps from supersets became too big, im serious, so big that I had pain in forearm on left side, the weaker arm. I had to take a break to let the blood disperse back to other places. I think I will have to stop that triple drop set after the supersets, its just too much pump!!! It makes it really hard to complete the rep at the end, felt like my arm was gonna fall off, LOL I def went to failure!!!!!! I couldnt even lift the water bottle with that arm afterwards for 5 minutes.

    This N-gorge creatine must really be going into my muscles well because my strength has went up so fast, and I thought I would of had a plateu after the last 12 week plan seeing how my strength had went up alot towards the end. Even during the day I look fuller.

    Im pretty sure special tactics is working as I should have gained more weight by now considering the calories im eating, It sure would be nice to only gain muscle during this bulk course there will be water due to the creatine pulling it into my muscles and the carbs as well.

    Im not worrying about the scale ( like all women were taught to dwell on it) this is an important time for me to add quailty muscle and I will do it, and Ill do it right!!!! Cutting will be there for me when Im ready to cut!


    I will not go to bed hungry tonight Ive had lots of calories to keep my tummy full, but tomorrow is another story, less cals means FnF is grumpy

  18. WEEK 3 DAY 17 JUNE 22 2006 THURSDAY



    Just another day in the hot weather and getting tons of rain here, its crazy!

    Lately I feel like an inferno is going on inside of me even on my off days, that metabolism is really fired up like hot coals buring inside, thats a darn good thing!!!!

    Looking forward to Leg day on Friday night!!!! I hope I do great and get more reps and even a PR would be nice

    My weight is going good, Im putting on muscle already, I took a couple quick measurements Biceps are growing among other things. Ill update measurements and stats once a month.

  19. Great log Fit. Keep up the great work, your gonna make it hard for the Mullet to catch ya. :}
    Recent log:http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplement-reviews-logs/213350-lean-efx-refined.html

  20. WEEK 3 DAY 18 JUNE 23 2006 FRIDAY


    Its Friday!!!!!!!!!! Mood was great!!!!!!!! Sunny outdoors, ready to tackle the projects and beat the quads at the gym. My sleep has still been better than ever, I virtually pass out cold, no more counting carpet fibers for hours, LOL I keep thinking of trying the Lean Dreams but sleep is great, although the fat burning aspect of it sure couldnt hurt!!!


    I had high hopes on the way to the gym, but thought I would prolly stay at previous weight, that was until I started!!!!!!!! I am still in shock over how well my workout went, Somebody pinch me!!!!!

    I finally got brave with the SLDL on the platform, upped the weight and did them really well, perfect form, good and slow, WOW what a stretch that was!!!! And the lower back comes into play as well, OUCH! Its feeling ok today though.

    I had PR's all over the place, wow what a great night for me!!!!! I had great pumps in my quads tonight from the Primed & N-Gorge, the best yet. The legs just kept going and going, no tiredness at all. All that is fine and dandy but im still waiting for monster growth, its coming I can feel it. I tell ya once I get the beefy legs, Ill never let them go!!!!!!!!!


    Im very impressed to this date with the ALRI supplementation I am using, Ive had nothing but super strength and energy and good overall feeling since I began. Author sure knows his stuff! I have better pumps, strength, energy, stamina, focus, and drive. Reason for celebration! Keep making those products ALRI!!!!!!!!!! You wont hear FnF whining!!!!!!!!!! That is NOT an option!!!!! But building monster mass is I feel like dancing today!!!!!


    Today is our 13th wedding anniversary!!!!!!!!!! We look better than ever, better than we looked when we met, Thank You Michael Elias for giving us the tools, direction, support we needed to succeed. Team Torture Rocks!!!!!!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr
    Great log Fit. Keep up the great work, your gonna make it hard for the Mullet to catch ya. :}

    Thanks!!!! LOL @ Mullet, I can run faster!!!!!!! and snap a wet towel pretty good! :bruce1:

  22. WEEK 3 DAY 19 JUNE 24 2006 SATURDAY



    Ok, I had a cheat meal today for our anniversary NO dessert though! I ended up getting more fat that scheduled and a few more carbs.

    We worked outside today as a team doing yard work, that was nice Enjoyed some sun and spent time with the pups outdoors looking for squirrels, LOL.

    I look forward to back day on Sunday and maybe a PR, we will see! I dont know if this monster strength will keep going at the rate ive been seeing. But I need to burn off some cals from this cheat meal!!!!

    I cant wait to take my primed!!!!!! WhoooooooooHoooooooo!!!!!!!

  23. END OF WEEK 3 DAY 20 JUNE 25 2006 SUNDAY


    Mood is super!!! Plenty of rest and ready to roll. Another nice day in Michigan, a little humid but nice overall. Will eat all day storing energy for the workout later on back.


    The training went excellent, I couldnt ask for more! I went up in weight on several exercises AGAIN!!!!!! Of course that brings down my reps but I am making progress for sure. I never really had a swollen back pump until I used ALRI products, My lats come alive during these beasty workouts. Im hoping this stength gain I have been getting keeps up, Im feeling spoiled, LOL I may have to increase my pancakes, LOL


    Im loving my stack, the Monster Building Stack. Its funny I look forward to training days so I can take Primed and Regeneration X. My recovery is better than ever, Id almost not know I worked out so hard! This makes for a great addition to any workout program, to keep going and going like the energizer bunny.

    Special Tactics is keeping any fat gains to a minimum for sure as I plow through the food like never in my life!!!!

    Hyperdrive kept me alive all day and through the workout as well, Such a great feeling I have when using it. Every housewife in America should try this during spring cleaning mode.


    Im looking forward to week 4 of 12 in this journey to Mass Building, I cannot believe the results I am seeing already. I had no idea that more food could be this good for you!!!! Of course its a combination of a great nutrition plan, Super charged supplements and hard work. But I will take it!!! and continue until I meet the inner beast inside of me.

    Mass Update

    I have put on 8 pounds since the start of my bulk, in 20 days. Im seeing things get larger but not fatter, gotta love that !!!!!

  24. 20 Days in and you've almost gained 10lb, impressive

  25. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    [left][b]WEEK 3 DAY 19 JUNE 24 2006 SATURDAY



    Ok, I had a cheat meal today for our anniversary NO dessert though! I ended up getting more fat that scheduled and a few more carbs.

    We worked outside today as a team doing yard work, that was nice Enjoyed some sun and spent time with the pups outdoors looking for squirrels, LOL.
    Awww..What's next? You and Viper wearing matching track suits? Please god no, tell me you guys don't already own matching tracksuits. (From what I hear you guys already have matchin undies)


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