FnF's Monster Mass Building, Fat Incinerating Plan with ALRI

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Viperspit
    haha, for a minute there, I thought you said for me to get "you" some ALRI products.

    LOL I DID!!!!!!! You heard me correct Tough guy

  2. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    Actually no, I still woke up at my regular time, without an alarm even, so thats not a problem at all, Now on some script meds I have taken in the past, holy cow, would sleep half the day and wake up feeling worse than when I went to bed.

    So its a go for Lean Dreams!!!!!!
    lol, good to hear.

  3. WEEK 4 DAY 24 JUNE 29 2006 THURSDAY



    I woke up starving!!!!! Couldnt wait to eat, Thank god for microwaves I had a fast recovery from the bicep/tricep workout the day before which I thank Regeneration X for. My arms looked especially nice today in the mirror, Started my day out with a bang, LOL

    Didnt do a whole lot on this day, but cook ahead for future meals and spend time with the puppies , oh and the dreaded laundry, its worse than ever since we workout, You would think 10 people live here!!!! Well I guess it wouldnt take so long if I didnt iron my husbands tank tops too, but hey I want him to look nice at the gym

    I did not gain back any of the weight I lost yet, even after carb up yesterday Dang!!!!!!!!! Then today I woke up and lost another 1/2 pound. Well that spurred me to look up something on the internet that I will share with you :

    Exercise Question:
    For every pound of muscle you build, how many extra calories does your body burn a day?

    Exercise Answer:
    Studies have estimated that for each pound of muscle that you add to your body, you burn an additional 35 to 50 calories per day. So, an extra 10 pounds of muscle will burn approximately 350 to 500 calories a day, or an extra pound of fat every 7 to 10 days, without making any other changes. In another study, researchers found that regular weight training boosts basal metabolic rate by about 15%. This is because muscle is 'metabolically active ' and burns more calories than other body tissue even when you're not moving.

    So that leads me to believe Im just burning more cals lately.


  4. WEEK 4 DAY 25 JUNE 30 2006 FRIDAY



    Feeling great after a nice restful sleep on the Lean Dreams! I still didnt dream at all, just out like a light with no memory of any of it.

    Was looking forward to leg day until the time came, LOL it was so humid and hot that I felt a tad drained by that time, but I managed to pull out of it half way there.

    The holiday doesnt excite me as I do not drink alcohol and I cannot eat like a pig, so Ill spend it peacefully doing gardening and staying safe at home and enjoying the fire works.


    My training went better than expected, I was how would you say it " Super Freak " And I was listening to Rick James at the time of the first set too! I had one of those unbelievable days were the weights feel light as if they are broke or something and you count them again just to be sure, LOL My legs are getting much stronger on this bulk for sure, without a doubt! I came sooooooooo close to losing my previous meal on the leg extensions though.

    I am getting very good at Hack Squats, I actually used to hate them, but now I use a laying one that is at about 20 degrees and its not as bad on my shoulder, I still put a towel in between the pad for more cushion and prolly always will. I definately gave it my all on these sets, as the last rep on each set was hard to complete.

    Them SLDL on a platform wll kick your butt!!! Man did I struggle with trying to get 8, I wanted 10 but it just didnt happen, I was grunting the last 2 reps on every set, I think people were getting scared!! Viperspit said I had very good form too. I do them slow and careful for the best stretch. My lower back was very worked after them for sure. Im also feeling it alot in my abs on the way back up, hey a free ab workout!


    ALRI Monster Stack never fails me, as it proved itself in the gym, Im on my way to building the perfect beast. I had very big pumps in my quads today and they felt very heavy when walking around as if they grew a mile!

    Im glad the primed gets me a little boost before workouts because by then I need alot of power and focus!

    Special Tactics is performing very nicely as it has controlled fat gain during this bulk, so much so that next week my trainer Michael Elias will be increasing my calories I started losing weight during the 4th week due to heavy training, which was expected and planned for so now comes the next step!


    Pretty Interesting to see what 5 pounds of muscle & fat looks like:

  5. Fit that picture of the fat and muscle is crazy!.... BTW great job on your plan so far keep up the great work/log, I love reading it

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Pitbull954
    Fit that picture of the fat and muscle is crazy!.... BTW great job on your plan so far keep up the great work/log, I love reading it

    Hey thanks Pit!!!! Ya makes you really understand the comparisn when you see the picture!!!

    Fat = ENEMY

  7. My goodness, I can't believe how detailed this log is. Wonderful job!

  8. This is what 22 days of hard work and bulking does for a back

  9. WoooooooHoooooooooo, topless pics of fnf.

    All kidding aside, looking really good.

  10. I thought we shut down the adult section???

    I guess if it's hidden in a log (that Bobo doesn't normally read it seems) it's OK.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    I thought we shut down the adult section???

    I guess if it's hidden in a log (that Bobo doesn't normally read it seems) it's OK.

    Interested in the reverse side? hmmm, there's an idea to get my point count up

  12. Uh - am I a male???


  13. These are taken bent over to show the deep valley in my back with muscle growth on both sides

  14. This is quickly becoming a porn thread.

    Keep it going Fit! More pics!

    BTW - waist change looks awesome. What is the difference?? What is your waist now vs. start?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    This is quickly becoming a porn thread.

    Keep it going Fit! More pics!

    BTW - waist change looks awesome. What is the difference?? What is your waist now vs. start?

    I havent taken measurements for everything, I will Tuesday though. I know my waist is not any smaller, its the back getting bigger I think that makes the illusion

    For you jmh80- NO one else can look

  16. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    This is quickly becoming a porn thread.

    Keep it going Fit! More pics!

    BTW - waist change looks awesome. What is the difference?? What is your waist now vs. start?
    She's really been kicking ass in the gym the past few weeks with lot's of PR's on various lifts. I can see a big difference in her back, shoulders and arms.

    JMH, the pictures are tame, please tell me you aren't spanking it to these pics

  17. WEEK 4 DAY 26 JULY 1 2006 SATURDAY



    Enjoying a day off!!!! Weather has been hot and humid with spurts of rain- oh yippee. Im not sore from friday night leg day at all, not suprised!!!! Regeneration X

    I did alot of laundry and cleaning today to use up some energy from the Hyperdrive. This would be a great product in the winter as your internal body temp really rises alot and you feel very warm inside, dress lightly in the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I look forward to Back day on Sunday, I love working back!!!!!!!! Esp. since the gym will be very quiet I can get things done without interuption.

    Hoping everyone has a safe holiday!!!!!

  18. WEEK 4 DAY 27 JULY 2 2006 SUNDAY



    Mood is good as usual. Woke up rested and ready to eat!!!! I love training days because I can eat more food, lol But I need it for the energy and to power the workouts.

    Lean Dreams is so nice, I have had the best sleep since I started taking it, I still have not had any dreams, but that is not unusal for me really. Ive been getting very deep sleep and it makes falling to sleep a breeze!!!!!!


    My training ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was thrilled to go up in WG Lat Pulldowns as it took me a few months to get this far. Im close to doing my own body weight at this point.

    I also had a PR in Barbell Rows, went up 10 pounds, YA!!!!!!!!! I did more reps on the T-bar so next week I will add a little weight to that. I did good at the Seated Rows, still heavy but did get one more rep on each set.

    Overall a very good back day!!!


    I always look forward to training days so I can take Primed! I had great back pumps today and had super focus.

    Hyperdrive kept me going through the day and the workout, since I do not workout until 6-6:30 pm, thats a long day for a product to work, but it does!!!!!

    Special Tactics, doing great at holding back the fat gain from this bulk, its a little fat blaster in capsule form.

    Regeneration X- Bodybuilders best friend for sure, never have I suffered and major pain from leg day or back day from DOMS, this is a great product!!! I no longer walk like a cripple after leg day.


    I will be taking measurements on Tues or Wed for a month long follow up on progress, where the weight is going etc. This will be interesting to see ( hint hint )

    I have gained back a little weight that I lost too ( big plus) Im now up 7.5 pounds.

  19. up 7.5 lbs!!!!!!

    :chick: + :bb3: = FnF

    (that's meant as a compliment)

  20. Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    I havent taken measurements for everything, I will Tuesday though. I know my waist is not any smaller, its the back getting bigger I think that makes the illusion

    For you jmh80- NO one else can look

    Ahh Just worked out my left forearm thanks fit AHHAH JUST KIDDINGGGGGG

  21. Great job fit you look like an 18 year old well thats not saying much aren't you 25? LoL Seriously your log is the freaking shet! I think pretty soon Viper will be paying you to train him in the gym. You notice I said the gym because that could lead down a path that will most likely lead down anyway HAHA

    Keep up the hard work fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

  22. very imprezzive log fnf, your training and hard work has really paid off huge dividends. congratulations and keep up the amazing work

  23. You guys are making my head big Thanks for all the support I get over here at AM I will make you all proud!!!! and then Ill kick yer butts! :bruce1: LOL

    Pit- get your booty to LTF

    OCC- Your always so sweet and motivate me to work even harder!

    Dominique- You beast girl, get your log over here damn it!

    Viperspit- My driving force Thanks for fetching my weights like a good boy I smurf you

  24. When I loaded the page to check in on your log, all it said at the top was "These pics were taken bent over"...I was like man..oh..man I had better turn the monitor over so customers can't see..Yet, alas, it was only your back..'Tis a bee-a-you-tee-full back though Mrs.Fit!

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    When I loaded the page to check in on your log, all it said at the top was "These pics were taken bent over"...I was like man..oh..man I had better turn the monitor over so customers can't see..Yet, alas, it was only your back..'Tis a bee-a-you-tee-full back though Mrs.Fit!

    LOL, Ya I dont want to get you in trouble at work!!!!!

    Thanks a MILLION Bullet Back I just want my back to be as great as yours!! And I will not stop until I get what I want!!!!!!!

  26. RE-POST for those who didnt see this one

  27. WEEK 5 DAY 28 JULY 03 2006 MONDAY


    Doing great, Slept like a rock, literally!!!!! Lean Dreams is awesome!!! It was pretty cloudy and rainy here today so no work outside Still not having any negative side effects from any of the ALRI products I am taking, so Im good to go for the continuing weeks.


    Ahhhhhh, I was very nervous heading to the gym today, Had visions of 35 DB's in my head again. So I got psyched up to do them again. The first set I was able to get them up by myself with just a tiny elbow support from Viper, so this is the best I have done yet, Mostly its a balance trick Im finding. The 2nd and 3rd set I progressively got worse at getting them up on my own, to be expected still but once they were up Im able to do all reps on my own. It seems crazy having 70 pounds over my head!!! Im still very happy with my progress as Im still gaining strength back from the 2 surgeries on my shoulder, so considering all that Im doing well. If I ever get to 40 lb DB's and do them well I think Ill run around naked in a wild celebration And oh the PUMPS WOW!!!!! Mega shoulders, nice and rounded.

    The PR today was Shrugs, which really suprised me since Im so new to these. It just seemed so darn easy I had to keep adding weight! So Im happy with that and want those traps to grow, so lets see how that goes in the following weeks.

    The rest of the training went well, I will be raising the weights up on laterals & Flyes next week, I threw in a couple sets of front laterals for fun but at a low weight, they are not on my plan, just had lots of energy.

    My chest strength, I have come to the conclusion, I SUCK!!!!!!!!! I guess I have never in the past even really worked my chest, and obviously it doesnt get worked doing daily things so I have a long way to go in this department. I will be working hard building up strength there to bring it up to par with the rest of my body parts. But at least Im not having any pain like the one day a few weeks ago, so thats a great thing!


    Im enjoying my complete stack of ALRI products. I do feel they work hand in hand with each other to bring you the best possible gains in strength, energy, fat loss, recovery and lets not forget PUMP & Focus.


    3 things today.

    A. My calories have been increased on off training days, YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    B. Im going to talk with the boss ( Michael) about changing my leg day on Friday with Back on Sunday. Im thinking this may help me have a better shoulder and chest day. As of now I do back the day before chest/shoulders, Im still worn in the lats and arms from the day before as I do lift pretty heavy on back day. So Im thinking it may be a good idea to switch them.

    C. I am taking measurements in the morning ( wed )to see how things have changed in a months time on this bulk. I have a good idea where the growth is, as I can see it, that's right TRICK D, the QUADS are getting bigger!!!!!!!!! SO I will have the charts up later in the day to show the changes.

  28. WEEK 5 DAY 29 JULY 4 2006 TUESDAY



    Enjoying the day off and making great use of recovery time so I can blast the Biceps / Triceps on Wednesday

    It was a nice quiet day up until the fireworks started, WOW it went on for hours and hours!!!!! Poor puppies were scared. It was like 2 am when they finally stopped so I could sleep.

    You will notice on my off training days I have more calories now because I started losing weight due to the muscle growth and need for extra cals for energy to feed the higher metabolism. Im thrilled over this because I was literally starving on off training days, so yesterday was alot nicer to deal with

    Im posting up 1 month measurements in a few minutes that were taken today ( wed ) morning upon awakening.

    Its back to the grindstone after a long weekend for everyone, Hope you all enjoyed the holiday.

  29. hey, Fit.

    can't wait to see your measurements.

    i know how it feels to have a body part that just seems a lot weaker than the others...and hence the workouts just aren't quite as gratifying (bad ego!! go sit down!!). for me it's shoulders. anyway, i just remind myself that i am where i am, and i WILL get stronger.

    good luck on your chest...although, it is already quite popular with the men.

  30. JULY 5 2006 WEDNESDAY

    1 Month Measurements Update On Bulk Plan

    I am very happy with my progress so far on this bulk. I have alot of growth for just a month!!!!!

    I am very happy about putting on a whole inch on my shoulders and 2.5 inches on upper chest- this is alot because of the lat growth in the rear since this measurement is taken under the armpit area.

    And the quads , Baby is getting quads!!!! My forearms even grew alot and they have never been this big even way back when I first started.

    You will also notice I actually lost 1/2 inch in my hips, this is just too good!!!!!!

    Of course the waist has to grow some because of the water retension, but a 26 inch waist is nothing to cry over.

    So in another month I will measure again to continue tracking the changes.

  31. Wowza, nice gains so far FNF and just think you've got another 8 weeks of this

  32. Great Progress!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Great work FnF Slow down on that quad growth will ya?

  34. WEEK 5 DAY 30 JULY 5 2006 WEDNESDAY


    Woke up early and started the day with a smile! I am really getting the best sleep ever on Lean Dreams, I will make this a regular part of my daily supplements from now on. The weather was decent and I was pumped up to go do biceps-triceps-abs.


    Oh man, I decided to try my luck tonight at doing 60 lb. barbell curls, that was the biggest thing I wanted out of tonight. I warmed up good, became mentally focused and decided I would not accept failure. Amazingly I was able to to get enough reps at each set to please myself. Although it was not easy by any means!!!!!! I did have to use the straight bar because the even numbers are on straight bars and odd are with ez curl, so this made it even harder on the wrists and forearms, which became very full right away.

    I also made a change this time on taking out the drop sets on hammer curls because the pumps were so massive it was holding me back from complete reps and quite frankly a little bit painful!!!! I figured I was ready to bump the hammer curls up to 30 lb. dumbbells and work with that on my supersets with the preacher curls. I did well!!!!!! I was very happy about that too, I did have incredible pumps still but not painful like they were ready to bust open. I saw a look in my biceps tonight that I liked alot!!!!!! As I was doing preacher curl my biceps looked very rounded and you could see the whole muscle moving, it was cool as heck!!

    The not so great news was I went up to 20 lb. kick backs, went well till the third set when my repaired shoulder came right out of the socket BAD BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!!! Too much weight, I had to go in the restroom, jamb my hand between the wall and a stahl and pull the arm to line it up properly and let it go back into the socket. I am feeling like it will be ok at this point, a little tender but I am taking motrin for a few days and taking care of it to be safe. But from now on no more 20 lb. kick backs for me!!! Ill prolly even drop it back to 10 for awhile. I do have full range of motion and nothing hurts bad at any angle so im keeping my fingers crossed.

    The rest of the workout went as planned, Overall pretty happy with the PR's. Im pretty sure ill be at 60 lb. BB curls for a long while, LOL


    I am loving my stack, and its working great! After using regeneration x for a month now and seeing how great the recovery is I dont think I would give it up, its just too beneficial to the bodybuilding lifestyle. Im on my second bottle of everything but the Hyperdrive 3.0 which lasts 90 days. And I must say the watermelon primed tastes GREAT!!!!!!!!


    Happy to report I am now up 10 pounds, I do think some of this the last few days is a little extra water cause my ankles are a tad swollen, so time will tell.

  35. up 10 lbs. indeed, you are my hero.

    great job on the bbcurls & kickbacks!!!

  36. WEEK 5 DAY 31 JULY 6 2006 THURSDAY



    Well today started out good, very well rested and in a great mood.

    But as the day went on I seemed to be too darn hungry and well.............you will see that I ate more than I was supposed to I am fearing my trainers reading abilities now.........Im in deep Kimshee . I guess I will sit here and wait for my beating like a big girl. FnF waits for trainer cautiously .

    I dont know why I get this way on off days, I feel like I have a 40 btu furnace burning inside of me and im always so dang hot, its like my body needs it or something. But I cannot keep cheating like this, esp since them darn rice cakes were eaten at midnight

    OK, the better news is my shoulder seems still ok, little tight and tad bit sore but I feel like it will be ok, god forbid if my screws came loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that happens I will just jump off the nearest sky scraper building. Certain medical professionals are really tired of seeing my face. I just keep positive!!!!!!!!

    End of rant, I must get back on track asap

  37. WEEK 5 DAY 32 JULY 7 2006 FRIDAY


    Slept like a rock as usual!!!! Woke up feeling energetic and ready to EAT! TGIF......


    Had legs today and didnt think I would do much better than the week before but I sure was wrong!!!! I knew when I got a big PR at the leg press I knew that it would be a great workout! I also gave my all at the hack squat, that one really works my legs!!!! Overall a great workout and felt like I did the legs good


    I have to say that I love the way Lean Dreams makes you very relaxed and then you just slowly drift off to sleep, all within an hour, so you take it 1 hour before you want to go to bed, it really mimics the way natural sleep should be, You will find your mind does not kep churning like a hamster running on the wheel, you are totally relaxed and can clear your mind.

    Of course the Hyperdrive is my main energy force, and has continued to work very well even at 32 days of use.

    Primed gave me such a big pump in my quads during this leg workout, I thought they may bust right thru my pants, it was freaky! SO much blood was going into the quads I got a tad dizzy on the last rep of each set during hack squat. Came close to losing it on leg extension as that is always a gut buster for me.

    All the supplements are working well for me. I will be adding Jungle Warfare in a few weeks as well


    For some reason ever since Wednesday night I have been retaining a CRAP load of water in my lower legs, I have no ankles at this point. I went and had my blood pressure tested and it was 111/85, normally for me it is 112/60, so even though its not real bad the second number is higher than usual and I dont know why. I really dont want to take a diuretic because that may cause me more problems right now. I already take potasssium supplements daily so I cant really increase that either. If it does not clear up in a few days I will go to see my doctor about this just to make sure I am not having some other problem. This used to happen to me before when I would eat like 6 donuts or a bunch of baked goods etc, but I have not done that. I feel fine and I am urinating like usual, so time will tell I guess.

  38. WEEK 5 DAY 33 JULY 8 2006 SATURDAY



    I had a much needed day for rest today. My legs were not sore but I had a ton of water in my calves and it was causing me problems, so tight and becoming painful.

    I broke down late in the night and took a mild herbal diuretic to get some relief. I have went again to check BP and it was about the same 115/85.

    I wonder if anyone else is having this problem and using the newest version of Xtend. I just opened a new container and the texture is very different from before, its very fine fluffy powder and looks very different than the previous containers. I notice the flavor is not as strong as before either, and the coloring is not as dark after mixing. Im starting to question this as I opened it the same day these water problems started. All my foods are the same as they have been for a month so I am just trying to figure this out. I recently read a few times now that people are thinking Xtend is causing them bloat as well.

    Other news- I spent part of the day with my Mother to make some repairs in her home and just to visit. It was a pretty quiet weekend, but there are those die hards still doing fireworks, LOL [/b]

  39. WEEK 5 DAY 34 JULY 9 2006 SUNDAY


    The day started better with the water retension going down from the diuretic, my lower legs were normal and I had ankles again!!!! Yea!!! Oh that was until I started drinking and eating then the retension came right back like a speeding light , dang it!!!!!!! Slept like a baby as usual on Lean Dreams, I need to stock up on this little gem!!!! Anyone who has trouble sleeping should try this, its been the best sleep aid I have ever used and the fact it helps burn fat while your sleeping is an added bonus!


    My training went decent, I felt like I had to work a bit harder to get the same reps and weight as last week in the beginning of the workout, but as I warmed up good it paid off on the T-Bar rows for a nice big PR. I did get a few more reps on other exercises so I am happy with the training today. I know a big plateu is coming my way, and I will not like it one bit! The gym was very quiet so I didnt have to wait for anything at all, always nice! I had some big back pumps today and meant to take some pics after the workout but forgot because my tummy was yelling at me! LOL


    I am loving every part of my ALRI supplement stack. I really like the Watermelon Primed better than the Sour Lemon too. Hyperdrive woke me up fast today so I could get my IMPC pics done, which I always HATE to do, esp today with the water problem, oh well you do what you have to do!!!!!!


    Ive added a lifting progress chart showing how the first 5 weeks have went for strength, so far good! If them bars start going down ill kick myself!!!!! Im working on a chart that will show every exercise I do and what the starting weight lifted was and each week following, this will be a good indicator of progress for sure. I will post it at end of week 6 which is half way through my bulk. I am so fearing a cut at this point as I am used to eating alot more food now, its gonna be a very hard time for me I can already see myself chewing on furniture.

  40. hey Fit.

    sorry to hear about the water retention. i hope you solve the issue asap.

    are your pumps feeling as intense as when you started the stack?


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