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    Yep today was the day...................I sweated all day waiting to go do Military presses to see if I could get them up on my own. On the first set I did 99% on my own, had a snafu as I hit the db's together right away and lost balance of one and Viper had to help quick. The second set I did get them up all by myself The third set, NO!!!!!!!!! Was too tired by this time I guess. Maybe next week!!!!!! Next week is my last bulking workout Im so sad as I will not make it to 45's this log, unless some miracle happens and I try that weight on my last set next week.

    I really seemed to be getting sorta wore out during this workout but I kept pushing hard, Im very stubborn! I was not able to get 110 pounds again on bench press, I just didnt have it in me. But on the other hand I went up to 25's for flyes!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!

    All in all it was an ok workout, I cant really complain, well I could but it wouldnt do any good right! I really dont think my focus was all there tonight, I tried but too many things on my mind. I ate more today but that didnt seem to help either.

    Well no other news to report at this time, all is going well with my supplementation and I plan on continuing the Jungle Warfare through several weeks of my cutting cycle. Im just now at almost 4 weeks, so I may go a full 12 weeks Or at least 10.

  2. That's alright Fit you can get your 45's on your next bulk! Look at how far you have come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bb:

  3. DAYS 71-72 AUGUST 15 & 16 2006 TUES-WED



    Ahhhhhhhh happy days for FNF I have been feeling very good, sleeping well with Lean Dreams and getting the kick a$$ energy during the day from Hyperdrive.

    Im doing very well controlling fat on this bulk with the help of Special Tactics and clean diet that is lower in fat, I have good fats though. I actually woke up and looked in the mirror and said, CRAP I think I lost weight, but to my surprise I GAINED, Funny how I can look leaner but be gaining, That is what Jungle Warfare does to ya and I will not be complaining! I have 11 days left on this bulk and I am gonna use it wisely!!!!!!!! Im looking at my regression chart and according to that I may weigh about 142 by the end. I am 139.5 today so I am up 12 pounds. I have had to up cals a few times as I started losing weight with the increased muscle mass requiring more food, they are hungry boogers, LOL

    I also wanted to share with you all that I tried the Chocolate ALRI Lipolytic Whey Protein, and it tasted like the candy Milk Duds, Very yummy!!!!!!! Rich and creamy. I am gonna love this when cutting as it will be like a treat for me. I have Strawberry too, will try that tomorrow and let ya know how it is. There is a big sale on it right now, I got 5 pounds each for 25 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! per 5 pounds that is.

    YEP- BIG PR for FNF - 75 pound BB curls BABY!!!!!!!! 2 sets of 4 reps, full motion reps, I was even suprised! Last week I did so well on 65 BB curl that I needed to move up, but I hate the straight bar and thats what the 70 is, so I said what the heck! Im going for it, I doubt I will stay there though, POOR back, lol I know the Jungle Warfare is playing a huge roll in my strength increases lately, gee I cant wait to see more!!!!! I am having no side effects at all, acne gone, libido up still, Loving it!!!!!!!

    The pumps on arm day are you know CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even my traps were pumped during this workout, wild stuff that N-Gorge & Primed.

    I need a really big cheat meal as I have not been using mine, 11 days left for a nice one, Im thinking STEAK, giant one!!!!!!!Any ideas for me guys?

    TOP SECRET STUFF Viper ( Big V ) And I get to test a new product out on Friday for ALRI, I cannot say what it is but it sounds FREAKY!!!!!!! We are very excited to check it out, Dont ask me any questions or I will have to kidnap you!!!!!!!!!!!



  4. great PR, Fit!! 12 pounds is amazing. that's really awesome.

    hmm, if i could cheat, i'd have 12oz steak, sushi, hummus/pita.

    will you log your results with the top secret addition? if you were to kidnap someone, would you let them try the new supp?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by dominique
    great PR, Fit!! 12 pounds is amazing. that's really awesome.

    hmm, if i could cheat, i'd have 12oz steak, sushi, hummus/pita.

    will you log your results with the top secret addition? if you were to kidnap someone, would you let them try the new supp?

    Woman, Im not a mouse!!! I eat 20 oz steaks

    Im not sure if I will be allowed to elaborate on the secret product, but if we do kidnap someone they will have to cookl for us

  6. DAYS 73-74-75 AUGUST 17-18-19 2006



    I finally got to 10 reps on all set for back day, I will move up in weight next week on all exercises. My form was very good on the lat pulldowns at 10 reps, I gave it everything I had!!! I can say that the "Top Secret" product we used that night for ALRI had an impact on me That product is still in tweaking mode so it will be awhile before available to the public.

    I am feeling very good lately, JW has an effect on you, its almost euphoric, just a real powerful, positive, confident feeling. Im very focused in the gym and ready to push all limits!

    Im taking advantage of the last few days on bulking, I have really enjoyed this cycle and I have leared alot about my body. But as all things must change so must my diet, and the cutting will begin after this next week. I will be doing this for two reasons, One I am in a contest online that has been running since April where we take pictures every month of out progress and it ends in November, may the most ripped, transformed person win That better be me too!!!!! Secondly this will be a test for a future BB contest I will enter in 2007, it will help my trainer and I see the results of all our hard work since March and then make any changes necessary to make it to the stage in optimal condition. So its sort of a test run. At this point I have no idea what my capabilites are, I am learning as I go in this. I certainly have not set any limits though, I will go for the gold no matter what I do. I have not decided wether or not I will enter fitness or BB, It depends on how much muscle I have once I cut.

    I am doing well on al my supplements. I really like the ALRI Lipolytic Whey Protein, it makes my pancakes really fluffy too! So far Ive used Vanilla & Chocolate and love them both. I have strawberry but keep forgetting to try it!!!! But I will this week.

    New things happening: FnF found 2 3inch stretchmarks on her lats, on the inside of the arm pit area, from increased thickness, bummer............ I put body butter on every training day and so far they are not very noticeable, I hope I can keep them from getting ugly.

    Veins- I started having some vascularity Friday night, I guess I do have veins, lol Ive been noticing them coming to the surface but now one is popped out, this was during a workout too.




  7. END OF WEEK 11 STATS- DAY 76 AUGUST 20 2006




    Well its the end of week 11, one more week to go on this bulk. I had a good workout tonight. I got a PR on leg press as well, I went up 10 pounds each set and by the third set I still got 10 reps at 550 so I guess next week I will up the weight again. It did take everything living breath of me to do those reps though.

    On hack squat, I tried 280 right off the bat, ummmmm couldnt budge it, lol so instead of adding the 5 pound rubber thingy I went back to 265, maybe next week!

    I seem to be stuck with leg curls, just cant get past 135, and to think I used to be able to do more weight on curls than extensions, HA wow how things change!

    On SLDL, I found out tonight I have been doing them wrong for 11 weeks, how about that. I made a video of myself doing them tonight to show how far I could go down, while standing on a 12 inch platform. I thought I was doing really well and was actually quite proud of the fact that I could go to the floor and back up with 115 pounds, But I was told otherwise tonight. Who would of thought Stiff legged Deadlifts are not done stiff legged, thats how I have done them for 11 long weeks. Obviously I have wasted 11 weeks of training doing this, so its back to square one for me. Its nothing a dozen krispy kreme's wont fix though.

    Below are the charts for lift progress and weight, along with my training for today and macros.

  8. On the positive side Fit, at least you know your doing them right now and you have a little challenge ahead of yourself. Just like me and the :squat:

  9. I DID IT!!!!!!! YES I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WEEK 12 DAY 77 AUGUST 21 2006



    I am very pleased with my training last night for shoulders I did the 45 lb. DB's for Military press for a nice PR, that was the last shoulder workout for this 12 weeks!!!!!! This is my last week on this bulking log, then its CUTTING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Although I still needed a little help launching the 40's I again got 10 reps on my own. I def needed help with the 45's, WHOA BABY those are heavy!!!!! But I did get 6 reps all on my own!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will say that when I came home I was TOAST!!!!!! I was sore!!!!!! I was WHOOPED!!!!!! But today after using Regeneration X, I feel better.

    I had HYOOOOOOOOGE pumps going with all this iron I was flinging, lol I felt very powerful last night. We had Pitbull with us, he trained with us last night at our gym, we had a great time. Pit did very good last night, He is a freaking animal!!!!!!!!! I gave him some Lean Dreams to try out, so hopefully he can get some nice rest

    Well Im cutting this short today, Im just darn happy with my Military presses and wanted to get this up! THANK YOU ALRI!!!!! Thank you Author for designing such awesome products to help a gal out!!!!

  10. 45's I seen you using the 20's? HAHAH Just kidding yeah she smoked the 45's I was pretty shocked myself! Congrats on the BIG PR before your cut

  11. WEEK 12 macros, Except Sunday Making up for lost time here..................

    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday- In that order.

  12. Week 12 Training Make up

    Wed, Fri, Sunday- The end of 12 weeks.

  13. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by FitnFirm
    I added ALRI Lipolytic Protein to my regiman

    My first impression when opening the container was This stuff looks like spun gold, its very fine and fluffy. The color of the vanilla was very creamy white, not yellow like others I have used.

    I made my first shake with skim milk as I do for all shakes. The mixability is fantabulous, the flavor is awesome, the texture is rich and creamy.

    This is by far the best protein I have ever tasted!!!!!

    The other really cool thing is the protein comes in a 5 pound jug, the lid has a carry handle on it which I find a big plus!!!!! Ive never seen that before.

    Im going to try it out im my pancakes on Sunday

    You sold me on this......got some from nutraplanet.com (on sale even). You're right, this stuff is so fine it feels like static electricity makes it stick to the edges of the scoop etc. This is some nice tasting stuff.....and when I opened the container, my wife (who was standing 10 feet away) remarked how nice it smelled.

  14. FitNFirm i think you should buy stock in ALRI for all the money you've given them, lol. I can't blame you i love their stuff too and i think i'm goign to run the same stack that you did as well to drop some unwanted bf.

  15. YR, yea I tried the chocolate and Strawberry over the weekend. I know a lot of people will say, "Ah he's an ALRI Rep, he has to say that it's good", but I definitely love this stuff. The big thing we noticed as well as that when we use it in our muscle pancakes, they taste so much better and come out fluffy instead of really dense when using other proteins. If you guys haven't tried it yet, give it a shot, the price is competitive and the taste and texture is incredible

  16. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    FitNFirm i think you should buy stock in ALRI for all the money you've given them, lol. I can't blame you i love their stuff too and i think i'm goign to run the same stack that you did as well to drop some unwanted bf.

    Hey I call it the total master fat blaster stack Plus Muscle Ive had great results with everything plus my diet and training are all in check ya know, I got babysitters watching everything I do so I better be doing good, or else I get the cattle prod on my booty!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by yeahright
    You sold me on this......got some from nutraplanet.com (on sale even). You're right, this stuff is so fine it feels like static electricity makes it stick to the edges of the scoop etc. This is some nice tasting stuff.....and when I opened the container, my wife (who was standing 10 feet away) remarked how nice it smelled.

    Yep, I love it, I have tried them all now, Vanilla, Strawberry Cream and chocolate.

    To me the chocolate tastes like milk duds, which I loved as a kid. The strawberry, oh man thats soooooo good, it tastes like it has real cream in it. And the vanilla is very rich and like real vanilla. Whoever does the flavoring for them does a darn good job.

    And then if you use it in recipes, it makes things really light and fluffy. YR I also picked up some from NP with their sale, you just couldnt pass it up!!!! Plus Stryker gave me a free t-shirt

  18. Annnnnnnd the CUT begins! Bye Bye :donut:

  19. I owe much thanks to ALRI ( Author & Raven )and Michael Elias for all the support provided to me over the course of this 12 weeks. I was fortunate to have an awesome stack of ALRI supplements to help me along the way and to get the most out of my training all while controlling fat gain and keeping energy levels high.

    Michael Elias as my trainer was the best decision I ever made, without the key diet plan and training I know I would still be struggling to make some sort of progress. I commend him for putting up with my endless silly questions, but he always answered them and made me feel they were not so silly. I have received awesome support from Michael and Kendra and as it has been said before " this is only the beginning" it is heavily traveled road I am on, and to reach the end I must work hard and gain knowledge and strength and most of all believe in myself, and I DO!!!!!!!!!

    I want to thank my buddies for all the continued support they give me, on good days and bad. Always there to cheer me up and cheer me on!!!!!!

    ON BB

    bootysweat ( my true inspiration )
    cervasa1977 ( the picture hound)
    astump ( he is just stumpy ) lol
    dominique ( oh if we all had her body! )
    DawnMarie ( MY BEST pal )- Watchout World Beta version 2 is OUT!!!!!!
    Zebinator ( the rock!!!!! )
    Mom-Chris ( Team Torture got her good! )
    stonecoldtruth ( try's to keep me in line, doesnt work though ) lol
    Seroph4x ( Mr. Positive )
    SpaceClown ( oh to be a clown, makes me laugh )
    powells2 ( Barbie baby- Awesome lady! )
    MuscleMom ( I can only hope to have her physique! )
    RichardRussell ( he was put here for me to harass!!!! )
    ~Lisa~ ( One hot babe!!!! )
    asianbabe ( all womens driving force ) Too sweet!
    TimoteoS ( YA SWEET AGAIN! )


    Eric Broser ( Mr. P/RR/S )
    BigRick ( trap man )
    Chanman ( Someday will be Mr. Olympia )
    Sapphire ( Sweet, likes Belly Buttons- Erics ) lol
    Davtown ( just a super nice young man with drive! )
    97muscle ( he stole my biceps!!!!! )
    Caesar20 ( Great drive, super physique! )
    MidnightLifter ( stop eating bad stuff!!! )

    AND ON IM:

    dton 6
    DarkFalcon ( Frankly I think he just spyes on me ) lol
    madman911 ( Watch it buddy!!!!! )
    krzna ( yep, it can be done, eat good, train hard, build it and they will come )
    Blap Blaow ( Mr. smart!!!! Nice guy )

    Lastly on AM :

    Ziricote ( teases me with cookies )
    Pitbull954 ( I make him think he is tough guy )
    Mulletsoldier ( OH what a back!!!! )
    yeahright ( YEAH SURE!!!! Thanks dude! )
    Jayhawkk ( someone hide me!!!!! )
    Terminator LMG
    Rage (SoCal)
    TimoteoS ( sweet as pie )
    karategirl ( hot momma!!!!!!! )

    AND: My family!!!!!!!! My Boys, My husband ( Viperspit aka Big V ), my gym friends who lurk here ( you know who you are) lol. Without all the support you all give me this would not be possible, I am forever grateful for everything each one of you have given me- SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!! LAUGHTER!!!!! and HUGS !!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im not posting my diet for Sunday, My offical last day of Bulk, because it was MEGA CHEAT DAY !!!!!! ( insert evil laugh) But can you believe I didnt gain any weight from it!!!!! OMG, too crazy!!!!!!!

    Well here they are, the final numbers. I am very pleased with my lift gains with leg press being the biggest area for gains, 200 pound increase over 12 weeks. I had some areas that were not as fast like lat pulldown, It took forever to get 10 reps on that!!! Im still working on bench press for improvements seeing how I had a set back right on the first workout of this 12 weeks, Im working through it now. So you can get alot stronger while bulking, which I had to do it to belive it!!!! No girl wants to eat so much food cause we are programmed to think we will get fat, well thats not true! If you have a good diet and training routine.

    The measurements speak for themselves, Im not worried about the waist size cause I know it will shrink very fast as soon as my cutting starts, its mostly water there as I feel very hard, and the skin is still very thin over the abs.

    Now the booty has grown, not wider but more round from them SLDL probably, lol, but I know there is fat there as when I did a lean bulk I still had fat left there so over the course of this cutting I should see alot of fat go from that area.

    Im very happy with the bicep growth, but would like more, ya well who wouldnt! I also still want to keep working the shoulders, they have a long way to go! I have all kinds of room for improvement so I will just keep working hard and eating clean and see where the road takes me.

  20. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to FitnFirm again.

    For having the baddest log I have ever seen, and I seen what you wrote punk!

  21. WOO I made a list!
    oh and congrats on the gains

  22. Congrats!
  23. Final Pics !!!!!

    These are my final pics showing progress, Im thrilled with the mass I have put on, now its cutting time!!!!!

  24. The before pictures are here if you want to compare:

    FnF's Monster Mass Building, Fat Incinerating Plan with ALRI


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