Venom Tri-lean+ cycle Before/after pics

  1. Venom Tri-lean+ cycle Before/after pics

    Hey....just finished my cycle on the venom tri-lean .....have a log in the weightloss forum....just wanted to post some pics and some thoughts on the stack....the stack consited of:

    Venom HD 3.0
    Venom Special Tactics
    Venom Lean Dreams
    ADam by NOW Multi

    Basic results were 21lbs lost and 2 1/4in off my waist in a 28 day period

    Overall very good stack.....for me.....the stim effects and appetite suppression were not as strong as they are for some other people....but they are noticable...thirst is crazy when on sweat like a pig just sitting around doing nothing....lean dreams is something that you have to get used to .....umm.....other than that....very solid and effective stack.

    Only cons that i saw on this was that the Venom HD does kill your libido and also....has some sort of effect on the prostate....also.....did irritate the urinary infection...but it did bother me for like 2 1/2 to 3 weeks out fo the stack....kinda went away the last week or so of the stack......but.....the sides are managable and they do not stay around for long.....havent taken anything today and i feel pretty much back to normal in that region.

    My before an after pics are nothing special....not OMG....but to me.....its a pretty decent change after only 28 days...

    Very solid stack and recommend it to anywone that want to lose fat and keep LBM losses to a bare minimum if any.
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  2. Thumbs up

    very nice work bro. looks to have been very successful. the differences are very noticeable and to consider you did this in 28 days is unbelievable. now, you got me thinking of trying this for my contest prep.

  3. Cool, great job and congrats. That is a pretty impressive loss in 28 days.

  4. thanks all..i appreciate a long ways to go...but its a good start

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