Help me choose a supp to review on this page!!

  1. Help me choose a supp to review on this page!!

    Below are some stats and history about myself. I am looking to cut and i decided i would let some people chime in on what cutting supplement i should take. I am going to let this post go for about a week then i will decided what supp to choose from all the feedback and I will do a log on the supplment that everyone chooses. Some of the supplments i have looked into are: melting point, cAMP, lean xtreme, x-factor ( if i did this i would take out the sesamax and fish oil), lipo 6, lipoderm ultra or an ECA stack. My buget is about $60...Thanks 2 all you who will be following this log and giving suggestions.


    Height 6'
    Weight: 174
    BF: electric scale says about 21% but i think its more around 18-19% ( My abs are visible when I flex them, but there is a layer of fat over them)
    Supps- multivitmen
    ON Whey Protein taken when I first wake up...40grams post workout and a few times throughout the day to get enough protein
    Xtend- I sip 4 scoops throughout my workout to prevent muscle loss
    sesamax- usually after meals with a lot of calories
    Fish Oil
    Matrix 5.0 for a slow absorbing protein before bed

    Max OT I train 5 times a week and I do cardio about 2-3 times a week at least 8 hours after lifting

    History- I've lifted throughout highschool but not to serious. Now the last 2 years i have become really dedicated and I have seen some nice gains. I recently finished a successful bulk in which I went from 160 to 177lbs. I really wanted to continue bulking because even though the size was noticeable it still wasnt quite where i wanted to be. The more I bulked though i noticed my belly was also getting some unwanted fat aroudn it, so I decided i wanna trim some fat off. So far I have cut my calories and incorporated cardio into my workout and have lost 3 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I probably could have lost more, but i don't want to cut my calories to fast and lose muscle.

    P.S I will try to post pics as soon as a get a chance...thanks

  2. How old are you?

  3. 20 years old

  4. at least 8 hours of cardio? Or am I reading that wrong. 18-19% is pretty high I think first think first is get on fitday log your food for a week Diet is going to be the key right now. because at your weight and 18% being the low that is over 30lbs of body fat you are carrying.

    Once diet is in check you might want to choose a creatine or nos supplement. since you are only 20 you might want to try a non stimulant fat burner like camp or sesamin. You still have alot of natural test at your age so I don't think you'd need a test booster imo. Hope this helps

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