OK guys help out on next cycle. Thank you.

  1. OK guys help out on next cycle. Thank you.

    Ok everybody finally getting ready to do a bulking cycle. After this next event trainer says I shouldn’t have any more events until the end of the year Nov or Dec. So I can do a real mass cycle I have been thinking of moving up in weight class anyway. Anyway I would like to get some opinions on a cycle. are some of the combo’s I am thinking about Sdrol/Pmax similar to Fitzers last cycle.
    Pmax/Hmax run similar to the sdrol/pmax 6 wk cycle.

    What do you guys think. This this will be a pure clean bulk. This cycle will start on June 26 so I will start preloading my supps the end of next week. I know I am planning early but I believe when running a cycle being prepared as possible and since this will be my first True Mass cycle in a long time so I am very excited and want to make sure I have everything together well in advance. The only compound I haven’t used is the Hmax. So I was really leaning toward the Pmax/Hmax running the Hmax solo for the 1st 2 weeks than combo at a low dosage for weeks 3-4 fininshing whish Pmax solo 5-6. 2nd choice is the sdrol/pmax but I am not sure if I want to deal with the back pumps again so soon.

    So please everyone chime in as all your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

  2. Well I wouldnt run any of the compounds that you havent run before solo. I would just choose one that you havent run before and run it solo. No need to stack. Start off slow bro.

  3. dunk the only compound i havent run is the hmax but I know it's not a good compound for straight massing all the others I have run before with success. I do realize that starting slow is always good advice But being that i do have 10years experience with AAS/PH and the fact that I have run most of the compounds that these substances are designed off turinbol, anadrol, halostein etc. I was wondering if might put tell me which stack you would think would be best as I really hesitate to run a solo when this will probablly be my only time I get to MASS up as I do still compete and must think about weight limits.

    Thanks for all your input

  4. Ok, didnt pick that up the first time I read that, sorry.

    If the only thing you had with the SD was back pumps, then I would consider yourself lucky. Those can easily be taken care of. If thats all you experienced, then I would go with that combo, but only running both for only 3 weeks and bridging the two, so your only going 5 weeks total.

  5. anybody else thoughts?



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