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  1. Day 19

    I am still Mega Dosing Cissus at 12-15 a day. I am on day 3 of Symmetry at 4caps a day. Joints are feeling great. I still can't say I have noticed any extra anabolic efffects, besides a slight rise in libido. I have increased appetite also, very helpful as I am bulking. Still have back pain and getting physio.

    ** Dips +25X7, +30X6, +30X6
    A2 Assisted Chins +20X7, +10X6, +10X6
    B1 Seated Calf 60X6X3
    B2 Flat Bench 100X8, 100X7, 100X6
    C1 Lunges DB 17.5X8X3
    C2 Bicep Curl 40X8, 40X8, 40X6

  2. Day 21

    Took rest day today, feeling like ****, like i got a virus or something, hope I feeel better soon. Will rest again tomorrow. Still taking Cissus/Symmetry and starting Scorch/Vaporize tomorrow also. Joints feel great, no anabolic effects to mention.

    Gym (yesterday)
    Seated Shoulder Hammer 30X10, 35X8, 35X6
    Incline Flyes 12.5X10, 15X10, 15X8
    Standing Calf 50X12, 60X10, 70X8
    Bicep Pulldowns 60X10, 65X8, 70X8
    Tricep Pressdown 60X10, 60X10, 65X8
    Cable Curls 35X10, 45X12, 45X10
    Barbell Shrugs 60X12, 80X10 (back hurt)

    Weight stable : 92.5

  3. I am impatient to see if you feel something from symmetry
  4. Day 23

    Gym look liked this:
    ** BB Mill Pres 40X10, 50X8, 50X7, 50X7
    A2 Front Squats 40X10, 50X10, 50X10, 50X10
    B1 Isolat pulldown 80X10, 100X7, 100X7, 110X6
    B2 Lying DB Triceps 17.5X6, 17.5X6, 17.5X6, 17.5X8
    C1 Seated Row 80X8X4
    C2 Ab holds 1minutes X 4

    Noticed a slight increase in libido over what has previously been mentioned.. Since taking Symmetry my sleep hasn't been as good, however, there could be other factors at work here. The pump from the gym lasts longer than normal on Symmetry.. All to report so far.
  5. Day 24

    Symmetry has definately created increased pumps in the gym, and I am getting a 'little' stronger. Libido/bodyweight/b/f seem to be constant. My back pain is still there, so Cissus is really not helping at all with that. Shoulders feel good, so may be helping there. Considering some of my back pain is from my vertabrae i thought cissus would help..

    ** Incline Bench 60X12, 70X9, 70X9
    A2 Close Grip Pulldowns 70X12, 80X8, 80X8
    B1 Front DB Raise 10X12, 12.5X9, 12.5X9
    B2 Seated Bicep Curl (incline) 15X10X3
    C1 Shrugs 37.5X12X3

  6. Day 25 - Rest

    Rest day. Back/ankle is sore, had some Physio. Getting some again tomorrow afternoon, if it all goes well back at training.
  7. Day 26 - Smashed it!

    Had some Physio today, helped a lot. ankle / back still sore but healing.
    Well, Symmetry must be making the difference because I tottally smashed it at gym today, AWESOME pumps and strength. Joints feel great. Symmetry/Cissus is definately working today. It seems it has just taken quite a long time for it to 'kick in' with me. Probably suited for a much longer cycle, starting at a lower dosage then ramping up, and running more Symmetry.

    Flat DB Bench : 25X10, 35X8, 37.5X8, 42.5X8 (PB!)
    Hack squat machine: 40X10, 80X10, 80X10, 80X10
    Seated row palms up : 80X10, 80X10, 80X8
    Reverse Bicep curl: 22.5X10, 25X10, 25X10
    Rotator Cuf : 5X10X3
    One arm extension cable : 15X10, 20X10, 20X10
  8. Day 27

    Felt very tired today, however, still did my best at gym (scorch certainly helped in this regard). Bodyweight is up, which is excellent, been eating like a horse Joints are feeling good, DOMS is normal, strength is 'strong'.

    Dips : +25X6, +30X6, +30X6
    Chins (assisted) : +25X10X2, +25X6
    Standing Calf raises : 60X10, 70X10, 70X10
    Bicep Curl hammer : 40X10X3 (best yet!)
    45' Incline : 120X10X2, 160X10 (Still light because of Back)
    20minutes in Sauna

    Need some serious rest tonite me thinks

    Bodyweight : 93.5 (Up 1 kilo)
    Dosage : Cissus 15caps, Symmetry 6 caps, MAN Scorch 3 caps, MAN Vaporize 3-6 caps

  9. Nice! Very good log, and it's nice you keep it up to date. Keep up eating a lot, cleanest possible, train hard, and gains will come fast
  10. Day 30

    Took the weekend off. Didnt get a hell of a lot of sleep however and my workout on Monday suffered BIG TIMe from it. Hoping to fix that today with a better workout (will pop some eph pre as well to help).

    Hack Squats
    Upright Row
    Chest Press
    DB SIde Raise

    Still taking 15 Cissus and 6 Symmetry a day. The pumps have gone and my bodyweight has dropped to 92.5. Not sure whats going on, will check weight again in a few days and see whats up. Libido has dropped off also... this could be from lack of sleep however.

  11. Don't bother about the scale, but what the mirror tells you is pretty accurate
  12. Day 31

    ALmost out of Cissus, still fair bit of SYmmetry left, which is great. Strength was excellent today, pumps still not really there, but thats fine, I don't need 'pumps' to think a product is working. Libido is up slightly now. NOticed some increased Acne.

    ** Hack squat machine 80X10, 120X5, 100X6, 100X6
    A2 Bent over rows 60X6X4
    B1 Seated Hammer Shoulder 35X8, 40X6, 45X6, 45X6 (PB!)
    B2 Standing Calf 70X8, 75X8, 75X6, 70X8
    C1 Incline BB Bench 80X6X4
    C2 Seated Dip Machine 120X6, 120X7, 120X7, 120X6
  13. Day 32

    Libido is great, g/f felt the 'wrath' last night, and there was a certain level of extra stamina involved, so thats great. I think Symmetry is the culprit here.

    Isolat Pulldown : 80X10, 100X6, 100X8, 100X10
    DB Front Raise : 10X10, 12.5X10, 12.5X8
    Flat Flyes : 20X4X10
    Seated Bicep CUrl : 17.5X8, 17.5X7, 17.5X7
    Ab Hold : 1 minute X 3

  14. Great. I cant wait to receive my Symmetry! Nice log. Keep it up!
  15. Day 38 - Finish!

    Apologies for not posting in the last few days. I have been on Business interstate (still am) and have had a chance. Let me wrap up.

    The first two weeks, I didnt notice anything really. After that, I noticed some joint improvement. From about week three I started to notice some strength gains (slight) and a slight increase in bodyweight. Libido also increased.

    However, Given the huge wraps Cissus/Symmetry have been given, I would have to say they really were not that effective for me, especially Cissus - atleast their 'anabolic' effects. I did notice some joint improvement - yes. However, very little anabolic effect. Thats not to say its a bad product, just it wasnt that great for me.

    Thanks for USPLabs for selection as a tester, its been great. And to those out there that are looking to try this product, I'd say give it a shot. Definately a lot safer than SD/PP/Ergo etc, and I think Symmetry would be EXCELLENT to run for 60-90 days.


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