Superdrol Log.. 2 - 3 week cycle. Ecto/Meso.

  1. Superdrol Log.. 2 - 3 week cycle. Ecto/Meso.

    Hi. I'd like to use this thread to keep track of my cycle on Superdrol. I've spent alot of time absorbing information in preparation for this.

    About me:
    I'm Asian. I thought I was a pure ecto until I put on near 20 pounds by being consistent with my martial arts fitness training and supplements(protein/creatine) since August 05. (I was 120 - 125. I'm now 140 - 144). Im looking to gain strength and mass to get to a proportioned build and then after PCT focus on speed/HIT training for martial arts again.

    but it still doesnt feel or look like I've gained that much.
    Current Pic as of this post:

    Physical Stats:
    Height: 5'7"
    Current Weight: 144lb (after subtracting for clothes)
    Cholesterol level: 39/76 HDL/LDL (Blood work before I started RYR/CoQ10 4 weeks ago)


    Hoping to gain 5 - 10lb of muscle if not more.

    The Stack:

    * 10mg ED x 2/3 Weeks...Megadrol (depends how my joints/ligaments are doing at end of the second week)
    * 6g ed........................Good Quality EFAs
    * 3g ed........................Gluc osamine
    * 2g ed........................MSM
    * 20mg ed....................Hyaluron ic Acid
    * 1.2g.........................R ed Yeast Rice
    * 2.5g.........................N-Acetyl Cysteine
    * 8x2.2g.......................B CAAs
    * 1.5g.........................M ilk Thistle
    * 3g............................ L-Theanine
    * 4g............................ .MCHC (best source of calcium?)
    * 125mg........................R LA/RDHLA Extended Release
    * 8caps........................O rthoCore (Good Multivitamin)

    On Hand for Postcycle or Unforseen Contradindications:
    * Nolvadex
    * Rebound XT

    Diet/Major Meals/Nutrition:
    * 2 - 4 Cups of Oatmeal Every Day. (44g complex carbs per cup)
    * Lots of Steaks / Chicken Breasts / Red Potatoes / White rice.
    * Whey Protein before sleep and in the morning.
    * OJ in the morn.

    Easily over 3500 calories a day.

    Training Schedule:
    * First Week.. Upper/Lower split. one day upper. one day lower.
    * Second Week.. Haven't finalized it yet.
    * Third Week.. depends if my joints/ligaments are feeling like crap.

    Workout will last at least 60 minutes.
    I will also be doing HIT twice a week for martial arts.

    comments, criticism, suggestions, questions etc are most welcome.

  2. Bro, Im sure you've heard this already, but you could probably gain at least another 10-15lbs without the drol. I see that you've gained 20 and thats awesome, but I think you should still stay natural for a little bit longer and continue to do what you have been doing.

  3. Yeah. I wouldn't do this cycle if I were you. I am not one to harp on weight too much, seeing as I have seen all weights come in all shapes and sizes. W/O pics somebody could come on here and say they are 150lbs and planning a SD cycle and get flamed on. Little do the flamers know that this guy is competing at 150lbs. Anywhoo, the point I am trying to make is body comp. factors in more than weight, and my friend not to be a ****, but you are not at the level for either that would require you to take anabolics.

  4. Hey, not to be a broken record but to rather inforce the fact that those two (dunk and mullet) are not just picking on you, you do not and should not do this cycle for atleast another year or so. I myself am speaking from previous experiance. I myself did a cycle at 190lbs and am only 1"taller and I think that I should have waited atleast 6 more months to put on more natural size and strength. You are going to do as you want anyways, just understand that alot of already have and dont have the chance to go back, and neither will you!!!!!

  5. First let me ask something. Are you cycling just to put on muscle or are you cycling because you compete and need the extra strength as I noticed you are a martial artist. If you just want to put on some recreation muscle than I agree with everyone else at 144lbs and 5-7 you should hold off. I am right around your weight and 6 inches shorter with a bf% in the 12's right now. Check out Mulletsoldeirs AE2 log or my E2matrix log those are nos and creatine products. also get on fitday and make sure you are eating a surplus of calories as you are doing Martial arts training you need ALOT of extra calories. My maintenace alone is about 2500 plus if you add in burning approx 800-1200 calories in a 1.5 hour sparring class I easily need 4000+ calories on a day like that. How many calories are you taking in.

    Ofcourse if you are competing then there is a difference and we can discuss what you might want to take as alternatives to s-drol also that could help you too.

  6. Hey Variance, welcome to AM.

    So, like the otheres have already suggested, please do not start superdrol, you are not ready for it. Superdrol is a serious streriod. Also, if you were to do a 2 week cycle it would almost be a waste. Also, you cannot put on 10lbs on muscle in 3 weeks, it's physically impossible. You may gains 10lbs+ but not all in LBM.

    You have A LOT of time before you should be looking at superdrol or any other roid for that matter.

    Also, you are not properly prepared for a solid PCT for Superdrol. Also, you're training schedule is not solid. You cannot go training for speed right after your cycle, this will cause you to loose a lot of mass.

    Here's the thing, judging from how inexperienced with AAS and training, it will be very easily for you to lose all or most of your gains after the cycle. This isn't an insult just reality. It is worth the money, health risks, etc. if you end up gaining 3lbs?'s not the right time.

    How old are you btw?

  7. Reading your post history tells me you have a brain. You're smart enough to make an intelligent posts, now you must be able to rationally looks at this situation from other's views.

  8. I'm 22.
    I appreciate the concern.
    I'm giving the cycle some second thoughts now based on all of your input.

    Thing is..
    I started the cycle after i made that post and just now got to thinking about it.. ( Intelligence and Stupidity are not mutually exclusive unfortunately.)

    I kind of had the bottles sitting around for the better half of a month.. (I heard superdrol might get banned.. I tend to buy things like ephedra before they get banned) and I was feeling kind of impulsive when I made that post and not really thinking reasonably.

    Im unsure if I should go through with it at this point. or cut off now and just go on the tamoxifen for two weeks.

    It was more for aesthetics and strength gains as I'm not competing in the BBing aspect. I expected 10lb in mass.. not necessarily LM... I was expecting to have to cut down later.
    I guess i wasn't thinking when I wrote 10lb of muscle.
    well. that could go for alot of things.

    I worked out pretty hard the last two days and my calorie intake has been around 5000 or 6000.
    Complex carbs (lots of oatmeal, whole grain bread)
    Protein (Steak, Tuna, Milk, Eggs, Whey, BCAAs)

    Things aside. is it best for me to go through with it or cut off now.

  9. How long have you been on? at 22 my advice is to stop right now. 5000-6000 calories you'll gain weight naturally at your age. did you track you calories on fitday. you could probablly gain 2-3lbs a week naturally at that amount. you would have your 10lbs in a month if you kept to it strictly everyday and monitored everything.

  10. today will be day 3.
    and Im about to check out fitday right now..

  11. I'd stop now man, 2 days in there would be virtually no reprecussions to you stopping.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Variance
    today will be day 3.
    and Im about to check out fitday right now..

    Day 3 quit now before you do any damage your still pretty much ok after only 2 days.

  13. Exactly man.....You're smart enough to realize you've made a bad decision. 3 days of dosign will require no PCT and no bad sides. STOP NOW.

  14. The decision is yours. At 22 you can decide what to do and if you are ready, and only you. Superdrol is very powerful stuff, unfortunatly, you have to be very careful.

    The only advice i can give you is that if you do decide to do it, try splitting the caps in half to 5mg and only doing 14 days. At 144lbs 5mg will knock you on your ass and give crazy gains. I am 248lbs and 5mg a day blew me away.


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