SXULB52 Trn/Tst/Zol cycle

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  2. good job man interested in seeing how the zol fits into everything if it makes a big difference in your muscle hardness. what was your beginning weight bf% etc. you look pretty ripped in the before pics.


  3. SXULB52, this is very similar to a cycle I was looking into. I was very curious about something, and I'm not sure how I could ever run it without having an overlap of methylated and/or other toxic compounds at one time. Maybe you can shed a little light on this one. I'm only looking into feasibility based upon what you think having run most of these @ the same time. I am in no way decided upon or set on anything. I would however like to know what you/others think. The HMAX/ZOL seem to complement each other well (like the Gaspari Maximus stack), and the MTRN/MTST go well together. For the most part, all of these (other than maybe the MTST) are very dry compounds which would be great for a lean bulk cycle. Before running anything like this, I'd run the MTRN/MTST to see the results. I've already run an HD50/Orastan (same as ZOL but smaller dosage per) and had good results. I've tried superdrol, and I hate that shiite (too many bad sides). What do you think of the following for someone who has all ancillaries, pre-workout/cycle/post cycle therapy on-hand?

    HMAX @ .50mg/day, .25mg/morn & .25mg pre w/o, weeks 1 to 3
    MTRN @ 2mg/day wk 1, 2 or 4mg/day max. wks 2-6
    MTST @ 2mg/day wk 1, 2 or 4mg/day max. wks 2-4 or 5
    ZOL @ 100mg/day wk 4, 150mg/day wks 5-6
    Letro* run at .25mg to max of .50mg/day throughout

    Post Cycle Therapy:
    Tamox: 40/40/20/20
    All ancillaries that I pre-load before any cycle and also use DURING any cycle including: hawthorne, celery, ryr, coq10, milk thistle, fish oil, flax oil, b12, ff niacin, saw palmetto etc.

    *Yes, I know it could affect gains, but I have never had gyno issues in the past until superdrol showed me what it was. Now, I'm afraid to go on without it, as it worked wonderfully using the plan outlined in "all you want to know about gyno" by c-bino

    Also, if I run the Letro to counteract any gyno, could the use of the MTST cause an estrogen rebound?

    Any shedding using the MTRN/MTST?

    Thanks for any feedback you can supply.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SXULB52
    I squated last night and got some pretty bad back pumps, but they went away soon after I finished, did 3 sets of 20, so what did I expect. Legs are feeling good, kinda sore, abs are coming through more, I am liking the TRN and Zol, different from TRN and TST, which was also good. I am noticing alot more of a leaning affect. I'll keep updating throughout post cycle therapy which I will start monday.
    Hey bud, thanks for the updates. I for one appreciate them very much. I've decided that I'm going to run an HMAX/MTRN/MTST/ZOL cycle. I am wondering if you can give me a couple of answers/opionions regarding your recent experience. If you will:
    1. Do you feel you should have left the MTST in there longer/less time?
    2. Do you think you started the MTST at the correct time in your cycle?
    3. What effect (how wet mainly) was the MTST?
    4. Did you notice a lot more dryness after getting rid of it and using the MTRN/ZOL only?
    5. Do you think the MTST was worthy in your cycle? What would you say it did well, if anything?
    7. Very subjective question, would you use the MTST again in any cycle?

    If you'd like, you can also PM me. But, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please check out my post labeled "feasibility: hmax/mtrn/mtst/mzol". I'd love to hear what you think about it (good or bad).

    Thank you, my friend.

  5. THANK YOU very much for your feedback; it is greatly appreciated. Tomorrow is the beginning of the new cycle for me; I'm hoping to be able to live to tell about it

  6. Thanks again for the great feedback on this cycle. Out of curiousity, how much hawthorne and celery seed did you take per day? Did you alter the dosages at all during the cycle? Or did you monitor it daily and when you felt you needed it, upped the dosages?

    I'm on Day 3 of a TST/TRN/HMAX/MZOL cycle and it is going wonderfully. I've been taking about 1700mg/day of harthorne and 1350mg/day of celery. This seems like the perfect dosages for me thus far.


  7. skull i'm sorry did you post final results i wasn't sure? if not could you. Also how did you like the zol do you feel it's worth while to throw in?

  8. Nice stack, I was just thinking of it the other day.
    What were your gains / losses?


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