Getting sick while on SD/PP

  1. Getting sick while on SD/PP

    I was doing pretty damn good on my first cycle, doing 3 weeks of PP 20/30/20 than adding 3 weeks of SD 10/20/20. Working out 5 days a week, and getting pretty good workouts and nutrition,

    And the worst happened at the start of my 3rd week, which was 20mg of pp combined with 10mg of SD per day, i got sick as a dog, everyone i see at work and the gym has been sick, so i knew it was coming, and it struck pretty hard, its saturday and im still recovering.

    Well at first i kept taking the SD and PP, but after 3 days the sickness kicked in hard so i cut out the PP and kept eating the SD, but it only made me feel worst, so i had to draw the line and quit taking everything, and have been downing nyquil and dayquil ever since, and today i started my PCT.. ;(

    Well needless to say it pisses me off, i was going strong and as soon as i was about to turn it up a notch with SD, im out of the gym for 1 week...ive been waiting to do this cycle for months, ive even gained some body fat since eating and not working out, i honestly havent seen **** for results, im back to were i started, basically........

    All complaining aside, since i didnt do much of the SD and only 2 1/2 weeks of PP, i dont think im gonna waste the liquid nolva i have, but take rebound xt instead, at 3 pills first week, 2 pills second week, 1 pill third week, would that work out?

    And i tried hard to hold out on any medication while taking this cycle, but i was hurting so took the nyquil, SO to let things get back to normal how long should i wait before taking SD again, im thinking 1 month after my PCT is over, than doing a 20/20/20.

    Anyways this is my rant, im trying to look at the bright side, and not get
    discouraged, i was really doing good going to the gym every day and eating right with proper sleep, now im out of the gym for 1 week, and i am starting to feel out of shape again, damn...


  2. I would not worry about the RXT, keep with the Novla, and add in something like Powerfull, which for all intensive purposes is a perfect PCT-bridge product. For your next cycle invest in some Echinacea, or even some injectable B12, prevent this type of thing from happening hopefully

  3. run the nolva it's bad your back to where you started but it would be worse if you ended up worse off than you started lower test levels than normal and not working out could really set you back

  4. Hey. I can relate to your situation... believe me. I was at my personal best 235lbs, 9% BF... ended up in hospital for 2 weeks, no eating for 2 weeks nothing... lost it all and after all the cortisol and prednisone gained a lot of fat.

    All you can do is let it motivate you to train harder and get back to where you were.

  5. I don't know about anyone else but everytime i start one of these designer cycles i always get sick. For me it is always a bad stomach thing that last for the night and then i am good to go. It also seems that a lot of people in there logs always get sick a least once during cycle. Anyone know why that is??



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