Review of Venom Tri Lean Stack

  1. Review of Venom Tri Lean Stack

    Ok....when I first started this log, I had a goal of losing 10-12lbs of bodyfat by the end of this cycle. I lost 14lbs of bodyfat!! Not too shabby Now, my other majory goal body comp wise was to maintain as much muscle mass as possible as I was coming off of a post cycle therapy. Not only did I maintain all of my muscle mass, but my strength continually increased every single week. Whether it was an extra 5 or 10 lbs on major compound exercises, or an extra 2 or 3 reps, at the end of this trial run with the Venom Tri-Lean system, I am significantly stronger than when I began....again, not too shabby and COMPLETELY unexpected on a cut. I can honestly say that the nitrogen sparing effects/increased protein synthesis that these products claim to have is true.

    As for the Venom Hyperdrive 3.0....

    I'm going to lump these 4 together....The stamina, energy, intensity, and performance is insane from this stuff. I would always finish off my workouts just as fresh as I started, even though I could feel fatiqued. After workouts, I was always in a very euphoric mood and had a lot of energy throughout the day. Whereas without it, I would normally feel tired and drained. The nice part of it was that the energy lasted easily for 12 hours and it wasn't that cracked out twitchy energy you get from a stack consisting of ephedrine. The energy was nice and clean. There was also no nasty crash from it like with ephedrine. As with performance, each week I was consistently increasing in strength and busting out more reps that the week before. Intensity is definitely very while in the gym and during sets.

    The appetite suppression was pretty strong for the first 10 days or so, but for me it kind of slowly went away, whereas with others I've heard it's lasted the whole duration of the cycle. I think I'm just so use to eating every 3 hours that I get moody and drained if I don't, so I just naturally ate every 3 hours b/c that's how I have my body programmed, regardless of if the Venom was signally me that I wasn't hungry.

    Thermogenesis and metabolism....oh hell yeah. Damn, my whole body was on fire and I was burning up 24/7 from this stuff. I would literally soak through my shirts when working out and drip sweat all over everything!! Granted I carried a big towel to wipe up my nastiness so that others didn't have to sit in my sweat, but damn did I sweat more than usual. My water intake was also significantly higher while using this. And I noticed that I had dry mouth more often than usual.

    As for the focus that this product claims to increase...Yes, there is a huge increase in mental focus. I'm trying to get into graduate school and I absolutey have to have no less that a 3.8 GPA in any class. The Venom HD 3.0 gets me focused like I've never been focused before. It's weird. It's like everything is crystal clear and makes sense. And I find that I'm not easily distracted. I can study for hours with the Venom without feeling the need for a break. And I'm retaining everything even after exams.

    My one negative with this product was the ejaculate/semen that would come out after urinating. This happened with once or twice from taking 1 capsule at a time, and almost everytime I took 2 capsules at a time....even after I had been taking 1 capsule at a time for 3 weeks. When I decided to step it up to 2 caps, I experienced ejaculate coming out of my penis after urinating. Of course I could be a sleep deprived lab rat with low levels of testosterone who was taking methamphetamines....I"m just joking Raven!!! To have the EFFECTS of this product compared to those of methamphetamines says to me that this is some VERY POTENT STUFF, almost boarder line in my opinion. I do have to say that the ejaculate after urination still has me concerned. I know that I am one of the rare cases with this happening, and many have use it and have not had any problems. For me personally though, this is still a concern with the product.

    I believe that this product as well lives up to it's claims. It is advertised as increasing the rate of protein synthesis, increasing the metabolism of proteins, carbs, fats and micronutrients, increasing metabolic rate and calorie expenditure, etc. When I would take this product, roughly 45 minutes after consumption, I would get this huge wave of heat that would come over me. I would literally feel like my body was burning up, which to me is indicative of the increase in those factors mentioned above. This is more subjective than anything, but the loss of 14lbs of bodyfat, preservation of muscle mass, and consistent increase in strength I believe supports this. Normally with anything that increases thyroid hormones I would expect a loss of muscle mass, but not so with this product. 2 thumbs up from me.

    Special Tactics

    I really didn't notice subjective changes from this product. Now, that doesn't mean it wasn't doing what it claims to do, but it's effects are not felt like the effect from the Venom HD 3.0. The best way for me to describe this stuff is that it's kind of like this silent killer in the background helping you break down bodyfat.

    Lean Dreams

    I had a love/hate relationship with this stuff. For the first 10 days or so it knocked my butt out cold at night. I would sleep very deeply, have very vivid dreams, and would wake up feeling very drag what so ever. Then the opposite happened. The lean dreams would keep me up all night long, tossing and turning, unable to get any deep or REM sleep, regardless of how tired I was. I definitely believe that this product cannot be used EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, as I have read of this effect happening with every other user I've come across on the boards. So I know it's not just me. I think that taking it for 5 days on, then taking 2 days off would be a good idea to avoid the opposite effect.

    It did however have a very nice calming effect to it prior to falling asleep. I felt very calm and relaxed as the lean dreams would kick in.

    So, overall...this is a very potent stack. I definitely give a huge thumbs up to ALRI for this one. Is it worth the $$'s my answer to this one. What is worth it to one person is not necessarily worth it to another. For some, an ECA works incredibly well. But for others, whether they chose not to use ephedra for personal reasons, or if they don't like the effects or whatever, or they're tired of wasting money on ineffective products, this is very kickass and effective alternative.

    The biggest bonus to me aside from the fat loss is the muscle sparring effect that the Venom Tri-Lean stack provides. I bust my ass every day I walk in that gym to build the muscle I have, and I'm not about to lose any of it. I'm like a greedy king who won't let go of any of his spoils when it comes to preserving my muscle mass. Ephedra can't give you that. That, and you don't get the nasty crash like you do with ephedra.

  2. Nice. I will have to say it's by far the best i've used. Reps for seperating the products with BOLDtext.

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