***Vipersg123's MEGA DOSE CISSUS LOG***

  1. ***Vipersg123's MEGA DOSE CISSUS LOG***

    Alrighty my dosing protocol is 3/3/3/3/3 of cissus. Just took my first 3 caps. I'll bring the specifics in later after i conclude my anagen log with some final pics, which will become my before pics for this log. Stay tuned!


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    Today was an off day, tomorrow is first day of training on this log. Legs and back.

  3. I am very interested in this, I have a knee and a forearm that I think could benefit from Cissus, please keep us updated bro. Special on a higher dose regieme


  4. Well, I was working out thursday did leg press, leg curls, lat pull down, deadlift. It was a lighter weight day with higher reps... i left the gym in pure agony and am still in pain. I did something to my back i believe it might just be very sore muscles because i've had my gf give me massages and the muscle is pretty damn sore, and its not the spinal cord. If anything im thinking the cissus will help me improve this situation. Sorry for late update i've had finals all week and today was my final day of school and finals so I am ready to start posting more. Obviously im going to stay off my back until its better, i have a feeling it will only last a few days once the soreness of muscles goes away. Ever since i tried 5x5 for a week this has been happening, I even got to take a week off when i ha food poisoning, things are really not going my way lately. I hope this won't effect my log in any way.

  5. Tuesday now, back has improved a lot still not in tip top shape, I will be avoiding any exercise that involves lower back such as squats and deadlift

    Will begin trianing hopefull thursday if all feels right. Again im very sorry about this.

  6. Hi, I just wondered if you are taking a NO product at the same time as Cissus, and if you are do you notice getting less pumps during workout, or no difference at all?


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