Super Stackin it!!! H-50/O-E/N-xt + Powerfull/Anagen/Glycergrow/Cissus Cycle

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Ironclad
    I previously done halo and bloodwork 2.5 months later says i'm fine
    you remember what your lipids were by any chance?

  2. I believe my cholesterol was really high but both side of my family have high cholesterol, my mom's side takes medication for it. everything else was fine, don't remember the numbers.

    Update: Day 11

    No headaches till I got to the gym at 9:30pm when I started getting into my workout. It's going away now. Had an AWESOME workout!! The way I felt on my last week on Halo-50 is how I feel now with this stack. Did shoulders, total of 4 exercises, 4 sets each, 12,10,8, dropsets, heavier every set. hit all sides, wanted to do more but it hurt too much. less than a minute rest between sets. reps were alot slower than normal, used same weights but everything felt good. Felt like a BEAST! couldn't get enough so I did tris! doing sets of 20 reps down to 15's. again less than a minutes rest in between. I've never seen my tris this pumped! came home, 1/2 inch bigger than the usual pump. Weighed in at 202.4! up 2 more pounds, with nothing but cytogainer in my stomache. Can't wait to see what next week brings. I'm impressed!

  3. Iron, i am sorry if I missed this, but is this an old or new batch of halo? Is the new (or maybe 3rd batch, whatever its called) not good?

  4. First batch, expires 07. I'll have the lot number for you later, I'm at work now. I can definately feel it now tho.

  5. this is a 30 day cycle correct? so 19 more to go? I was just wondering at the start of the cycle you wanted to gain about 25lbs and to date you've gained about 4.5. So what about the stack has impressed you? Is it the strength gains the pumps which i know you say are great. this is not a flame at all but as I believe if your are getting good strength and good pumps it's a good stack but it doesn't seem to be fitting in with your goals. Because you would need to gain approx 1lb a day till the end of your cycle to hit 25lbs and so far you've been gaining less than .5 This cycle looks better as a recomp or a cutter?

  6. yes, this will be a thirty day cycle and it does look like 25 lbs will be really hard to gain, even if it s fat. What I like and impressed me the most is the strength it gives me. I like feeling really strong, not powerlifting strong but to be able to do alot of reps at high volume. As for recomp or cutter, I am more defined, I look more vascular, everything is getting tighter and harder, but I've gained some weight at the waist, really need to get some cardio in.

    Sorry, nothing to update as of today, cept my arms are 0.5 inch bigger. will be in the gym tomorrow for chest and cardio.

  7. Day 18

    Doesn't look like I'm gonna hit my goal by far. I really don't think this a is the compound to do it. I've talk to a few people and they all said the same thing, not too much wight increase but a crap load of strength. I think I'll be sitting at 210-212 at the end of this cycle.

    203.4 lbs +5.7lbs
    weights are up on everything

    My whole body is hard once again, I do look ALOT fuller, Got everyone in the gym questioning what I'm taking. I usually can't get this sore sober. I can handle the pain while repping, but when I stop my pumps hurt so much and they last for a while even till after a stretch. so my next set comes about 3 1/2 minutes later instead of a minute.

    haven't had a headache for a while now, added dry garlic to supports, that seemed help. BP is at 143/80

    Pimples have appeared, grown about 5 while on the cycle, I don't usually get em, specially during the summer.

    SLEEPING MORE - Been an hour late for work 4 times this week, came home everyday for lunch and slept for an hour, again late half hour to work the past 4 days, come home after work and take another hour-2hour nap the past 4 days!!!

    I've got 12 pills left, I'm tempted to take 75mg of Halo a day + 75mg of O-E for the next 8 days. Any opinions? I know someone that took 100mg of halo for his last 2 weeks and said his stregth shot thru the roof. but he wasn't stacking the O-E.

    HGH anyone?

    Anyone know how I should stack the Novedex, Powerfull, Anagen, Glycergrow, and Cissus for my post cycle???

    had my brother try the glycergrow last night and he felt like he was on superpump250.

  8. Wow. Youstill have very impressive results

  9. Day 20

    surprisingly 206.4 lbs (+9.3 lbs) haven't been eating as much as I should be.

    again reps are up, weight is up, did cardio for the first time on the cycle. went well, but now my chest hurts near my heart area. don't know the reason being.

    still getting lots of comments, people continue to tell me i'm getting bigger.

    will start the novedex on monday. 4/4/3/3/2/2 have some left over from my last cycle.

    will start the powerfull/cissus/gycergrow next friday, then the anagen 30 days later.

    anyone think of a better way to take these??

  10. Just started the novedext, decided I will take the 75mg of halo for the last 4 days.

    sitting at 206.4 lbs
    Set personal records on bench today!

    Incline bench 225 x 8 (3rd set) usually do 85's DB x 8 on the 3rd after flat.
    Flat bench 275 x 7 (3rd set) up 4 reps usually do these before incline
    Incline Flies 45's x 10 up 10 lbs

    Nothing too exciting happening, tho I was pretty stoked about how easy bench was today. no headaches for the past 2 weeks, I wake up sore and stiff in the morning, don't know why, feels good tho. 7 more days... Pretty excited to see what the powerfull and anagen will do. This will be my last cycle with orals. If the Powerfull or Anagen doesn't perform as expected I will be going all natty unless I get et a hold of some hgh or something better comes out.

  11. Have you began your cissus already? My joints are so messed up I can't wait to start taking it.

  12. Good progress bro! Keep it up!

  13. Thanks John!

    Day 23

    I can already feel last night's work out, usually don't feel it till the second day. Feels Good!

    I haven't been taking the Cissus yet, tho I should. just last night my elbows started getting to me, knees are starting up, nothing too bad.

    Tonite I will do back, I'm gonna try for 225 x 6-8 on lat pull on my 3rd, first exercise. max is 200 x 8 on my 3rd. Well see what happens... will update you guys later tonite!

    Does anyone know how the novedex, powerfull, cissus, glycergrow react with one another?

    This is how I plan to take it:

    Cissus I want to start on Day 24 of 28 of the Halo
    Powerfull and glycergrow on the 2nd week of novedext, still on 4 caps
    Anagen on my last week of powerfull continued with the glycergrow

    Anyone have any better Ideas? Will I feel the Powerfull right away? the anagen right away? should I start a week earlier on them to load up?

  14. day 25

    Sorry didn't report what happened to back day. I did not hit 225, I changed my routine up and now regret it big time, I don't feel as if I worked my back.

    Yesterday I started taking Cissus, today I started taking Anagen.

    Dosed as:

    2 caps in the morning, 2 caps before bed

    Double dosing 2 with each meal

    will be starting the extra 25mg of halo tonite and the glycergrow on my last day of halo

    nothing new to report, pecs are still sore, very happy with the results from monday's chest workout. I'll be doing bis and tri tonite.

  15. updates? hows the anagen working? Im planning on dosing 10 caps a day for during pct for my current superdrol cycle.

  16. sorry no updates, kinda fell off the earth. Everything is fine, the anagen, I don't know what's happening with it. been double dosing it with the glycerol. I've actually gained a pound since being off the cycle. my motivation level has gone down a little bit, power is still there tho. i'll find out tonite how the anagen is really going.

    Conclusion of the Halo/Orestan cycle:

    Everything was good, I gained 10 lbs out of the 25 I was shooting for. I've hit my platue, and it looks like i'll be siting around this weight for a while. Power went up in everything. More vascular than I've ever been. my last cycle I lost very little power and lost about 5-10 lbs post cycle. We'll see what happens with this cycle. Overall the cycle went fine. Not to excited about it, tho the power was great. Don't know why I couldn't gained as much weight as I did my first cycle.

  17. I'm thinking about stacking Anabolic Pump, (1-androsterone and 4AD) both from American Muscle Science and Methyl-E from EST can i get some feedback on this please.


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