Phera-plex log by memo ~

  1. Phera-plex log by memo ~

    Wassup everyone? I just started two days ago a Phera-plex cycle so i thought i would let you guys know my results. Its going to consist of a 4 week cycle.

    Cycle looks like this

    Cycle & post cycle therapy
    Week 1 PP 10mg
    Week 2 PP 20mg
    Week 3 PP 20mg ( not sure yet if i should go for 30mg here)
    Week 4 PP 30mg
    Week 5 Nolva 30mg Rebound XT 75mg
    Week 6 Nolva 30mg Rebound XT 50mg
    Week 7 Nolva 20mg Rebound XT 25mg
    Week 8 Rebound XT 25mg
    Supps will be Milk Thistle and Liver Cleanse

    My stats of now are
    Weight: 207 lb
    BF: 12%
    Height: 6.2
    Bench : 3 X 245

    First two days:
    No changes at all besides little more hunger, feel a little more pumped then normal but thats about it.

  2. memo, good luck with the cycle. can you track the big 3 exercises for us? Or if you don't necessarily do those, how about throwing in at least one back exercise and one leg exercise so we can get an idea of your overall gains, not just bench? once again, good luck with this.

  3. Wow, weight is going up extremely fast its only my 3rd day and i just weighted myself (hungry) and i am already 211 ..
    Today in the morning after i took phera-plex i felt an extreme pump just like after a workout especially in the chest area...
    My goal is to reach 225.
    I'll keep you guys updated on my strength progress.
    As well as, pictures before and after.
    Squat = 355
    Deadlift = 380
    Bench = 3x 245

  4. Scribed!

    Good to hear the success so far. I'm planning/accumulating my first cycle. Will be a Phera Plex standalone.

    Have you heard anything about running the SERM (Nolva) and RXT inversely? I was planning on ramping up the RXT while tapering down the SERM because it has been recommended by a few with experience. I'm not sure it matters with PP but I want to do what is best.

    What is your diet like?

  5. I feel like i am having some kind of allergic reactions to pp..
    Like itching on my back and face? Ohh well i am not quitting yet.
    As of pp, i feel relaxed and tired as hell...
    Today i took a nap of five hours and still am tired. Was late to the gym... but there is always another day

  6. Went down a pound, mostly since Lethargy kicked in big time and I've been sleeping didn't get to go to the gym at all... Lower back hurts like crazy too..... I dont drink coffee but it seems that to fight the sides one would have to drink few cups a day..

  7. the itchyness probablly isn't an allergic reaction it's probablly brought on by the increase in hormones making you sweat more or the beginning of the acne normally associated with a cycle. Try running some B5 it helps with the acne and secretion of oils

  8. What's a B5 if i can ask? never heard of this before.
    And no i never had acne so it may be a hormonal spike. Since i had the same thing with 1-AD ....

  9. Weight is up one more pound. Too bad i couldn't make it to the gym to see the changes in strength.. My skin seems to be red chest area especially ?? This looks like true juice to me.... Anybody else experience red skin while on pp?

  10. just regular vitamin B5 also called pantothenic acid I got mine at gnc 4bucks for 100/250mg caps i take between 500 and 1000mg a day you have to see what works best for you

  11. Okey this is way to freaky for me, i am having some kind of round red spots on my biceps and chest like "blown up" capillary or some weird S*** ... I had similar spots while on 1-AD and they never went away still are here like underneath the skin a little blood spot? Anyone has any idea what that is or why it comes ? I am thinking about quitting now...

  12. Day 7:
    I've decided to run the cycle for 20 days only due to the sides of PP. The weight is still around 211 hope it changes once the pp builds up in the system. The workouts are very powerfull and explosive but as well very focused.
    Insider tip: While on phera plex try to take it with food in order to minimize the side effects that it gives you.

  13. I'm currently on a similar cycle must using the 10mg (17a-Methyl-etioallocholan-2-ene-17b-ol) in a different product by Body Conditioning. 3 weeks in and the gains are far, but my muscles are hard

  14. What are your gains like?
    And did you go through the whole cycle with 10mg only?

  15. 10 week cycle Methyl Flex and Tetra Flex by Body Conditioning
    1-2 10mg 3 pills
    3-4 20mg 4 pills
    5-6 30 mg 4 pills
    Start PCT 7-10 3 pills finish bottle
    Rebound XT and VYO Tech Varoloid

    Take Liver Support Steady dry hard gains 2.5 weeks in
    1-6 workout for strength
    7-10 high volume

  16. Day 8
    Workout was very nice and relaxing no rage at all just concentrated and relaxed workouts..
    My weight is up again around 214 so its about 6 - 7 pounds...
    Little bloat as well...
    The BAD: My strength went down.. i did barely 3X 225 and i was doing 245 3X a week ago........... ????
    A little bit over a week to go with pp, hope to reach the goal of 225 pounds....
    post cycle therapy changed due to recommendation from people that know their stuff... E-Form from dermabolics seems to be better then rebound xt or any other orally taken anti-e i've been told.. since it goes through the skin and stays 12+ hours...

  17. Day 11
    Quick update, weight went up another pound.
    Some of the sides went away too, the mistake i've made was not to take it with food, and not to load it up 10 mg a day for the first week or so.. but all in all its a decent product. I am still hopping to reach the 225lb goal. Still have about a good 10 pounds to go, so far i went from 207 to 215 / 7 ~ 8 pounds. It seems that people keep complaining about Phera not being a very lean compound and all, but it seems to me that there is very little bloat and my muscles are very hard ... Chest & Tri day; i'll keep you guys update how the bench and other strength progress goes ... as far as phera goes it's a very mild steroid that definitely works.

  18. Day 14
    Sorry for the lack of updates for the people that follow my results.
    I've decided to quit my cycle due to the sides.. like difficulty breathing and chest pains and red blood spots ??... I've gained about 8 pounds and many people asked me if i was on roids and everthing... I as well had major issues with my X she was going around and saying that i am on roids and dat my d*** shrunk as well as other every day problems which came between me and the cycle itself, was another reason why i decided to stop. The strength went up maybe 5 to 10 pounds on the bench and dead lift about 20 pounds... I am running my PCT today with creatine express, I'll let you guys know how that goes.

  19. Wow sorry to hear that bro. Interesting side effects as well, geeeez.

    Why were you using a SERM and AI by the way? I only ask because I noticed a completely loss of libido when combining toremifene and rebound xt (SERM + AI). Once I was off the AI the libido began to come back. I guess I have never really been a fan of the combo though.

  20. I've decided just to run dermabolic's E-form.. heard some good things about it from some people the libido is fine so i dont think nolva is really needed for a phera cycle.. The erections are not as hard tho i'll look into powerfull later... any recommendations?

  21. Quote Originally Posted by memo007
    I've decided just to run dermabolic's E-form.. heard some good things about it from some people the libido is fine so i dont think nolva is really needed for a phera cycle.. The erections are not as hard tho i'll look into powerfull later... any recommendations?
    This can sometimes be due to hypertension (elevated blood pressure). I know it is a cause of ED in some cases and anyone running a harsher cycle can tell you that if you don't keep your BP in check it can soften it up a tad.


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