Animal Stak 2 Review

  1. Animal Stak 2 Review

    So after doing a cycle of animal m-stak i decided to try animal stak 2 since i think many people are curious about this supplement as well.

    Week 1: Really by the end of week one my strength gains were constant and I was happy with that. Weight stayed constant, no noticable difference in muscle size. I did start to feel stronger though overall and my bench went up 15lbs.

    Week 2: Just finished up week 2 and the past few days my weight has been increasing. I'm up about 4-6 lbs overall, which i am quite sure I can say came from this product, well at least 70% of it. Strength is still going up. Developed some acne on my back which i believe is from higher test levels. Having no way to actually know, so this is just my presumption.

    Week 3: I'm 3 days into week 3 and everything is still going well. I will update this at the end of the week and give you my "final thoughts" on the product. So far I am liking this more than the M-Stak, but i think m-stak provided for more stamina and energy while this provided with better gains. Possibly stack the two together.

    Overall Thoughts: After completing a 3 week cycle of animal stak 2, i think it fell short of the mark. This may however work for someone older(i'm 26). While i think it may have helped "a bit", I def do not see it being worth the price. This may indeed work well stacked with animal m-stak, but for a $50 stack, again i don't see it being worth it. I did add a couple lbs, but i'm not 100% sure i can say its from this product. I would like to stack the two together, but i'm not gonna shell out $50 bucks to try it. I think i would sooner try USP's PowerFULL then these products again. At the end of two weeks the product seems strong, but finishing out this third week, i did not feel the same. If you dying to try either of these, go with the m-stak.

  2. I am 44 yrs old I cant take creatine or caffine. I'm thinking of using 6-oxo and animal stak 2. I need a stak of something to gain muscel but I dont want to pick one that has the same ingredients as the other. I'm always looking what other people are using only to hear its crap from some one else. I just want a good stak to go with at my age. I'm thinking multi-vit. and fish oil and maybe zma...should i add animal stak 2 and 6-oxo together as well? plus I have never taken any steriods the reason for 6-oxo is to bring up my test.
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  3. i JUST FINISHED ANIMAL STAK for 3 weeks didnt see anything for first week I started stacking with creatine and my strength went up. I cant tell if it was the creatine or stak but I think you need more than 3wks maybe do 4 wks 1 off then 2

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