Animal M-Stak Review

  1. Animal M-Stak Review

    After reading mixed reviews claiming the product is great to hearing the product is junk, I've decided to do a cycle of it.

    Today is my first day, took my first pak about 50 min ago. I will keep this updated with my perceptions of how it works. On a first note, yes 5 of the 8 pills are pretty big and the other three are typical capsules. I can def feel energy from the product already, but as far as gains only time will tell. Today is an off day for me.

    One week into the cycle and all my lifts are going up. Prior to this i was at a plateau and this has def helped me get past that. Only thing I can notice negatively and I cannot accurately say its even from the product, is that i've been very tired in the morning. It could be from pushing myself harder in the gym, i'm really not sure. Regardless, I know this product is helping me. I hope it continues this way for the next two weeks. I def have increased energy in the gym and its taking much more for me to get fatiqued. Not sure what compound is helping or combination, but something in this product is good. More to come....

    Weeks 2-3

    Overall i'm on the fence with this product. Did it help? Yes, I honestly believe this product has helped me get over a plateau and continue gaining. Nothing drastic but it def did help. Would i use the product again? Prob if i ran into another platueau, but i'm not sure the product justifies the cost.... I may end up changing this last part of the review in a week or so after I see if i notice any differences now being off the product. Would i reccommend it? Sure, give it shot! Just don't expect spectacular gains. It does work though and i prob will buy again, but I want to give animal stak 2 a try as well.

  2. Did you have troubles falling asleep at night?

  3. No, I slept like a baby. Although I have heard that some people do actually feel the caffeine, which would be the cause. I personally don't react strongly to caffeine.

  4. I tried it and was up till 2am, but i did take it around 4pm and worked out late. Still i did gain a lot on it strength and a few pounds

  5. I really like this product. Starting taking it a month prior to a show. It gave me energy and use it to this day. Mike

  6. Not a bad product, but not a product that is worth the cost IMO.

  7. The best Ecdy product that I have ever tried is Anagen (which is the main anabolic in M-Stak), not only in the strength/pumps dept, but also for recovery. I slept so well while using Anagen and didn't sick while I was cutting (which happens to me frequently).


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