MAN Body Octane/Orotine Review

  1. MAN Body Octane/Orotine Review

    Ive been combining Body-Octane and Orotine pre-workout for the last two weeks or so. Hoey From MAN was really awesome in sending me some bottles to try out - I appreciate it greatly.

    I typically do 1-2 30-45 strength training sessions and/or hiit/calistentics/boot camp type training 6-7 days a week.

    I'm at 185 at 7-8 percent bodyfat(7-site method)

    Currently taking
    dhea/6-oxo/7-oxo transdermal

    What I've noticed

    I always respond well to citrulline malate - this product is no exception.
    +Quicker recovery between sets - less heavy breathing or feeling worn down immediately following sets or intervals. Ive been able to reduce my rest in between significantly.
    +Much greater endurance towards latter part of workouts.
    +much less winded during bike ride cardio sessions
    +better focus/concentration throughout day - gluconorlactone does reduce fatigue and increase memory I believe

    The orotine
    my strength - literally - is higher than it ever got to on any of the prohormones I tried over the last few months (including pheraplex, finigenx, prostanazol, cyclo 1-test, m5aa, ergomax, mTRN, mdien, mdht topical 4ad - not all at the same time mind you).

    I would typically notice a drop off in strength 4-5 days post cycle therapy. Orotine actually makes me feel like I'm "on". I focus on 5 x 5 for my core movement - deadlifts, back or front squat, bench press, standing military press, and neutral grip chins - these have ALL continued to increase during post cycle therapy.

    I know that body octane is not as geared towards strength enhancement and notice the endurance increase(as with cit-mal Ive used b4) so I don't attribute the strength to this.

    DHEA/6-oxo/7-oxo I have also used before and do not notice as big of a strength drop off during post cycle therapy or I'm able to maintain my strength. However, In using it in the past I havent noticed a continued ability to increase weights on a pretty consisten basis to near PR marks. With Orotine Ive been able to do this. I've truly enjoyed the post cycle therapy period and its fun to not have to trade-off a shrunken nutsack for strength gains!

    A bit about my current exercise motivations/habits/etc.
    I am currently dieting for a july 29th bodybuilding show.

    I respond very well to low carb-based diets centered around eggs, fish, chicken mucho veggies(cauliflower, onions, garlic, etc.), protein powder, flax seed meal and olive oil.

    I do this for 6 days with a 1 day carb-up refeed.

    Having recently finished a prolonged pro-hormone cycle of 5 months or so with various compounds, I am focused on maintaining strength and lean tissue during post cycle therapy. SO far so good. We'll keep you posted.

  2. An update
    Its been 3 1/2 weeks since I started the orotine/b.o. stack.

    Beginning weights for core exercises

    Military Press
    beginning 157.5 x 5 sets of 5
    end 170 x 5 sets of 5

    beginning 460 x 5 sets of 3 reps
    end 475 x 5 sets of 3 reps

    Bench Press
    beginning 270 x 5 of 5 reps
    end 285 x 5 of 5 reps

    Neutral Grip Chins
    beginning 45 x 5 sets of 5
    end 60 x 5 sets of 5 = personal record

    Front Squats
    beginning 285 x 3
    end 295 x 4 sets of 5, 1 set of 4

    Everything else - supplementary exercises have moved up as well.

    This is all occuring while dieting.
    I started at 187.5 bodyweight
    skinfold ab = 9, thigh = 10 chest = 6
    Now Im at 185 ab = 7.5 thigh = 9 chest 4.5

    This, again is coming during a loooong prohormone/pro-steroid whatever the hell you want to call them cycle. So to continue to increase in strength like this and have a BETTER recovery and workout capacity rate while on a reduced calorie sub 100 gram carb-diet is damn impressive
    Workout capacity much improved as stated before. Very good product in my opinion and I would certainly spend my own money on it.

  3. Excellent review I love Orotine!
    Freedom means nothing here.

  4. This is encouraging! I am planning on picking some MAN products to use for my bulk post feb 1st

  5. Nice review. I thought the taste from BO was awesome! Unfortunately, I did not have any of the enhanced recovery, less winded, increased endurance effects that you are experiencing. Not knocking your review, just being sure to provide both sides of the story for those following.

    Also, my strength goes wild with 6oxo/creatine monohydrate stack. Do you believe the orotine makes a difference vs. CreMono?

  6. If you think Body Octane tastes good, mix it up with Clout. Literally enjoy sipping that concoction down pre-workout, and I've had some great workouts thus far. Few weeks in, using them both 2x daily as recommended (pricey, but giving it a shot). Part of a strength/stamina/recovery stack I have brewing over here. So far, feeling great and performance is kickin'. MAN always has incredible products, and the BO/Clout stack is without a doubt one of their finest.


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