MRI: NO2 and CE2 Supplementation

  1. MRI: NO2 and CE2 Supplementation

    Hi All-

    This log serves to share my experience with MRI's "maximum impact stack" which includes NO2 (extended release arginine alpha-ketoglutarate) and CE2 (creatine ethyl esther hcl).

    I understand that there are similar products in the market that can be just as effective and cheaper, but what can I say? I'm pretty impatient and walked right into the store and bought this stuff.

    I will try this for about 4 weeks and here are some important thigns to note before I continue:

    1: I am 28yrs old, 6'2'', 204lbs, around 15-16% bodyfat
    2: I am currently on the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet
    3: I consume roughly 2100 calories a day 63% fat 42% protein
    4: On my weekly 24hr carb-up, I consume 3200 calories 65% carbs 20% protein 15% fat

    My goals over the next 4 weeks:
    1: Gain muscle
    2: Increase vascularity and definition
    3: Lose body fat
    4: Increase strength

    Had the first dosage of CE2 earlier today. Worked shoulders and Tri's and I took 2 caplets 30mins prior to lifting- as per the directions. I felt solid strength through the workout, but not much intensity because I skipped a meal during the day. I was somewhat lethargic, but I must say that I felt strong and pumped.

    I'll be taking the NO2 first thing in the morning and 90 minutes prior to working out (around 7pm) and the CE2 before meal 1 and 30 mins prior to workout.

    be back manana...

  2. Also, here are my 3 month plans:

    May 15-June 15: Creatine, (NO2/CE2) get more muscular and stronger w/o gaining fat

    June 15-July 15: Venom Tri-Lean System, lose as much bodyfat as possible while at least maintaining muscle mass.

    July 15-August 15: NHA Stack- add mass and muscularity. I want to look jacked by August 15 and get to solid 12% bodyfat.

    Attached is my pic as of yesterday- please don't laugh- I know have a lot of work to do!
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