Bigmontel's MEGA CISSUS dosing Testing log

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  1. Bigmontel's MEGA CISSUS dosing Testing log

    Day 1
    well this is my Mega Cissus log, i am also running a beta pre-workout suppliment log from USP, this log will be just about the mega dosing of Cissus for 30days 12 caps a day and at day 15 adding 6 caps of symmetry to the mix for the last 15 days.

    My Stats are: 32yrs old
    12-13% BF

    neck: 19 in
    chest: 46 1/4 in
    arms: 19 in
    waist: 35 1/8 in
    thigh: 26 3/4 in
    calves: 17 in

    on an average i take in about 4000 clean calories a day.

    right now i work out 5 days a week, my workout's usually are about an hour long and then i do 30 mins of cardio on an eliptical.

    the only supplements i take right now are a multi, mega vitiman -c, USP labs REM, and dymatize elite whey.

    my supplement experience consists of just about every legal ph/ps,just about every stimulant, alot of different protiens, and alot of different post cycle therapy products.

    i started the 12 caps today, 4 in the morning at 530am, 4 at noon, and 4 before bed. no results were noticed today from this.
    i've tried Cisuss before and it seemed like it took about 5 days to notice anything at 8 caps a day, the things i noticed last time was that old injuries that i was kindof working around or just going lighter, they no longer were hurting and slowly went away altogether. i also noticed faster recovery times and just felt better all around.

  2. day 2

    well today i took my full 12 caps of cissus, 4 at 530am, 4 at noon, and 4 at 8pm.

    today was leg day, i went in to the gym, workout seemed normal, i actually felt a little weaker today doing squats but i did notice all day that my muscles felt fuller, i also noticed that the pain from my other workouts this week is almost non-existant, i usually am sore for a day or two after my workout, but i haven't been that sore the last day or so....could just be my imagination...

    i think this mega dosing is going to do wonderful things....we shall see...

  3. Day 3

    Well today was the normal work day for me, i took my first 4 caps at 530am before i ate my morning oats and protien, second dose was taken at 230pm prior to workout meal, and last 4 caps was taken just after my workout.

    today i was noticing a couple of different things,
    first i noticed that alot of my normal aches and pains were not there.
    second (and this might sound wierd to some people but as you get older you notice it more and more)
    my prostate felt like it was acting i know that when i take ph/ps's it acts up a little and then goes away after pct but i got the same feeling today and it's been there all must be getting old..

    as far as my workout goes today....well it sucked, today was delts and i felt weak and tired, i've been doing a log for the USP Beta pre-workout supp. and today i took a lower dose just to see if i could tell a difference and i did...
    so i pushed myself through the workout and did my cardio.

    i did notice my legs are sore as hell from yesterdays workout, i can barely walk, they usually are pretty sore but today was more than normal.

    bi's and tri's tommarow

  4. Good luck with your Cissus-Rx log

  5. Day 4

    Well today my first dose was 4 caps at 530am, second was 4 caps at 330pm pre-workout, and last was 4 caps post workout.

    today was an awsome workout, (bi's and tri's), i noticed i felt stronger so i added more weight to every set, about 10lbs more on every exercise i did for the same amout of reps that i normaly do.

    the nagging tendon pain i have had in my left arm for about a year is getting better and better every week, to the point i'm starting to not be scared to add big weight when doing bicep exercise's, i don't know if thats a good thing or a bad

    the prostate pain i was feeling yesterday is not there it must have just been some kind of wierd thing??

    as far as noticeable visual results....haven't noticed anything nor was i expecting to this soon but i think after 30 days i might, same weight same appitite, everything is the same other than my tendons are loving the cissus.

    the next 2 days are non-workout days as i will be out of town and not have access to a gym anyway. my next workout will be monday.

  6. Day 5, 6, 7

    these day's i was out of town but i still took my normal 3 doses of 4 caps in the morning, 4caps at noon, and 4caps in the evening.

    i did not get a chance to workout any of these days because of my location.

    as far as things i've noticed...well all of my ligimants feel great. and my muscles feel full.

    Day 8

    today was chest day, took my normal 4 caps AM, 4 caps pre-workout, and 4 caps post workout.

    today i was actually impressed, usually when i take 3 days off from the gym i come back feeling all weak, but today i felt very strong, pushed out more reps than normal with more weight than normal, so i'm def. getting stronger.
    usually for flat bench i'll get 4reps of 365lbs for 4sets, today i got 375 for 6reps for two of the sets and 4reps for the other two i was pretty stoked about that.

    so tommarow is back day and hopefully it goes as well as today did.

  7. Day 9

    today i woke up at 530am and took my first dose of 4 caps, went to work, came home took my second dose of 4 caps, worked out and took my third dose of 4 caps.

    At the gym, today was back day and like yesterday i felt strong as hell, i was lifting a little more weight than normal but i was pushing out about two extra reps on every exercise.

    worked out for about an hour and felt intence and focused the whole hour. then i did 30 mins of cardio and that even felt easy....

    i feel like i'm starting to notice that the mega dosing is actually doing more than just dosing the normal amount of cissus, i didn't feel this strong dosing it at 6 caps a day.

    so far i'm lovin this mega dosing, can't wait till i get to add the symmetry, that should be interesting.

    tommarow is leg day and i'm going to blast them with squat's, hope i feel as intense as the last two days.

  8. Day 10

    well today i did the same routine as far as how many caps i took and when i took them, today was a long day at work, we had alot to get done so when i got home i was draggin a$$.

    i took my 4 caps of cissus and my 5 caps of the beta pill and waited about an hour before i went to the gym.

    in the gym i felt ready to kill some squats, i was feelin strong, focused, and i did my warm up sets, then i went to 315lbs hammered out 8 reps, did another set of 8 reps at 315, and it felt pretty easy so i was like "man i'm feeling stong" so i loaded up 455 and was going to try to get 6 reps, i got under the bar and started bringing it down and was like "wow...i don't feel strong anymore" i managed to push out 4rep's but on the last rep i looked like Bambi learning how to
    so needless to say i had to bring it back down to 385lbs to get my 6 rep's in for 3 more sets. rest of my workout was great.

    all in all i felt great in the gym...maybe a little too

    i feel very full and strong this week, it's been like this since tuesday....

    i did notice that today i felt chest soreness from my workout 2 days ago, thats not uncommon for me but it just felt more sore than usual.

    tommarow is delts and abs.

  9. How are your joints and legaments feeling?


  10. they feel great, i have some issues with my arm and knees from a motorcycle accident 5 years ago and it seems like they were just nagging pains when i do certian exercises, but since about the 4th day of doing this i haven't had one pain.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by bigmontel
    they feel great, i have some issues with my arm and knees from a motorcycle accident 5 years ago and it seems like they were just nagging pains when i do certian exercises, but since about the 4th day of doing this i haven't had one pain.

    Down Hill mountain biking here Sounds like a solid product. I think I am gonna do a run of it here soon, I am just checkin all the logs on it. Thanks for the quick feed back bro


  12. no problem, i highly recomend this mega dosing....i'm very pleased with it so far.

    Day 11

    yesterday was shoulder and ab day, i took the normal dosage of 12 caps throughout the day along with my beta caps.

    had a great workout other than i wore my sandals to the gym because i had a brain fart, i just skipped cardio.

    my workout have been intense and i've been feeling strong, this mega dosing is going to become a staple in my regimine with a month off here and there.
    i can't wait to add the symmetry....

    Day 12

    i was going to workout arms today, i even took my usual dosage but i wanted to fix something on my car that needed fixing and instead of taking me 2 hours like it should have it ended up taking 8....
    so i finally got it fixed and the gym was going to close in an hour so i said screw it and decided to wait till tommarow.

  13. Just a quick question, is there a reason you are taking the last dose post W/O? I'm doing a log also and the USP recommended timing was before bed, so I was just curious if you had a reason for the timing or if you were doing it for convenience or what?

    EDIT: my bad, that was the Sym protocol, your following the cissus protocol as recommended, I'm the one screwin the pouch!

    Anyway it looks like it's going good for you, I'm only on Day 6 and other then Joint and ligament pain disappearing I haven't had any other positive effects. I'll watch your addition of Sym with great interest since your a week ahead of me, hoping for great things!
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  14. lol....damn, you had me confused for a sec., i had to double

    Day 13

    well yesterday i ended up having to work, 24 hour duty, so i didn't get to do my arm day but i still managed to take my normal dose of cissus.

    Day 14

    well today was memorial day....a big thank you to all my fellow veterans out there, god bless you guy's, and be safe. To all the hero's that have fallen in wars present and past....god bless you too, you are not forgotten.

    now on with the workout i had today, well i got crap for sleep last nite because as i said i had duty and was out flying half the night.
    i still ended up having a kick ass workout, seems like everyday just keeps getting better, not to mention tommarow i get to add in my symmetry....
    i felt pumped today, my arms were feeling explosive, and my vascularity seems to be coming out a little more, i feel as though i may be dropping a little BF%

    tommarow is going to be chest day and also day i get to start my symmetry, i will take 2 caps with every dose of my 4 caps of cissus, 3 times total through out the day.

  15. Have you noticed any affects that cissus may have on DOMS?
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  16. Day 15

    Well today was the 15th day of cissus mega dosing and the day that i started adding 6caps of symmetry to my 12 caps of cissus.

    today was chest day, i took my normal doses of 4caps of cissus 3 times through the day and added 2 caps of symmetry to each dose.

    my workout was pretty awesome..but it has been pretty awesome this whole past week, i felt like every set i did i wanted to push out 2 or three extra reps. and in most cases did.
    within 10 mins into my workout my chest was super pumped.

    Rampage jackson asked me if this mega dosing affected DOMS at all with me, let me get into this a little, i've been bodybuilding for about 12 years now and have always gotten mild DOMS (delayed onset muscle sorness), when i first started this log i felt like my DOMS actually got worse, but about day 10 i noticed that i wasn't getting sore hardly at all and if i was it was very little.

    i think over the next 15 days with adding the symmetry this is going to make me feel like im on a low dose ps/ph but without any of the neg. side affects and hopefully some of the positives.

    stay tuned, tommarow is back day.

  17. I was thinking along the same lines, DOMS has improved only slightly for me but I think with the Sym it should improve considerably, although I wouldn't expect PH or AAS like results! (we can hope...I mean dream though)

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Basso
    although I wouldn't expect PH or anabolic steroids like results! (we can hope...I mean dream though)
    no...don't misconstrew what i'm trying to say...i didn't say ps/ph results.....i said i feel like i'm on a low dose of a ps/ph without the sides...i.e. i feel great pumps, have kick ass workouts, more strength, and little or no DOMS.
    i just want to clarify.

  19. Day 16

    well yesterday and today i've had a few issues....

    the past two nights i've had such bad gas that it's waking me up because of the pains in my stomach, and then i can't get back to sleep.
    it has affected me all day not to mention i'm so exhausted i feel like i may pass out writing this.

    so i tried to figure out if it was from the symmetry or something in my diet, i finally figured it out...i hope, the only thing in my diet that changed the last couple days was i opened a new gallon of milk.....i'm 99% sure it's bad.
    the date on it is good but it has a funky smell to it so i tossed it.

    anyway yesterday i did manage to workout through my gas and tiredness, i also continued to take the cissus and symmetry at my normal doses.

    had a great workout other than the above mentioned items, i've felt great fullness, strength, and just all around better.

    Day 17

    well today i didn't get a workout in basiclly just because i was exhausted and still had horrible gas pains, i tossed that jug of milk this mornining and am hoping that tommarow will be back to business as usual and i'll be able to do my squats.

  20. Day 18

    well i'm back on track, no more gas pains, i guess it was the milk after all, that was the worst couple of days i've had in a while.

    anyway, i did get to the gym yesterday for a quick workout just because i was limited on time, i did bicep's and tricep's and 20mins of cardio.

    overall i'm loving this stack, i always feel strong and my muscles feel full, i think if a person added powerful to the mix it would be even more intense.

    i've still been taking the usual 4caps+2 sym in the morning, 4 caps +2 sym pre-workout, and 4 caps+2 sym post workout.

    i also have noticed that my muscles have hardend up a little, or at least i feel like they have...could be all in my head but i don't think so.

    Day 19

    today was the normal doses of cissus and symmetry, i worked out shoulders and abs today, got a great workout, feel like every time i'm coming up to my last rep my brain is pushing out an extra 2 or 3 reps past that so i end up doing the extra reps my brain is making me do....if that makes sense...

    normaly i have a set amount of reps i'm going to do and if i can go past that amount i go up in weight, well as of lately...i'll go up in weight and still go past the amount.

    donno if it's me just trying to make the most of this stack or i'm actually seeing that much extra strength..

    anyway, tommarow is leg day and i'll keep you updated.

    nobody has any questions??? kinda sucks writing a log where there are no questions, but i guess thats what happens when there are alot of logs about the same stuff at the same

  21. Day 20

    well yesterday was my leg day, i took my normal doses of cissus and symmetry.

    in the gym i had a killer leg workout, i was doing squats with more intensity than normal, i was getting out 455lbs for reps of 8, i was feeling good.

    suprisingly today my legs are not that sore, i figured after the punishment i put them through yesterday that i'd have DOMS like crazy.....just a little sorness in my calves, thats it.

    Day 21

    today was chest day, took normal dosages of cissus and symmetry.

    i was sitting down to do my flat bench dumbell presses and just got done warming up and was like "what the hell" i'll give the 125lbs'ers a shot and see how many i can get out, just because i'm feeling strong lately, so i got my MP3 player in my pocket and i pull these 125lbs dumbells up onto my lap and smashed the crap out of my MP3 player......i was like " "
    so now i'm fuming because my $150 MP3 player is ****ed,
    so i lean back and ended up crankin out 10 least that kinda made up for the mp3 player.

    anyway the rest of the workout was great minus not having my HED-PE to listen to.

    i think i might be dropping a little BF, or at least i'm looking more vascular than ususal.

    no workout tommarow, i have 24 hour duty....

  22. Day 22

    yesterday i had 24 hour duty and didn't workout, but still took normal dosage of cissus and symmetry.

    Day 23

    today was back day, took normal dosage of cissus and symmetry.

    my vascularity has been becoming very pronounced lately,
    my weight is up slightly to 228lbs but i'm looking a bit leaner.
    i feel alot stronger and my muscles feel very hard and full.

    my back workout was great, very intense, very heavy, i went pretty heavy on deads today, but i hope i won't be regretting it tommarow as far as back pain.

    i think this mega dosing would be great post cycle therapy, i think my next run of ps/ph i'll be mega dosing cissus and symmetry post cycle if anything just to get my joints and ligaments up to par.

    tommarow is my leg day.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by bigmontel
    i think this mega dosing would be great post cycle therapy, i think my next run of ps/ph i'll be mega dosing cissus and symmetry post cycle if anything just to get my joints and ligaments up to par.

    tommarow is my leg day.
    I know where your coming from but if you didn't see it one of the other Mega Dose Loggers tried just that and aggrevated his gyno when he added Sym. Now I'm not saying it's a bad idea but the more info you have the better prepared you can be. I personally think it would make a nice bridge stack, I also like the idea of mega dosing Cissus while on a cycle!

    Sorry I couldn't find the log but it's here somewhere.

    Ok I just found it
    Just for your info

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Basso
    I know where your coming from but if you didn't see it one of the other Mega Dose Loggers tried just that and aggrevated his gyno when he added Sym.
    well i see it as if running mega doses of cissus and symmetry post cycle, i'm also running my normal PCT products along with it, nolva, clomid, rebound, and lean extreme. not really a chance of gyno there. which is also why i run an AI on my ph/ps cycle too.
    i don't take chances when it comes to gyno.


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