Bigmontel's MEGA CISSUS dosing Testing log

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  1. From what I gather, he had past gyno problems and the addition of Symmetry caused a flare up. He was running Serm etc also. Anyway like I said just passing it along for whatever it's worth. I know I'm going to at least mega dose cissus on any cycle and PCT, get a little T flowin and I can't say no to moving big things, my joints take a thrashing.

  2. i wanna know how he was getting a gyno flare up when taking a serm?

    oh well...yeah, i know what your saying, and i'm sure the people that have done a few cycles know what they need to do prevention wise during and post cycle.

  3. Day 24

    well today was leg day, wow!!, i took my normal dose of cissus and symmetry, but today i along with my pre-workout beta i took a stimulant x about an hour prior to taking my beta, i cut back the beta to 3 caps just because i didn't want to have a heartattack but let me tell you...i think i had the best workout of my life...damn, USP let me tell ya, if you added a stimulant like that to the beta....watchout, it would sell like crazy, i had the most focus, concentration, and energy...i just couldn't believe it.
    i did sweat like i ran 20 miles.

    ok, back to the mega dosing, it's going great, i wish i had a lifetime, i just feel great and my workout are better than ever, hardly no DOMS, and a muscle fullness that feels good.

    tommarow is shoulders and abs

  4. Sorry i've been slackin the past couple days as far as getting on the computer and writing my log entry's.

    Day 25

    Shoulders and abs were the muscles worked, took normal dosage of cissus and symmetry, i also was taking my beta and a stimulantX an hour prior to the beta.

    had a huge workout, i think i even threw in two extra exercises because i was so pumped to be at the gym, my muscles are feeling very full and pumped.

    cardio felt very easy...donno why?

    Day 26

    worked biceps and triceps, took normal dosages.

    felt like my arms were going to rip out of my skin...very good pump on this workout.

    Day 27

    this was today's workout, chest day.
    i took my normal dosages of cissus and symmetry

    at the gym, had a great workout, i was feeling very strong, and i wanted to keep lifting, i had to make myself stop lifting and go do my cardio...i'm sure that has alot to do with the stimX and the, what a great combo...anyway workout was awesome as all of them have been lately..

    tommarow is back day

  5. Well my 30 day mark has come and gone, i didn't log the last couple day's because the day after my last entry was one of the worst days of my life.....i haven't been able to sleep, eat or workout......i'm an emotional trainwreck, i will just leave it at that.

    My Stats at the end of 30 days are:

    10-12% BF

    neck: 19 in
    chest: 46 1/2 in
    arms: 19 1/4 in
    waist: 34 1/4 in
    thigh: 27 in
    calves: 17 in

    so all in all i would say this was a great stack, i ended up losing 5lbs but i know for a fact that my BF% went down by one or two %, not to mention the 5lbs could just be from the last couple of days of little or no sleep, and not eating very much.
    i will definitly do this stack again....

    i want to thank [email protected] for letting me be one of the testers...your products are great and i will continue to be a loyal customer in the future.

    if anyone has any questions about the log feel free to ask...thanks again.

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    Hope everything gets resolved.

  7. nice results...hope all is well now!
    E-Pharm Nutrition Representative

  8. Thanks guy's,
    my marriage is comming to an it's gonna take some time for this to heal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmontel
    Thanks guy's,
    my marriage is comming to an it's gonna take some time for this to heal.
    You have friends at AM if you need us.

    take care
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigmontel
    Thanks guy's,
    my marriage is comming to an it's gonna take some time for this to heal.
    I lost a child 4 months into pregancy (well not I but my girl) and supplementing and runniny myself ragged in the gym to sleep did wonders..GO to the gym even if you do not want to be there. I rather be with the iron than with people trying to console me..just personal but i prefered that.

    If you need ANY USPlabs supplements and I mean ANY do not hesitate to ASK.

    With Pain comes Wisdom.

    take care

  11. Thanks for the offer USP, it means alot. You are top notch.


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