possible next cycle

  1. possible next cycle

    working on my next cycle and trying to be economical as possible so trying to work alot with what I have on hand here is something I came up with.

    6wks M-tst two caps a day
    3wks s-drol 20mg a day
    3wks M-trn 4mg a day
    Venom 1-2 a day have to determine tolerance
    regular supps milk thistle, hawthorne berry, tauring etc.
    Pct is Tamox and ATD

    After PCT i will be runnind ids kranker speed jels/alri n-gorge and avant labs lipoderm.

    Cardio has been kicked up to 6 days per week HIIT style in the mornings with MMA training 3-4x a week.

    Not sure what type of training protocol I will be working yet still deciding between a low volume high weight or a higher volume mid weight scheme.

    My last cycle was sdrol/trn it was a clean bulk I guess you would call it gained 9lbs dry weight and decreased bf% approx 2% 2nd week into PCT and have kept 6-7lbs seperation and vascularity still there.

    Let me here some input on what you guy's think the tst and venom will both be new to me.

  2. Guess no one likes this cycle?

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