Mulletsoldier's USP/Scivation Clean Bulking Stack

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  1. Mulletsoldier's USP/Scivation Clean Bulking Stack

    Alright, it's a little delayed but here is the break down:


    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 171lbs
    R Arm: 14" 6/8
    R Quad: 23"
    Waist: 28" 4/8
    BF%: Around 12%


    Attachment 14266

    Attachment 14267

    (These are a little old, I am about 10lbs heavier right now, so just think those plus 10 lbs)


    Minimum Goal-Add 2-3 reps to every exercise
    Maximum Goal-Add 5lbs to compounds, and 2-3 reps to all others

    Minimum Goal-Maintain BF%, gain 1-2lbs LBM
    Maximum Goal-Maintain BF%, gain 3-5lbs LBM

    Training Style:

    Like many others I have robbed Glen blind and am using his DC style, with a few of my own modifications.


    Workout Days: 4000 kcals @ 40/40/20 Pro/Carb/Fat
    Non-Workout Days: 3700 kcals @ 45/35/20 Pro/Carb/Fat

    Log Setup:

    I am too lazy to post workouts everyday, so I will just give you cats any increases/decreases in poundages/reps that day. I will rate the products in these categories:

    Well Being/Mood/Positive Aggression



    Focus/Workout Intensity

    And finally, what you have all read this bull**** for, the stack:

    USP LABS-Symmetry
    USP LABS-Powerfull
    USP LABS-Cissus RX
    USP LABS-TT 700

    Designer Supplements-XCEED


    Not 100% sure, if anybody from USP Labs or Sci wants me to dose specifically then just hit me up..If not, I will figure it out tommorrow..

    I do have one question, which somebody from USP could answer..What is the minumum wait time you guys suggest to bridge this stack into a cycle?
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  2. Why only pictures of your back?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Brent
    Why only pictures of your back?
    Well, I had pictures of my penis and testicles, but thought it may be inappropriate.

  4. Attachment 14268

    Here is another one, once again old though..Umm, in terms of measurements everything is around 1-2" bigger..Some areas a little more, others a little less.
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  5. lol your funny...check my back out playa.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid?
    lol your funny...check my back out playa.
    Dude, could you please stop post-whoring pointlessly on every ****ing thread in the place?? If you don't have anything productive or on-topic to say then DON'T POST!!!

    Sorry for the hijack Mullet
    Looking forward to what I'm sure will be a quality log.....
  7. Day 1 May 7/06



    Well Being/Mood/Positive Aggression



    -Today was Workout B (Leg/Bis) and I must say I had a solid, high quality pump. Seeing as it was the first day I had dosed anything, I am going to attribute that to the XCEED

    Focus/Workout Intensity
    -At around 15 minutes after dosing the C2 I had noticed an immediate increases in focus. Coupled with the XCEED this focus carried on throughout my workout in a very positive way. Of note, I also had no sleep issues this night.

    Additional Comments:
    I will not be updating on non-workout days regularily, however I had a strange reaction this morning (May.8/06). I dosed everything at 10:16, at around 10:30 I had the feeling I had to vomit, and man did I. At this point I'm not sure exactly what caused it, though I have an inkling it was the C2. So, seeing as I bucked it all up I am going to re-dose at 12:00 sans the C2 and see what happens.

    NTR=Nothing To Report

  8. Dosing Schedule:

    Workout Days:

    9 am:
    2 Cissus RX
    2 Symmetry
    2 Powerfull
    2 TT 700
    2 C2

    Pre-Workout: (1/2 hour after Pre WO meal, 1/2 hour before lifting)
    2 Cissus RX
    4 Symmetry
    2 TT 700
    2 C2
    2 Powerfull
    1 Scoop XCEED (10 min prior to lifting)

    9 pm
    2 Powerfull
    2 Cissus RX (I have some extra Cissus powder)

    Non-Workout Days:

    9 am
    Same as above

    3 pm
    2 Cissus RX
    2 Powerfull
    2 Symmetry
    2 TT 700

    9 pm
    2 Powerfull
    2 Symmetry
    2 Cissus RX

  9. looks like a solid stack my friend. subscribed*

  10. Did you hurl again? Do you still think the C2 might've been the problem?

    Man, this is gonna be a good log....You're kinda Obsessive-Compulsive (in a good way

  11. I am pretty sure it is the C2. I redosed everything w/o the C2 an hour after I ate and nothing happened. So, tommorrow morning I am gonna find out for sure if it was a C2/empty stomach problem...I just don't want to downgrade the performance of the Powerfull by taking it too close to meals, though I think right between meals is good, because I eat every two hours on point.
  12. Day 3 May/9/2006

    This is only a quick update, I will run through my full breakdown later tonight. I had to say that I don't think it is only the C2 that made me vomit. In the name of science/a good log for USP I dosed everything on a virgin stomach this morning sans the C2 to see if that was the problem. And no, I bucked anyway, so I will not be dosing on a completely empty stomach in the morning any longer. First dose will now be between my first and second meals, an hour removed from either.

  13. do you get like a dizzy feeling, or out of nowhere your stomach just lets go?
  14. Day 3 May/9/2006



    Well Being/Mood/Positive Aggression
    -NTR as of yet.

    -Here is where I have noticed an increase already. I think I may have made a pass at my coat rack while my gf was at work.

    -Once again, great pumps at the gym today. I am an hour removed from lifting and still feel like I left. No more veins than usual yet, but my muscles are rock hard. Seeing as it is only the third day, I will attribute this to the XCEED still.

    Focus/Workout Intensity
    -Great focus today as well, I am enjoying the pre-workout combo of C2/XCEED. I am on point at the gym, and after I am not left feeling like I just took a huge Montana. No jitters, I would also like to add I haven't had any sleep issues.

    Additional Comments:
    Good stuff so far, albeit very little in the way of change, but I can't wait until for a week or so when everything starts doing it's magic.

  15. And to answer your question, it is strictly a digestion issue. For whatever reason my stomach can't handle the products on a completely empty stomach.

  16. Mullet, Nice log.

    The libido boost is most likely due to the powerFULL. God damn I love that stuff.

    And with the vascularity you're looking for, when I get great pumps, my viens usually don't bulge. It's all BF, but you know that.

    Good luck man...I'll be keeping an eye out. Oh and BTW, how much is this stack costing?

  17. Nothing bro, this is a tester stack. But all toll what they sent me would be around $200, with my additions it put the price tag upto around $250..And yeah, I am still veiny as all hell, and also I found out the scale at my gym might be whack, my friend weighed himself and said he was only 175, and he is like 185..So I may be alot heavier then anticipated..But yeah, I'll figure that out later.

  18. Hey nice log dude. You could just have a week stomach. And I know, them coat racks can be very sexy at times....But nonetheless I *subscribed*.

  19. Total: 4031
    Fat: 111 998 25%
    Sat: 37 337 8%
    Poly: 22 197 5%
    Mono: 42 380 9%
    Carbs: 401 1386 35%
    Fiber: 54 0 0%
    Protein: 403 1613 40%

    Just in case any of you cats are wondering about my diet, this is it..The saturated is high because I never change the nutrient breakdown for the ground beef. There is a way you can cook it to make it virtually fat free, and that is what I do. So the total fat, and especially the sat is much lower..The only difference for a workout day is 4 scoops of whey and 2 cups of oats

  20. That is a shizit ton of food. (for me anyway) Way to go bro!
    Recent log:

  21. Hey BP, thanks for stopping by..Yeah, it is alot, but if I don't eat like that I turn into a twig.

  22. Hey guys, I think I will be taking my scheduled break a few days early. I would rather not break so early in the stack, but I felt like taking a nap after my workout yesterday, and am a little lethargic, so my body is telling me to shut er. I will be skipping Thurs/Sun workouts and resuming again on Mon, however I will still update how I am feeling every other day.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    Hey guys, I think I will be taking my scheduled break a few days early. I would rather not break so early in the stack, but I felt like taking a nap after my workout yesterday, and am a little lethargic, so my body is telling me to shut er. I will be skipping Thurs/Sun workouts and resuming again on Mon, however I will still update how I am feeling every other day.
    Man do I hear that! I think I am do for one as well. Good call bro, way to listen to the body.
    Recent log:

  24. Listening to your body is for wussies...


    Mullet, why do you think you're so lethargic, I'm sure youre taking in quality cals, but is your water intake around 1.5 gals a day? Are you sleeping straight through the night? Are you getting 8-10 hrs a night? Or do you just think it is from over training a bit?

    If its not any of that then I guess its the stack...I mean you are taking a ****load of pills a day, so that has to be putting stress on your body.

    Just curious...good luck man.

  25. I just think it's overtraining..My water intake is a steady 8 litres, I time it that I drink 1 litre every 1.5 hours or so, that way it doesn't seem like so much at once. Sleep is fine, not disturbed at all, which is a big plus in my books for the C2. With this program it is balls to the wall, every rep, every set, every workout. Combine that and I throw around (or at least try to) weights that maybe other guys my size don't, and it puts alot of stress on my frame..


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