a little help...

  1. Question a little help...

    Hey fellas, just curious if anyone had any ideas for a supplement for myself as i get back into training....ive been away from the gym for about a year since starting grad school.....i previously took methyl 1 test and saw great gains...anything out there similar?

  2. in response to this post, which looks exactly like your first post, the search function is a nifty tool used by the unknowing to find answers to questions that have been covered by 100's of other noobs.

    and since you have stated that you are coming off a year long break, you should prolly worry about your workout routine and diet before jumping on the magic pill train, lord knows that will only go so far.

    so no more questions about m1t, ask about how to cook chicken and brown rice.. etc etc etc

  3. yeah...well sorry for the blunt question...new to the whole forum thing....as for the workout, been at it for a few months...sorry for sounding novice and ill advised...and chicken and brown rice are wonderful, as is salmon

  4. Lol I love you guys..I like how one askes a noob question then comes back later trying to sound more educated..lol damn online ish.

  5. yeah...as if a BS in sports medicine and doctorate in Physical Therapy isnt "educated"...

  6. oh...and a CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist), the only personal training certification that requires a degree to sit for its exam

  7. Personally, when I've come off layoffs, other than the normal good diet, essential fats, etc... I've used creatine monohydrate with success. for me having some extra water in the muscles, and the increased recovery between sets gave me a psychological boost that motivated me to keep at it.

    I wouldnt bother with all the fancy dancy NO Supps yet... just basic creatine will be fine.


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