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    I recently finished a four week NHA stack from Designer Supplements(ActivaTe and Rebound XT) and I am quite impressed with the results. I have been dieting and training consistently for a little over a year with the emphasis on trimming off body fat. Outside of CEE and Melting Point, I did not use any supplements during that time. After spending the better part of the year below maintenance calories, I decided to take my calories up to maintenance and try the NHA stack. I follow isocaloric macronutrient ratios in case anyone cares.

    Starting weight: 197.6
    Finishing weight: 200.8

    Starting BF%: ~16%
    Ending BF%: ~14-15%
    (Caliper readings may not be entirely accurate due to wealth of loose skin, but they help me track change)

    I couldn't have been more pleased with these numbers, considering that I only did HIIT cardio about twice a week outside of lifting. As far as strength goes, all my lifts saw a slight increase, most notably my deadlifts and squats(about 20lb. improvement on PRs). Also noticed improved quality of sleep while on the stack.

    I don't have any experience with other supplements of this nature, but I can recommend this stack without hesitation from my own experience. The only fault that I could find during the entire 30 day period was a decrease in libido toward the end. Outside of that, it was all good. Kudos to DS for putting out solid products and I look forward to using them again in the future.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bojmir
    ... The only fault that I could find during the entire 30 day period was a decrease in libido toward the end ...
    Didn't you get a boost up front though? I'm not sure if you used a linear dosing scheme, but I can only guess the RXT may have been a little too high by the end.

  3. I did notice an increase in libido the first couple of days, but it seemed to diminish rather quickly thereafter. As for dosing, I took 2 RXT for 3 weeks and tapered off to 1 a day for the final week. I finished the stack roughly a week ago and libido is already back to normal, so that won't deter me in the least from using these products again. I am looking forward to more feedback on Rebound Reloaded. It appears to make an already effective stack even more attractive.

  4. Yes sir, Reload should correct the low libido that some experience with RXT. Your dose sounds good though. It doesn't give me any probs with 50mg/d or less, but actually I rather enjoy when my libido is reduced. I need a break every now and then from dwelling on sex all the time! They say it gets better as you get older. Not really.

    I also use DHEA and other supps that may contribute to libido while on RXT, that's all I can think of that may explain the difference, but ACT is a potent libido stim for me at the proper dose. Especially the first few wks. I'm glad to hear you had positive gains though. You sound like a smart lifter and supp user.

  5. My wife probably didn't mind the decrease half as much as I did. I appreciate the interest and the kind words, and I am looking forward to trying more supps from DS in the future.



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