MTVJR's lean bulk:Cre- Thunder with some other stuff

  1. MTVJR's lean bulk:Cre- Thunder with some other stuff

    Hey guys. I had a log going about two months ago, where I was doing a melting point cut and was going to go into a straight lean bulk but was unable to due to school and some family stuff. I have continued to diet with just pure dieting. My current stats are:

    Weight:231 (morning)
    BF%: around 11-12 %


    Waist(around the upper bones):37 in.
    umbilicus:35 in.
    R. bicep:16.5 in.
    R. calf:17.5 in.
    R. thigh:27 in.
    chest: 46 in.
    shoulders: 52.5 in.

    My eating will be just over maintance so around 3,000-3200 calories.

    split into a 4-6 meal option plan due to classes.

    meal one: cup of oats with a scoop of whey

    meal two: protein shake with 5 ounces of cranberry juice with 12 onces water two scoops whey

    meal three: two turkey sandwichs with mustard on wheat bread, some 12 oz of OJ, some chips or preztzels, a cookie, and a bannana

    meal four(optional due to workout timing or class): protein shake and or bannana with 4 tblspoons of Natty pb

    Meal five: two chicken breast with a spinach salad(Popi) with lite Itlian dressing, 2 cups of cottage cheese, two cups of skim milk.

    Meal six (optional): a night time protein shake, matters on what i have to do and whatnot.

    The supplements i am going to through in with this are:

    Cre- Eythl Thunder
    Basic cuts
    AX PCT (using this just to boost natty test and to just see what the compound does other than PCT)
    DS Lean Xtreme

    my normal supps include:
    Fish oils
    BCAA- at least a serving with each meal and a serving before and after working out

    so there you go, my goals are to gain lean body mass without to much fat.

    I lift four to five times a week and do cardio after every work out and then on an off day i will do some light cardio,.


    day one: chest and bi's and calves

    day two: Legs and abs

    day three: back and tri's with calves

    day four: shoulders with abs and calves and a longer cardio

    day five: make up day, or just a day to work lagging parts if my body is feeling rested.

    These days are switched around every other week, positioned to not over train a certain muscle group directly or indirectly and to stimulate for maxium growth.

    I train by regimen and by feel. I go intense on the lifting wont stay in the weight room for longer than an hour and I go intense on the cardio. 20-45 minutes with one or two intervals to boost the matbolism.

    Alrighty then, I will be taking the first doses tonight and will be keeping a steady log. Thanks!


    ps. I included a back picture takin a month ago before I continued with a clean diet.
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  2. Alright, today is actually a rest day for me. But judging by the way I felt in my piano performance class this morning the Lean Xtreme is kicking in, cuz normally I am totally stressed out in that class. This morning it was a breeze... I like this

    Tomarrow i will post my workout and or feelings...

  3. Alright, today was my first working day on the new stack, I have a bad left knee and this is the first time in about a month that I have really been able to do squats so I was pretty happy with the results. Today was the first day I used the Cre-Eythl Thunder before I worked out.


    Leg EX:

    Leg Press:

    (This is what my knees hurt the most on, and today it felt fine, I just wanted to start getting my base back and strengthening the knee... call it rehab)


    Lying Leg Curls:
    (warm ups*)

    Today felt good, I normally dont feel the effects of creatine on a leg day, but I am gonna pull a Natedog and just say I did my full workout without any pain and then after each set I felt like I could do another set even harder, I had to stop myself from over killing the sets.

    So ya it felt good.


  4. Ok, some bad news, had to stay up to three this morning to get a project finished. Then I had to get up at 6 to get my first meal in. So in short my workout suffered today on account of sleep.
    Workout April 27, 2006 Calves: Toe presses on the leg press. Three sets till cramping with first set at 195 lbs. sets 2 and 3 with 455 lbs.
    Chest: Barbell press (I use this as a warm-up exercise due to my really long arms.):
    7x80's about now I realized that my strength was off because I normally move up to the hundreds for at least 4-6....
    Dips: bodyweightx6
    FLDB Flys: 12x20's
    12x40's I was lagging so much at this point I called it quits... That is really depressing. I am going to bed now... to make up for it take care

  5. Looks Good mini-motiv8r.

    If you have the $$$, Activate will boost the hell out of the AX PCT.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    Looks Good mini-motiv8r.

    If you have the $$$, Activate will boost the hell out of the AX PCT.
    Thanks for the idea Beowulf but I dont think I do at the moment...

  7. No worries, you have plenty of years to grow

    You're getting some nice shape in your back

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    No worries, you have plenty of years to grow

    You're getting some nice shape in your back

    Thanks broham,

    my biggest concern for my body is always my waist. I almost have womenly hips in how my stomach is narrower around my navel and my bones measure almost a 37. Anywho its always interesting finding jeans for 27 inch thighs.... So I took yesterday off and slept good lastnight, and I took a 3 hour long nap this morning. SO I am feeling much bettter. I am gonna go try my back workout, I'll post that biatch later.

    Ya'll take care!


  9. Ummmmm, womenly hips?? Thats your head ****ing with ya little bro. There ain't a damn thing womenly you stud. But you do sure have a purty mouth little man. Let me know if you get any taller while on Cre-Thunder. I always love it when people include height with measurements. Sure it helps with seeing how their weight is spred, but I doubt it'll change during the cycle!!
    My The 1 LOG:

  10. Quote Originally Posted by motiv8er
    Ummmmm, womenly hips?? Thats your head ****ing with ya little bro. There ain't a damn thing womenly you stud. But you do sure have a purty mouth little man. Let me know if you get any taller while on Cre-Thunder. I always love it when people include height with measurements. Sure it helps with seeing how their weight is spred, but I doubt it'll change during the cycle!!

    Thanks you dikk... I love you too...

    Ok, today was a ****ing awesome back and tri's day

    Workout April 29, 2006:

    Lat pull downs:
    12x130 I use these more for a warmup

    Bent Over Barbell rows:

    SLADB rows

    Single arm over head ext.: 20x20 as a warm up.

    Elbows wide over head ext:
    100x12 I think I need a gym with bigger db's

    lying EZ-bar ext.


    Back Ext. (I have never really had these as a staple, I am addin in slowly.)

    25 minutes eliptical.

    eatings going good. caught up on the sleep, and I am feel good. Gotta take a shower and catch some dinner, Take care all and have a good weekend!


    ps. my brother thinks GH will make his penis grow.... j/k

  11. sorry for the long break, but my brother and I have been in Indiana burying our grandma.

    I will continue the stack and tell ya what I think. My brother says I look about the biggest and hardest he has ever seen me... and thats only after a week or so of the stack!


    EDIT: Today I am throwing some AAKG into the mix, I am gonna start around 10 g. a day for now. At my size I might take it up to 15... we shall see. Does anyone know if it is possible/bad to get to much arginine....?
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  12. Alright, I am back in town and lifting again.

    May 5, 2006


    lateral raises:
    (I do these with strict form and TUT at the top to really round out the medial head.)

    Rear bent delt swinging raise thingies with TUT at the Top... like that Name ADMIN?


    Notices all the weight is light. These are smaller muscles that dont need heavy weight to grow, they just need reps and time to get stronger...

    Behind the head Smith shoulder press:

    Front bar standing shoulder press:

    I realized here that with all the DB shoulder presses I have been doing that I have been slackin on my barbell work. I will try and incorporate more into my workouts.

    Barbell shoulder shrugs:
    6x405 PR( just like Beelzebub... not!)

    Behind the back barbell shrugs:


    Standing Barbell curls:

    Strip the rack Hammer Curls:

    One set max of EZ bar standing curls:


    Hanging single arm curls ie concentration curls:


    Jay cutler ab work with a bench... two different exercises three sets of 15-20 reps

    35 minutes of cardio...

    today felt awesome!

    I went ahead and threw in 15 g of Arginine through out today. 5g in the morning, 5g's before working out, and five g's after workout. Feels good had really good pumps today, and I felt like a tank. I had to rip my new shirt cuz my traps felt like they were going to explode.

    Last edited by motiv8erJR; 05-06-2006 at 09:14 AM.

  13. Looking good..maybe I missed it but how's the sleep going? Some supps messes up my patterns..

  14. Sleep is fine. I take some Lean Xtreme and some PCT and some ZMA and conck out... its good!


  15. Urgh, yeah its been a week. Two of my teachers have decided that since they want to skip town early to give finals two weeks early. I am not complaining to much. But it has f!cked up my training for the last 8 days or so, trying to get ready for finals and whatnot.

    Today was the first workout in a while it went good, I have been focusing more on nutrition rather than training so as to get the most out of my supps, and I could believe it this morning when I got on the scale and weighed in at 240 and still could see some abs. So I am not unhappy.

    Workout today: (I am switching it up some in the week to stimulate more growth)

    Close grip pull ups:

    Wide grip pull ups:
    4XBW plus two with spot
    *I have never done pull ups and i started lifting at 210 so I am still trying to catch my lats up to speed with my BW*

    Bent over Barbell Row:
    8X225 PR

    Single Arm Row:
    felt like I was gonna explode from a upper back pump, I know when its good to call for a smaller weight and do some stretch pulls.
    20x50's with a 20 second stretch on each rep... it burnt and my arms are still sssshaaakkkkingg.....

    Back Ext.:


    Over head Dumb Bell ext:

    EZ bar ext:

    25 minutes of cardio

    You might notice that I dont put a lot of focus on my arms from workout to workout. I am not to worried about them because I think they get enough focus on compound movements so I only do one to two exercises of focus for each arm muscle. In the winter I was doing one workout for arms I noticed some strength gains but no size difference, so I am trying it this way for a while. If I anyone has any feed back its all good! I like new ideas...


    ps, that means Glen and Beelze and those big boys if you want to critique my workouts I wouldn't mind.

  16. sent ya a pm.


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