MadCow's Phera/Prost Log

  1. MadCow's Phera/Prost Log

    Started my Phera Plex/Prost cycle on Saturday, April 22nd and will run for four weeks with the following dosage:

    Phera Plex - 10/20/20/30
    Prost - 75/100/125/150


    Milk Thistle - 1200mg
    Red Yeast Rice - 1200mg
    CoQ10 - 60mg
    NAC - 2000mg
    May add celery seed if BP goes up.
    Muscle Milk


    Age: 40
    Weight: 193lbs
    Height: 6' 1"
    BF%: ~8% using calipers

    AS/PH experience:

    Have completed about a half dozen 1-Test/4-AD transdermal cycles and a few Fina/4-AD cycles over the last five years. I am a firm believer in having all your gear, PCT and sups before starting a cycle.


    I was diagnosed with Celiac disease around this time last year. Last year, I was at 208lbs before having to go on a gluten free diet. It took my intestines about 9 months to heal and to get my diet squared away. I lost about 20lbs in the process. Begining this year, I am just starting to gain the weight back but ever so slowly. I hope to gain 10-12lbs on this cycle and keep most of it. It would be nice to get back to 200lbs and stay there.


    Nolvadex - 40/40/20/20mg
    6-OXO - 600/600/300/300mg
    Fenugreek - 1500/2000/2500/3000mg
    Continue supplements listed above.

    After PCT, I will continue CEE and will start Nutrex Vitrix.


    I will train around major compound movements such as Squats, Dead Lifts, Bench Press, Seated Press and Weighted Pull ups. For most exercises I will be using either a 3x4-6 or 3x6-8 set/rep scheme except for Squats which will be 1x20 and Calf Raises 2x20.

    Due to a badly damaged right elbow, I will be using my Bowflex for all pressing movements. The Bowflex has been instrumental in allowing me to continue training. It works and does not aggravate or further damage my right elbow. I want to be honest and up front with this because the "weight" reflected in this log for Bench Press, Incline Press and Seated Press will be Bowflex resistance. I use free weights for all other exercies.

    Monday - Chest/Arms
    Tuesday - Legs
    Wednesday - Off
    Thursday - Shoulders
    Friday - Back

    Increase my water intake. I already drink a lot of water during the day but plan on doubling my current intake. I also plan on eating as much clean food as I can stand consisting of lean beef, chicken, fish, egg whites, sardines, peanut butter. Carbs will mainly come from rice, corn and potatoes (no flour, wheat or oats). Something like this:

    7:30 - Protein shake
    1 serving of Muscle Milk, 2 Tbsp. of natural peanut butter and 1/2 cup of plain yogurt. 630 cal., 46g of protein, 37g of carbs and 36g of healthy fats (no trans fats).

    10:00 - eggwhites, gluten free waffles, sardines.

    12:30 - Lean beef, fish or chicken with rice, corn or potatoes

    3:30 - Protein shake above

    5:00 - workout

    7:00 - same as lunch

    Pre-bedtime - 1 cup of cottage cheese, 1 cup of yogurt.

  2. Day 3:
    April 24th - Chest/Biceps

    Bowflex Flat Bench Press (3x4-6) 4 reps for 350lbs of resistance
    Bowflex Incline Press (2x6-8) 7 reps for 350lbs of resistance
    Dumbell Curls (2x6-8) 10 reps for 35lbs
    Reverse Curls using EZ Curl Bar (2x6-8) 6 reps for 90lbs

    I have not felt any side effects. Pumps were good during the workout. Appetite has increased but this happens to me whenever I go on cycle. Feel a little more aggressive but could be placebo effect. I don't expect the Phera Plex and Prost to really kick in until some time between day 10 through 14. Tomorrow is leg day.

  3. Day 4:

    Tuesday, April 25th - Legs

    Barbell Breathing Squats (1x20) 20 reps for 255lbs. Felt easy. I may increase 10lbs instead of the usual 5lbs for 265lbs next week. My short term goal is to complete 20 reps for 315lbs again.

    Immediately did a set of Leg Extensions (1x8-12), 12 reps for 150lbs. Last week I did 9 reps for 150lbs

    Seated Calf Raises (2x20) 20 reps for 220lbs. Felt easy too. Last week I did 20 reps for 210lbs.

    No sides to report so far. I noticed I am starting to feel more pumped throughout the day. General feeling of well being seems to be better. No lethargy. My workout partner commented today that I am looking leaner. Libido seems to be increasing as well so my wife better look out. Appetite is still high. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is an off day, Thursday is Delts.

  4. Day 6:

    Thursday, April 27th - Delts

    Seated Bowflex Press (3x4-6) 6 reps for 320lbs of resistance
    Side Raises (2x6-10) 8 reps for 30lbs
    Rear Lat Raises (3x6-10) 12 reps for 17.5lbs
    Shoulder Horn (2x8-12) 12 reps for 17.5lbs

    Reps are up from last week. I am noticing my muscles look fuller or pumped outside the gym. No sides to report, feel great. Appetite is high and libido is increasing.

    Weighed myself today and I am at 196lbs. A 3lb gain in about a week. Could be some water weight but I am looking noticably leaner and veiny. I don't expect the PP and Prost to really kick in until about day 10-12.

  5. Good log - looks like you have your **** in order.


  6. Day 7:

    Friday, April 28th - Back

    Deadlifts (3x6) 6 reps for 370lbs
    Weighted Pull Ups (2x4-6) 5 reps for 90lbs
    Long Bar Rows (2x6-10) 10 reps for 60lbs
    Cable Crunches (2x8-12) 10 reps for 80lbs

    No sides to report. Tomorrow I will up the dose to 20mg to start week 2. Weights seemed easier today compared to last week workouts. I will up the weight 10lbs for Deads and Long Bar Rows for next week. Libido still high, no shrinkage or lethargy, appetite is still high.

    I've been using the FitDay website this cycle to help me track the amount of calories I am consuming each day. So far calories have been around 3500-3800 with a lot of protein. Fats are from natural peanut butter and EFAs. Saturday and Sunday are off days. I will update the log on Monday unless I experience any sides over the weekend going to 20mg.

  7. I increased the dosage of Phera to 20mg on Saturday for week 2. I noticed Sunday evening I was feeling very lethargic and started having what felt like a sinus headache. Allergies are bad right now so the headache was most likely was due to the high pollen count here in AZ. Also, some minor lower back pump pain has started at 20mg. Its not really bad just more annoying than anything. Anyway, I decided on two things:

    1. I bought a bottle of Twin Labs Blood Pressure Support. The main ingredient is C12-peptide. I don't think my blood pressure is high and contribute the sinus headaches to allergies but to be on the safe side I'll take one serving a day. I've never had blood pressure issues with previous cycles.

    2. I am going to drop the PP dose back to 10mg for week 2. I will try increasing to 20mg for weeks 3 and 4. However, I will stick with the planned prost dosage of 75/100/125/150

    Other than what I listed above, everything seems to be going well. I an getting noticably leaner and more vascular. Its kind of freaky how much fuller yet leaner I look. Family and friends have made comments.

    I am also going to change the rep/set scheme for pressing exercises. I was planning on doing a rep/set scheme of 3x4-6 but my right elbow and rotator cuff are letting me know this is too much. So, I am changing to a 3x8-10 for pressing exercises.

    Tonight is chest/Arms and I will weigh in today.

  8. I must say I do love your set up supps and workouts. I think your log should be a base for most noobs to other thing your pretty strong at your age. Hey post some pix..I could do all the lifts your doing but at 40 I doubt if I'd still have the guts to try..

  9. Day 10:

    May 1st - Chest/Arms

    Bowflex Flat Bench Press (2x8-10) 8 reps for 330lbs of resistance
    Bowflex Incline Press (2x8-10) 8 reps for 350lbs of resistance
    Bowflex Incline Flyes (1x8-12) 9 reps for 200lbs of resistance
    Dumbell Curls (2x8-10) 8 reps for 40lbs
    Reverse Curls (2x8-10) 8 reps for 90lbs

    I increased the reps for pressing exercises to 8-10 and my right elbow/rotator cuff felt good. Unbelievable and intense pumps Chest and arms pumped up so much it almost hurt. I am going to get some Taurine tomorrow to have on hand in case of cramps.

    The lower back pump pain and lethargy are going away since I dropped the PP back to 10mg. I am thinking I may stick with 10mg of PP throughout the cycle but keep the same dosage scheme of 75/100/125/150 for the Prost.

    Weight today is 196lbs (same as Friday) but I am looking noticably leaner, vascular and hard. Up about 3lbs in 10 days but I see my body composition is changing so the mirror will need to be my measurement on this cycle not so much the scale. I tend to get scale fixated. I am thinking there may be some synergisic effect when combining PP and Prost so that you can use a smaller dose of PP than when using PP alone. I have had no bloat whatsoever.

    I have also added power walking to my schedule on non-training days for some cardio. I will start off with 1 mile and work my way up to 2 miles.

    Tomorrow is leg day.
  10. Angry


    Thanks bro

    I've been hitting the weights for about 15 years now. Started doing cycles when I hit 35. I love 1-Test/4-AD transdermal cycles. Too bad they are illegal now

    I have always based my training around core compound lifts such as Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Pull-ups and Overhead Presses, sort of H.I.T. style.

    I will post a pic at the end of the cycle. I look better now at 196lbs than when I weighed in at 208lbs last year. If I can make 200lbs at my curent BF% at the end of the cycle, I will be very happy.

  11. I am going to stop the PP/Prost cycle today. The lethargy has really hit me hard today and my wife says I am getting more irritable. But most importantly, I checked my blood pressure last night and it was 148/82. That's high for me. I am normaly just below 120/70. I believe what I thought has been sinus stuff/headaches due to allergies is the blood pressure.

    I never had any issues with BP or lethargy on Fina or 1-Test. The only problem I have with Fina is it shuts me down hard and I get Fina **** at about 5 weeks in of a 6 week cycle even when running test with it.

    I will be going back to the tried and true 8 week 1-Test/4-AD transdermal cycle starting Saturday and will continue to take the support supps and do same PCT schedule after 8 weeks.

    My take on Phera Plex/Prost is it seems to be doing something as I was getting noticably leaner, harder and vascular. When working out the pumps were intense. The most intense pumps I have ever had. I hadn't really noticed any strength increases but it has only been 11 days. I suspect the strength increases would have started after week 2. As with most AS/PHs they can affect each individual differently.

  12. Day 11:

    I thought this through a little more. I noticed as they day progessed the lathargy seemed to decrease and my irritablility decreased as well. I took my last Prost cap this AM. I believe when I increased the Prost on Saturday is when some of the sides started to occur. I thought it was the PP but I am now thinking it might be the Prost that is giving me the sides. I am going to continue with only the Phera Plex at 10mg for the rest of the week to see how it goes. I want to make this work.

    Tuesday, May 2nd - Legs

    Barbell Breathing Squats - 20 reps for 265lbs. It felt easy. Last week I did 20 reps for 255lbs. Next week I'll try 275lbs.

    Immediately did 1 set of Leg Extensions - 12 reps for 160lbs. Last week I did 12 reps for 150lbs. Next week 170lbs.

    Seated Calf Rasies - 20 reps for 230lbs. Last week I did 20 reps for 220lbs. Next week 240lbs.

    Strength seems to be kicking in. Appetite is up. I had a good workout today compared to yesterday. The pumps in my legs were awesome. Energy is better and the lower back pump pain is almost gone. No detectable nad shrinkage. I am going to check my blood pressure later in the week. Tomorrow is my day off from training. Thursday is shoulders.

    I am thinking I may start a 6-week 1-Test/4-AD transdermal cycle after the Phera Plex. This would allow me to continue another 6 weeks, give my liver and lipids time to rest and normalize before hitting four weeks of PCT. I have run a couple 10 week 1-Test/4-AD cycles in the past with success but I mostly do 8 week cycles. I won't do another cycle of anything until next year.

  13. Day 13:

    Thursday - Shoulders

    Seated Press - 8 reps for 330lbs of resistance. Up from 6 reps for 320lbs of resistance last week.

    Side Raises - 10 reps for 30lbs. Up from 8 reps for 30lbs last week.

    Rear Lat Raises - 12 reps for 20lbs. Up from 12 reps for 17.5lbs last week.

    Shoulder Horn - 10 reps for 20lbs. Up from 12 reps for 17.5lbs last week.

    No sides to report since I stopped the Prost. I increased the Phera Plex to 20mg yesterday. So far so good. I take 10mg at around 8AM and 10mg at around 4PM. No more lethargy or sinus type headaches. Workout felt good and easy like I should have used more weight. I can see in the mirror the changes starting to take place to my physique, leaner and more vascular.

    My Top Squat came in yesterday from Dave Drapper. You can check out the Top Squat on his website. Its supposed help those of us with shoulder/rotator cuff issues that get aggravated doing squats due to having to rotate the shoulders back to hold the bar. I'll get to try it out next Tuesday

    I am finding since I turned 40 last year that those old injuries seem to want to come back or get aggravated easier. So, you have do what you can to work around them or use a piece of equipment like the Top Squat or Bowflex to continue training or doing an exercise(s).

    Tomorrow is back day

  14. Day 14

    Friday, May 5th - Back

    Deadlifts - 6 reps for 380lbs. Up from 6 reps for 370lbs last week.

    Weighted Pullups 5 reps for 90lbs. Same as last week but body weight is up. Second set I just did my body weight for 13 reps. I am going to start body weight pullups to see if I can make it to 20 reps. The most I have ever completed is 17reps.

    Long Bar Rows - 75lbs for 10 reps. Up from 10 reps for 60lbs last week.

    Barbell Shrugs - 8 reps for 225lbs. Up from 10 reps for 210lbs. I am going to switch to DB Shrugs next back workout for a change.

    No sides to report. People at work are starting to make comments. Bodyweight is 198lbs today but I am looking really lean. I also did not eat well today due to work stuff. I expect the strength and weight gain to really start kicking in these last two weeks if I can keep my calories up. Today just sucked for eating. My goal is to gain 10-12lbs, keep most of it and stay at 200lbs.

    Right elbow is really taking a beating this week and is hurting pretty bad. I am going to switch the Seated Bowflex Press to Barbell Upright Rows on shoulder day for a while to give my right elbow more rest during the week. I'll still hit the Flat and Incline Bowflex Bench Press hard once a week as scheduled.

    I'll need to make a some changes to my workout schedule next week due to band practice and gig next week. I'll be working out Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday just for next week.

  15. Have you used the prost before? how good is it? do you think worth the money?

  16. Day 18

    Tuesday, May 8th - Chest/Arms

    Bowflex Flat Bench Press - 7 reps for 330lbs of resistance.
    Bowflex Incline Press - 7 reps for 340lbs of resistance.

    Right elbow was hurting pretty bad. I couldn't concentrate or push myself so my reps were less for the same resistance used last week. I am going to try lighter resistance with a set/rep scheme of 2x10-12 to continue through Chest exercises. Also, I am going to stop with the Seated Press for awhile to start doing Upright Rows to give me right elbow more rest time during the week.

    Incline Flyes - 10 for 200lbs of resistance up from 9 reps for 200lbs last week. Right elbow still giving me problems.

    Dumbell Curls - 10 reps for 40lbs. Up from 8 reps for 40lbs. Felt easy. I should have tried 45lbs. Next week I will try 45lbs.

    Reverse Curls - 8 reps for 90lbs. Felt easy.

    As you can see non-pressing exercises are progressing nicely.

    Still no sides at 20mg. My diet has been lousy the last few days due to work and other stuff. I hope to get my diet back on track tomorrow as things settle down. No nad shrinkage, lethargy or bloat. Libido is still normal/high.

    I am noticing a definate change in my body composition. I am getting more leaner and vascular. I will weigh in on Friday. I am hoping the last three days of not eating enough calories will not set me back. Tomorrow is leg day and I get to try out my Top Squat

  17. Whatsaroid:

    I used Prost for about the first week and a half at 75mg and 100mg. At 100mg I started getting major lethargy and blood pressure issues. After I stopped the Prost, the sides went away. I don't know how Prost is alone. Taking PP and Prost together may have been a too strong a combo for me. Everyone responds differently to PHs/AS. I may try Prost some time by itself for two weeks after a Superdrol, PP or 1-Test/4-AD cycle.

  18. Day 19

    Wednesday, May 10th - Legs

    Barbell Breathing Squats - 20/275lbs. Up from 20/265lbs last week. 275lbs felt good. Will try 285lbs next week.

    Immediately did Leg Extensions - 12/170lbs. Up from 12/160lbs last week.

    Seated Calf Raises 20/240lbs. Up from 20/230lbs last week.

    So far so good. Diet is back on track today. Strength has been steadily increasing. No sides to report. I'll weigh in on Friday. It would be nice to hit 200lbs on Friday. Hopefully, the lack of calories Sunday-Tuesday due work will not hamper my gains this week.

  19. Great log! Joint injuries suck big time! I was diagnosed with tendonitis in both shoulders in September, so shoulders are a big weakpoint for me.
    Hope the rest of your cycle goes great! Subscribed.

  20. Formula94:

    I hear ya with the joint problems. My right elbow has been my weak spot for about 10 years. It was starting to hurt and give me problems before I started the PP cycle. The only thing you can do is try to workaround joint injuries or find an exercise that doesn't aggravate it. The Bowflex has been great for me in reducing the aggravation on the right elbow.

    I tore up my right elbow pretty bad while bench pressing about 12 years ago. I believe I tore or ruptured a tendon or ligament. When I injured it I felt this nasty burning pain in the outside part of the elbow joint where your triceps meets your elbow joint. I had to have my arm in a sling for about two weeks because it hurt so bad just to extend my arm. I couldn't even brush my teeth. It took me about 6-8 weeks to heal up and slowly start over with pressing exercises. Since then, it just hasn't been the same and would periodically hurt and get weak especially with free weights. Since I have had the Bowflex for the last 6 years, my right elbow has been doing pretty well until recently.

    I've been entertaining the idea to have an orthopedic doc check it out.

  21. Day 21:

    Friday, May 12th - Shoulders

    Upright Rows - 10 reps for 100lbs. I haven't done these in over six months. Felt good. I will increase to 105lbs next week. I am going to do Upright Rows in place of Seated Pressing for awhile.

    Side Raises - 6 reps for 32.5 lbs up from 10 reps for 30lbs last week. I believe the Upright Rows may have affected my strength on these.

    Rear Lat Raises - 10 reps for 25lbs. Up from 12 reps for 20lbs last week.

    Shoulder Horn - 10 reps for 20lbs. I will increase to 22.5lbs next week.

    No sides to report. I may have done better if my diet had been good this week. With work, band practice and gig last night I haven't been eating enough, missing meals. I also got very dehydrated last night during the gig. I am going to get my diet back on track tomorrow. Good pumps in the gym. Shoulders pumped up really good today.

    I was commented at the gig on the size of my arms My biceps are my most stuborn body parts so this was good to hear. I can tell looking in the mirror that I am still getting leaner and more vascular. My right elbow has stopped hurting so I am hoping my right elbow will be ready so I can hit my chest hard on Monday.

  22. MADCOW!!!!!!!!! You Beast you! Hi there!

  23. Day 22:

    Saturday, May 13th - Back

    Deadlifts - 6/390lbs up from 6/380lbs last week.

    Pullups - 16 reps at a body weight of 198lbs. Second set I did 8 more reps for a total of 24. I did 13 at a BW of 198lbs last week.

    Long Bar Rows - 10/75lbs. Up from 10/70lbs last week.

    DB Shrugs - 10/100lbs.

    Weighted Cable Crunches - 9/85lbs. Up from 12/80lbs last week.

    No sides to report. This is my last week of the four week PP cycle. I am going to do a 6-week 1-Test/4-AD transdermal next Saturday when this cycle ends. Body weight still at 198lbs but I am continuing to become more leaner and vascular. It will be interesting to see what my BF% will be next week at the end. The only other AS/PH cycle that has leaned me out like this and build muscle at the same time is Tren. With my Tren cycles I gain about 10lbs scale weight but drop my BF% by quite a lot. PP seems to be doing something similiar to me. 1-Test/4-AD just helps me put on bulk. I do get some bloat from the 4-AD.

    I am noticing the veins in my shoulders, biceps, forearms and legs are starting to really show and just plain look freaky

  24. Great log. Thx.

    I'm a Noob and prepping to do a PP standalone cycle as my first. Like gbody said, this will be and has been helpful.

    Although just a week left in your PP cycle...I'm scribed for what's left.

  25. Day 24

    Monday, May 15th - Chest/Shoulders

    Regular Bowflex Bench Press - 12/250lbs of resistance
    Upright Rows - 12/100. Up from 10/100lbs last week.
    Immediately did 1 set of Side Raises - 8/25
    Rear Lat Raises - 12/25 up from 10 for 25 last week.

    I changed my workout schedule from four days a week to three days as I was starting to feel run down. I have been doing the Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri schedule for quite some time and need a change.

    I am stopping the PP at 3 weeks and 3 days. I am going to start a 1-Test/4-AD cycle on Saturday and felt it best to let the PP clear my system.

    No sides to report. No lethargy, shrinkage, back pain or bloat. PP seems to work a lot like tren for me. I don't gain much scale weight with tren because it leans me out. PP leaned me out really well. I am definately much more leaner and vascular since I have started. People are noticing and making commments

    Final numbers:

    BW: 203lbs started at 193lbs
    BF%: ~6.8% started at ~8%. Measured with calipers.

    Lean mass gain: ~11lbs in three weeks

    If I do another PP cycle, I would just use PP and do 20mg for three or four weeks. PP combined with Prost did not work well for me, too many sides.


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