Well for what it's worth I've decided to run the bottle of anagen that I purchased before I was selected for the beta test. I'm about to enter week two of pct so this thread should really be taken with a grain of salt for the obvious reasons. I will run Anagen solo, or perhaps with a few other products (depending on how scivation feels about the idea) once my pct is done to try and access what it does by itself since that was the original intent when the very charitable company made the offer

My pct will consist of 4-6 weeks (although at this rate I'd DEFINITELY say 4) of a weelky dose of something that ryhymes with fest plantanate( 150-100-50-50) tapered .5 mg arimidex eod. BTW, please dont' turn this into a PCT discussion guys. We all have opinions, and I repect all of yours.

I noted that one of the other gentleman chose to be a beta tester mentioned an increase in focus, alerness, energy all of which I wouldnt' mind a boost in at the moment being that I'm in my last few weeks of my graduating year. And pct, typically doesn't help those kind of things. So I have been taking 4-5 caps (5 on training days and 4 on off days), in conjunction with REM, Fenugreek, Creatine + BCAA's, and 6-10 pwo slin shots. ALL of the above I've been doing for at least 2-3 weeks with the exception of the fenugreek and of course the Anagen.

So what do I notice so far? Well it's pretty hard to say but here's what it seems like (btw it's been about 5 days although I'd repost the more exact date when I check my journal). Here are some definite's

-Better mood

-ALOT OF WOOD! WTF? Not expected, I'm hornier now then when I was on cycle?

-About the same level of energy but thats hard to tell. I've felt pretty damn good lately so I can only say that I'll be watching out for any lethargy that some might have been speculating about.

-I've lifted 2 or 3 times now and my pumps are just as good as they where when I was on. My deadlift continues to climb, although I think I'm going to back off on that and work a specialization routine for bench (westside) and focus more on volume for my hams and perhaps quads to an extent for the next few months. Obviously I can't notice the difference between being on or off thus far (because I'm not). Hope that this concept is pissing some of you off. Like I said the OFFICCIAL will be coming soon.

-Muscle soreness? Nothing more then usual so far.

- Body Composition effects so far?
Nothing that notable. I'm still very hard, had some additional vascularity in my bi's that I hadn't noticed as much previously. All my muscle, especially the ones I just trained feel/look full and hard.

I'll probably get pictures up soon, I'm just kinda sketched on the idea