Retain and irrregular heartbeats

  1. Question Retain and irrregular heartbeats

    I've started taking Retain for 3 days (3 caps/day) and I have irrregular heartbeats.
    I really don't like this cuz I can't sleep !!
    I read a lot of feedback of Retain and many people reported this side effect and stopped taking it but a few of them keep using it.
    For those who keep using it even with the sides effects, does the irrregular heartbeats disappears?if yes after how many days?

    ps:for information, my curent stack is:
    sesamin,super epa,flax oil, gxr, cissus rx and venom hyperdrive 3.0
    Is there a risk stacking retain with venom ou cissus?...

  2. I saw an episode of Dr. G Medical Examiner where a lady died from basically chronic overdosing of DHEA. It caused an irregular heartbeat and made her heart misfire while she slept, and she died. First DHEA related death I had ever heard of. I'm not sure if any acute overexposure would have the same effect, but it's possible, if not probable.

    I'm curious to know who else has had any type of irregular heartbeats from any andro and/or dhea products...

  3. I dont think that the Retain is the one causing the irregular heartbeats. I have taken it many times and have had no problems. Since Venom is a stimulant, that could be whats causing the heartbeat problem. Have you run venom before without any problems?

  4. I think the tyramine is causing the Irreg. Heartbeats, as I belive others have said it does not agree with them. I am taking Vh3.0 and retain along with a host of other supps, woth no real prob as of now, just as long as I take my CoQ10, policosinol, and Hawthorne...

  5. I have never used venom before.
    I'm gonna try venom alone and then retain to see which one cause this side effect.
    what about cissus?

  6. I think it is the p-Tyramine. Seems some people just can't use it.

  7. Yesterday I took one cap of Venom and only one cap of Retain (both in the morning).
    I didn't feel the irrregular heartbeats at all.
    Today: 1 venom + 2 retain (1 in the morning, 1 for lunch)

  8. still no irrregular heartbeats with 2 caps of Retain.
    I'm gonna take 3 today.

  9. irregular heartbeats came back with 3 caps.
    by the way, does anyone know if Retain is classify as a steroid?

  10. Well I am not to sure if one would classify DHEA a steroid, if it is, its a weak one, and not one that is androgenic in nature. Retain has Mbaet, and for some Baet works just fine. As stated before maybe you cannot handle the tryamine, so try custom's bulk baet, sems to work well transderamally.

  11. DHEA is a steroid but not an AAS.

  12. I get funky heartbeats at the gym when I take retain. It's not that bad though. I think its the P-tyramine
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