cable's USPLABS + Scivation stack: Lean Bulk

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  1. Day 8

    mood is still going great, energy levels are also sky high.

    weight is 166 (+3lbs)

    I'm expecting this week to rock, I'm going to hit legs tomorrow. hmmm I hope these gains continue, I have another 2 weeks left.

  2. How has your strength been progressing Cable?By that I mean has it been a steady progression, or was it immediate in the first two weeks and it has been starting to taper? Sounds like you are rockin it hard though..Low fat gain and 3lbs of solid weight, that is killer

  3. hey mullet, based on my lifts, it has been a steady progression of strength.
    I haven't noticed any taper as of yet, but I've only had a few workouts on this stack.
    When I'm in the gym, I feel strong, pumped, and ready to go.
    I didn't get a chance to weigh myself this morning,

    And C2- the cognitive stimulant- I had 3 midterms wednesday and got A's on all of them. Might have to do with Anagen also as I remember LakeM talking about how Anagen would be good for focus in school.
  4. Day 9

    workout B

    bis EZ Bar curls 85x8, 95x6, 100x4

    quads squats 195x10, 195x8 (same as

    last week, I don't know why I couldn't hit more than 8 on my second set.)

    hams SLDL 225x8, 245x6, 275x3

    calves calf press 4 plates x12, 5px8, 6px8

  5. hey jmh, i felt the back pump after my workout. WHOA it was a bit rough. I might not do SLDL on squat day next workout.

    I felt pretty good during the whole workout though. Legs are my weak point, so training them is a love/hate relationship.

  6. Day x: cals, fat, carbs, protein
    day 1: 3982 96 599 215
    day 2: 3992 88 577 261
    day 3: 3919 86 557 257
    day 4: 3058 74 398 212
    day 5: 3674 86 451 281
    day 6: 3564 78 526 223
    day 7: 3637 79 475 275
    day 8: 3519 75 512 223

    average= 3668 83 512 243
    ratio= 20f/55c/25p

  7. Hey Cable, figured I'd let ya know that USP sent my stuff, kind of excited to see what I got..I hope Anagen is in there..I will post the link when I start my log.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    Hey Cable, figured I'd let ya know that USP sent my stuff, kind of excited to see what I got..I hope Anagen is in there..I will post the link when I start my log.

    please tell me you're joining me in a bulk

  9. Better believe it brah, that's why I hope they send Anagen..I already have stockpiles of Cissus, and ordered some Powerfull, in case that wasn't in there..

  10. I ordered anagen myself to add to the stack, that's the only thing I added personally. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    But hey, order it up from NutraPlanet its only $20, and it's DAMN worth it.

    Weight: 170 lbs! (+7lbs) looking same bf% as when I started! This was first thing in the morning, after a crap, empty stomach, just like all my other weigh ins.

    One bad thing: My car broke down, and I refuse to take the bus, so I'm gonna bike 5 miles to school and 5 miles home today and tomorrow. Cardio anyone?
  11. Day 11

    chest – flat DB press 75x10, 80x6, 90x2
    back thickness - bb rows 145x12, 155x8, 165x6
    back width – pull-ups bodyweight x 8, 6, 4 (dead hangs)
    shoulders - hammer strength machine 60x12, 70x7, 80x4
    tris – skulls 60x12, 70x8, 80x6

    basically the same as last A workout. I felt a little bummed today in the gym though, wasn't as amped as usual.
    I think I waited too long to hit the gym after my 2 caps C2 in the afternoon. We'll see how things go on friday.
  12. Re: Day 11

    Quote Originally Posted by cable626
    I think I waited too long to hit the gym after my 2 caps C2 in the afternoon
    try 3 caps

  13. lol I'm thinking of throwing in a little ephedrine preworkout. So that would only be 3 days per week.

  14. 4-13-06 to 5-3-06 comparison shot
    Last edited by cable626; 04-11-2009 at 08:59 PM.

  15. I'll put up some more pics later on. Can't tell a huge difference though because I'm...ummm...fat
    also, I didn't put up measurements, and nobody even told me anything! will take care of things tonight.

  16. Not a huge difference, but I think you look fuller in your arms and chest..And like you said, it's always hard to tell how much you have gained if you have gained fat as well..Then you cut and it's like BAM!

  17. thanks mullet, I think I'm too light to cut, so I'm living with this extra fat. Last time I cut (late last year) from 172 to 157. I didn't want to cut any lower so I maintained for a while and then started to bulk again.

    Today was workout B:
    Leg Press: 5 plates x 10, 10 (+2 reps)
    Leg Curl: 100x12, 110x8, 120x6 (+2 reps)
    Standing Calf Raise: 200x10, 220x6, 240x6 (+20lbs)
    EZ Bar Bicep Curl: 85x11, 95x8, 105x6

    workout felt really good today, I threw in some ephedrine pre-wo, it definitely helped get me moving. I didn't squat today because it hurts my knees if I squat twice per week and ride my bike a lot also. Turns out I had a pretty good workout anyway.

    I think I have 1 more week on this stack, so I'm gonna rest this weekend and hit the gym really hard next week again.

  18. hey guys, workouts are still the same, no significant strength gains or losses.
    I feel pumped up all day long once I get moving in the morning. Cardio has been easier than usual, this C2 is by far my new favorite thermogenic.

    Weight is at 169 and holding steady at that for the past 3-4 days. I really should be increasing cals, but I haven't been sleeping well lately and little sleep + a lot of food= fat gain.

    I only have 2 more workouts left on this stuff, so sadly this log will be ending soon.

  19. Ended this at 169lbs. I've been feeling SO pumped lately I wish I could run this stack for another 3 weeks! My erections have been hard and I've been able to last for a long time. Not too long to the point where I have to call my doctor though lol.

    So although my weight went up, my measurements are about the same.
    Bi's: still at 15
    Quads: still at 21
    chest: 41.5 (+.5")
    waist: 33" (-1")

    Strength gains were significant though, and aggression and focus in the gym is what I noticed most. This was a great stack that I enjoyed a lot!
    I'm going to continue bulking, although my gains are very slow, and always have been. diet is great, training is great, sleep is crappy. Also I think I'm too active.

    Anyway, I ordered a good bodybuilding book and will be getting better sleep soon so I am hoping to get better gains down the road.


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