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  1. TLMG's Venom Tri-Lean + Thyrogen-X Log

    In this log, I will be reviewing ALRI's complete Venom Tri Lean system along with ALRI's Thyrogen-X. The Tri Lean system includes 1) Venom Hyperdrive 3.0, 2) Venom Special Tactics, and 3) Venom Lean Dreams.

    Here's the link for the Venom Tri-Lean system

    And a link for ALRI's Thyrogen-X

    ALRI has been gracious enough to sponsor this log and I have recieved all 4 products free of charge. With that said, I owe a huge thank you to Jeff at ALRI, as well as Author L. Rea himself, who has personally responded to many of my questions in preparation for this log. The customer service that I have recieved has been phenomenol.

    One of the questions I asked Author L. Rea goes as follows.

    Me: Isn't using all 4 (Venom HD 3.0, Special Tactics, Lean Dreams & Thyrogen-X) at once a little overkill??

    Author L Rea: If there were only one aspect or path way involved in fat loss and lean mass it would be great. But the whole system addresses the x-factors in a time manner basis. If a user follows the directions on the bottles each will run out at the correct time for the adaptive time curve for long term results.

    Anyways, this was a major question of mine as the stack is pricey and I'm sure that others are wondering the same thing. I just wanted to share his response with everyone who may have this same question. My opinion is that if this stack is as kick ass as stated, I would rather spend $120 on the Venom stack than to $120 on other products that are either hit and miss or just don't work as well. Just my .02 cents, so we'll see

    Goal of this log??

    The first and most important goal with this log is to be 100% honest. I know that I have recieved these products free of charge. However, if the stack doesn't work the stack doesn't work. I will not sit online and lie to everybody because I feel that I owe a positive review to ALRI for this opportunity. Nor will I cause other people to go and waste their money on a stack that doesn't work...if it doesn't work. Although I am beyond grateful for this opportunity, generally speaking I am simply tired of BS products being produced that promise the world and NEVER deliver. I will post both subjective and objective, measurable results for everyone.

    My second goal is to obviously lose bodyfat. I am getting married in one month and I desperately want to be shredded for it. I have put on a bit too much bodyfat in the off season for me to be comfortable with and I can see it in my face which just blows. So, seeing as how I am running this for 4 weeks, I would like to lose 10-12 lbs of bodyfat during that time, bringing my weight down to a nice 222-224lbs. However, I am coming off of a PCT, so my third goal is to maintain as much hard earned muscle mass as possible.

    Dosing with the Venom Tri Lean system

    3 caps daily of Venom Hyperdrive 3.0. 2 before workouts, 1 later.

    4 caps total of Venom Special Tactics. 2 caps twice daily.

    2-3 caps total of Thyrogen-X. 1 cap twice daily to start, then I'll ramp up to three times daily.

    2 tabs of Venom Lean Dreams at night.

    Workout Plan

    I will be doing cardio 3 days a week. I will be performing 20 minutes of HIIT style cardio and I will train abs right after each cardio session. I will also be lifting 4 days a week, stopping just shy of total failure.

    My lifting split will be as follows and the volume will be high.

    Chest, delts and calves
    Back, rear delts
    Quads and Hams
    Biceps, triceps, forearms and calves

    Or just depending on my mood, I may switch things up to keep me motivated. I will continue to lift heavy, with reps ranging from 6-12.


    At a weight of 234lbs, my maintenance calories are 3510 cals per day. On days that I perform cardio, I will be eating 200-300 calories below maintenance and will burn approx 300 calories on the cross trainer/treadmill, creating a 500 calorie total deficite for those days. On lifting days I will eat 300 calories below maintenance and the remaining cals will be burned up during my lifting sessions, roughly equating to another 500 calorie deficit.

    Furthermore, I will be keeping a food log to track all of my macronutrient intake, and I will make adjustments as my weight begins to come down.

    And of course, for protein I will be eating an ass load of chicken and Talapia fish, lean ground turkey meat, along with protein powder. For carbs, they will obviously come from brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, red potatoes, yams, etc.

    Fats will primarily come through my diet, and supplemented with Fish oils, peanut butter where necessary, and extra virgin olive oil while cooking.

    And everybody's favorite....lots of VEGETABLES

    Other supplements being used during this log???

    Of course not!!! That would only skew the results Except of course for protein powder.

    Bodybuilding History

    I've been lifting consistently for 13 years. I competed in my first bodybuilding show last year and had an absolute blast at it and I will be competing in the 2007 Emerald Cup held in Bellevue Washington next year.

    Prior "Fat Burners" Energy boosters used

    To name a few...

    Hydroxycut ( the good stuff with Ephedra! )
    Xenadrine RFA-1...again, the good stuff with ephedra
    Stacker 2 and 3
    VPX Redline
    Lipo 6
    Anabolic Xtreme Stimulant X


    Current Weight: 234lbs
    Bodyfat: Coming soon, probably tonight (my fiance is better at testing this on me than I am).
    Height: 5'10
    Age: 26
    Sex: Love it!! All joking aside...Male.

    Alright, I think that's it. Anything else you guys would like to know just let me know. If it's off topic just PM me

    My one request is that this log be kept on track. Treat this log as if it were you're own that you were investing your own time into. I want this log to be as informative as possible and I do not want people who are intested in my progress, either now or in the future, to have to sift through pages and pages of bickering among forum members. I absolutely hate those kinds of logs!!!!

    Thanks all, and I hope that this is informative to all who read.


    Oh yeah, and Tuesday will be my first day. I was going to start today, but I have a nasty organic chem exam tomorrow. So I gotta do what I gotta study study.

  2. Day 1...let's get this rollin'!!

    I dreaded cardio today. I've tried doing it recently, but I didn't stick with it and I haven't been on a strict schedule since my last bodybuilding show last July.

    I took 2 Venom Hyperdrive 3.0's with a preworkout shake and went to the gym for cardio and abs. All I have to say is "Hell yeah". This stuff rocks. It took about a good 45 minutes for me to subjectively start feeling the buzz coming on, but once it did I felt nothing but good, clean high octane energy from the Venom HD 3.0. I was cranked, but not jittery or wired like with the old ECA stacks at 20mg ephedrine, 200mg caffeine. I'm wired, but not like that. I still feel very euphoric and overall I'm in a very positive mood (could be endorphins). My overall body temp is also elevated more so than usual when I workout. And, my cardio session totally kicked ass! I did a 5 minute warmup followed by 20 minutes of HIIT style cardio on the cross trainer. My low range was roughly 150 strides per minute, and for the minute that was high and intense, I kicked it up to roughly 212-218 strides per minute with a resistance level of 7/15. Damn, I can't believe how much I've regressed from my last bodybuilding show!! And, not to forget...I burned 315 Kcals today during cardio.

    Diet is roughly like this at my current weight of 234lbs.

    350 gr. Protein
    350 gr. Carbs
    56 gr. Fat

    Of course suggestions are always more than welcome because I am nowhere near an expert at this.

    Anyways, after my cardio session I still felt very energized and finished my workout with 5 sets of abs with the cable rope. Again, I've gotta start slow with this because I've been a terrible slacker since last July!! I want to be able to bend my waste tomorrow!

    So far the subjective energy kick I feel from the Venom HD 3.0 gets a huge thumbs up from me. I've also taken I cap of the Thyrogen-X and 2 of the special tactics, but no subjective change in feeling from either so far. This whole morning has been off however as I had to prepare to go to battle with an organic chemistry exam.

    I'll post more results tomorrow and let you all know of my first impressions with the Venom Lean Dreams as I'll take this at night. Tomorrow it's chest and tris at 6 A.M.

  3. Took a serving of Thyrogen-X tonight and I definitely noticed a huge increase in body temperature.

  4. Day 2

    Woke up this morning for a 6:30 AM workout...LOL!! I took 2 caps of the Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 and that definitely lit my ass on fire. I usually workout in the PM and so I am not use to this early morning stuff, but I'm switching over to it b/c otherwise I get going during the day and am tired by 5pm, and I will not take the Venom at 5pm!! Otherwise I'd be up buzzing all night long! "Train kept a rollin', all night Long"....nevermind. Just a little Aerosmith popped in my head.

    Anyways, one of my major goals is to maintain the muscle mass that I just acquired during my last cycle of Ergomax and Prostanny. I absolutely did not expect myself to be pushing this much weight today so early in the morning, but it happened. He's a bit of my workout.


    Hammer Strength Press (seated decline) 6x

    1. 270lbs for 15 reps.
    2. 370lbs for 10 reps.
    3. 450lbs for 5 reps.
    4. 370lbs for 10 reps.
    5. 370lbs for 12 reps.
    6. 270lbs for 15 reps.

    5x of Cable Crossovers Ranging between 70lbs and 90lbs for roughly 8 reps/set


    Close Grip Bench on an Incline Smith Machine tris were torched after benching!! LOL!!

    Cable Pushdowns 5 sets pyramiding up to 220lbs

    One arm with a Reverse grip Cable pushdown 3x with 60lbs

    Anyways, I'm trying to keep it as heavy as possible with a rep range of 6-12 reps. On a side note I'm gulping down the water today. I went through 40 ounces while at the gym and have been drinking water like crazy ever since. The Venom HD 3.0 makes you sweat like a mad mo' fo too!!

    Regarding the Venom Lean Dreams last night...I slept like a baby and didn't have any after effects this morning like grogginess or trouble getting started. So far so good. Tomorrow is another early AM workout. Cardio and abs again.

  5. Just as a side note to everyone here...

    I will only be able to post on this forum maybe once a day. I have to post on the college campus computers as my PC for whatever reason freezes whenever I access this site from my home....maybe there's just too much to load, or maybe my computer just needs to be shot! LOL!!

    So, I apologize if I don't answer your question right away. I will answer everyone's may just take me a day

  6. Another cheery 6:30 AM workout!! LOL!! Today was a 5 minute warmup on the stair climber and then 20 minutes of HIIT cardio on the crosstrainer. I burned a total of 300 calories today, which means that I'll be eating 200 cals below maintenance with my diet for a total of a 500 calorie deficit. Oh, and the Venom Lean Dreams just knocked my ass out last night! And I felt good in the morning I'm glad it doesn't leave me drowsy. I'm taking 2 lean dreams at night by the way.
    I am tempted to eat at just maintenance however. I've been kicking around the idea that a lot of times people create calorie deficits, do the cardio, and take a fat burner on top of it, and when they lose bodyfat, it magically gets attributed to the fat burner, not the diet and cardio. Or they think that they couldn't have lost as much weight as they did without it. ponderance has me wondering if I should just eat at maintenance and do my cardio. That way, while at maintenance I technically shouldn't loose much weight, if any at all. HOWEVER, if this TRI-LEAN stack is as potent as claimed, then it'll be true test to it's effectiveness as it'll eliminate the possible variable of my diet and cardio being the reason for the fat lose. Thoughts and opinions on this???

    Class time, gotta go

  7. Good log man, interested in seeing what these products do for you.

  8. GOOD stuf bro I am really really subscribed... Currently using 2 caps daily of VH3.0 and 3 caps of Dicana, but I think Iwill be switching over, as the positive feedback has been impressive.

  9. Subscribed.

    I'll be using this stack soon.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your progress.

  10. Day 4

    Ok, thought I would share some subjective effects that I am noticing at this point.

    Regarding Venom Hyperdrive 3.0

    Probably THEE biggest benefit that I am noticing thus far from the Venom HD 3.0 is the increased stamina and energy in the gym, whether it's with cardio or weights. When I finish my workout, I no more tired than when I first started. It's to the point that I would stay there work myself into a state of overtraining if I didn't know any better! So this stuff gets a huge thumbs up from me for increased stamina and energy. I'm also in a better mood so to say when the HD 3.0 is in me. I notice that I am able to focus on tasks with a much greater clarity that normal too, whether it's in the gym, at work, or with homework. And I am also noticing an increase in appetite suppression. I am less hungry and I have to remind myself to eat when it's time.

    I am also noticing that I get very warm at times. It comes in waves though. Like one minute I'm alright, the next minute I feel a wave of heat come over me and I'm dying! I took my blood pressure last night during Anatomy and Physiology lab and it is up. I'm at 128/ a bit high for me. Normal is usually 120/80.

    Dry mouth is another recurring effect that I am experiencing throughout the day. I am constantly drinking water.

    One problem I have had though with Venom came from taking 2 caps at a time. I notice that when I would urinate, there would be semen that would come out too. WTF!!! When I was finished urinating, it would feel like I still had a little bit left in me, and out would come...well...cum. Again, what the hell. This has made me cut back to one cap at a time and I haven't noticed this problem again. Makes me wonder what the hell it's doing physiologically to cause my body to release semen.

    Regarding Special Tactics

    Nothing to report. You're not suppose to feel a change with this stuff.

    Regarding Lean Dreams

    Still knocking my ass out at night and I'm sleeping just fine. There is still no sign of me feeling tired or groggy in the moring from it, and I tend to sleep for about 7 hours

    And Regarding Thyrogen-X

    I haven't noticed too much from this one independently as I tend to take it at roughly the same time I take the Venom HD .30. I just notice an overall increase in body temp and I'll begin to sweet.

    My workout otherwise today was awesome. I did some weak point training (or at least what I consider to be weak know that whole bodybuilder mentality where nothing is ever good enough ). I hit traps and delts today and was able to go very heavy. So far with the decrease in calories I am not noticing any change in strength.

    Tomorrow is my day off as I'm off to go watch the Emerald Cup NPC Bodybuilding show here in Bellevue, Washington. This is the NPC show that I'll be competing in this time next year. So it'll be fun to see what this show is all about as it's all everyone ever talks about here in this area.

    Hope everyone's weekend is great and I'll post back again on Sunday.


  11. One problem I have had though with Venom came from taking 2 caps at a time ( I have experienced this once from taking 1 cap as well). I noticed that when I would urinate, there would be semen that would come out too. WTF!!! When I was finished urinating, it would feel like I still had a little bit left in me, and out would come...well...cum. Again, what the hell? This has made me cut back to one cap at a time and I haven't noticed this problem again yet. It's not like an orgasm. It just sort of leaks out. I've noticed this happening everytime I've taken 2 Venoms together in the morning b4 my workouts (non of the other products were taken at that time so I know for sure it was due to the Venom). Makes me wonder what the hell it's doing physiologically to cause my body to release semen.

    Now, the only explanation that I could come up with is that I am fresh off of a PCT. ATD killed my libido. When I experienced this I was maybe a day or two off of my PCT. My libido is very sensitive to estrogen levels and I didn't have a whole heck of a lot of sex while on ATD. I am postulating that maybe Leutinizing hormone and Follicle stimulating hormone levels were high when it happened. Thus I was producing sperm, but due to the low estrogen levels that were affecting my libido and that I hadn't had sex in a week...maybe there was just no release other than what was induced by Venom. Even so, it's alarming IMO as I have never experienced this before with any other stimulant. Thoughts on this?

    But on a more positive note, my libido is back in full swing now and I'm definitely, definitely making up for lost time!!

  12. Terminator...

    The symptoms you are describing sound like benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH). Swelling of the prostate can cause difficult and/or frequent urination as well as seminal fluid release.

    If you run a search, you'll bump into a couple of threads where guys that were using venom or stimulant x had BPH symptoms as well.

    Saw palmetto is supposed to help, but maybe some of the more knowledgable folks on this board could verify that, or perhaps offer some better suggestions.

    Excellent log! Good luck reaching your goals.


  13. Hey, just wanted to send out a quick apology on a little detail that I had failed to mention....I was so busy trying to be thorough with everything else that I had just forgot.

    I had used 1 capsule of Venom many times prior to starting this log. My fiance's mother is a competitive bodybuilder and has a whole drawer full of supps, including Venom HD 3.0. I had used 1 capsule here and there as I thought it a great preworkout stim during the course of my PCT. However, I quickly built up a bit of a tolerance to the compound (not a total tolerance though)and did not feel as strong of a buzz anymore from just one (this is just me though as I tend to have a high tolerance to stims). Hence this is the reason I had bumped it up to 2 caps at once on my first day.

    It appears in my log that I never assessed my tolerance level prior to using 2 caps and that I just decided to take 2 capsules out of the blue and that I ignored the label and recommendations. I did in fact assess my tolerance prior to the start of the log.

    I apologize, as I would never advocate for anyone, especially myself, to go against the Company's label recommendations. That was irresponsible on my part.

    I am now only taking 2 caps of Venom HD 3.0 a day. One at 6 am, the other at 12pm.

  14. Uhh yeah 2 caps at once is a little extreme bro, I will never ever do that. Keep the reports comin!!!
  15. 1st week down!

    Ok, just wanted to give everyone a quick update.


    Starting weight: 234lbs
    One week later (now): 229lbs

    So, that's a 5lb loss...but not quite. When I first weighed myself at 234, it was first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Today however, I just didn't have that opportunity. I did 20 minutes of HIIT cardio, along with abs and calves at the end. I have also had 2 meals for the day (both shakes though, one pre workout for breakfast and one post). Thus, the 229lb weight result is to some degree skewed. I am dehydrated right now, as the Venom and Thyrogen-X just cause me to sweat a lot, and the whole plumbing system at school was completely f*ed up...brown water coming out of the fountains. So, I haven't had much water to drink today aside from what I drank at the gym. Also, my weigh in weight was the day after my last day of PCT when my test levels were extremely high. Elevated test levels generally cause greater glycogen storage. So now that it's been a week since I've finished PCT, it's possible that my muscles are retaining less glycogen than before, possibly attributing to some of the weight loss. But maybe not, who knows. Overall, what counts is that I can see a difference in the mirror, especially in the midsection, and I do feel lighter. I will have my fiance take my bodyfat % tonight.

    I did 20 minutes of HIIT cardio this morning, alternating between 1 minute at roughly 220 strides per minute on the crosstrainer at resistance level of 9, to 1 minute at roughly 150 strides per minute on a resistance level of 5. Stamina, like I said, has been awesome. I am now taking both 1 cap of Venom HD 3.0 in the morning along with 1 cap of Thyrogen-X...damn I'm a sweaty mofo when I'm done!! LOL!! I have a carry a big towel around with me!

    So far, with the reduced calories, my strength is going up. Last week, for example, I was pushing 450lbs for I think 6 reps on the decline Hammer Strength on the 3rd set ONLY. This week I was able to hit 450lbs for 9 reps on the 3rd set and 7 reps on the 4th set, 6 reps on 5th set!! Not to shabby Like I said, stamina with the Venom HD and thyrogen-X in the morning combined is great! I am still feeling just as strong at the end of the workout as I do at the beginning.

    One thing I have noticed with the Lean Dreams at night is that I tend to wake up a bit more. Last night I woke up 2-3 times, which is not at all like me. hasn't affected me at all in the morning. I wake up feeling fresh and ready to go, and my energy is solid all day long. I don't get that feeling where I'm all artificially jacked up on stimulants, but dead tired still. So...although I'm waking up a bit more, I'm feeling great in the morning and it is not at all affecting my workouts or my energy and concentration throughout the day.

    With the thyrogen-x...yeah, still getting the waves of heat!! This stuff definitely heats you up big time. And again, no ejaculate seepage after urination to report.

    Peace ya'll

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Apowerz6
    Uhh yeah 2 caps at once is a little extreme bro, I will never ever do that. Keep the reports comin!!!
    I have done 4 a day before didn't do it more than once . I am running 2 hd 3.0 a day along with 2 thyrogen x a day. The TX seems to make me feel like crap when I lift I get all light headed for the first couple of sets. Could be the venom though who knows. Does make me sweat in like 20 minutes after taking it. Also gives me a strange feeling in my right testicle or just above it sometimes.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Spitdeath
    I have done 4 a day before didn't do it more than once . I am running 2 hd 3.0 a day along with 2 thyrogen x a day. The TX seems to make me feel like crap when I lift I get all light headed for the first couple of sets. Could be the venom though who knows. Does make me sweat in like 20 minutes after taking it. Also gives me a strange feeling in my right testicle or just above it sometimes.
    I'd recommend drinking more water when working out to avoid the light headedness. If you feel light headed for only the first few sets, I highly doubt it has anything to do with the thyrogen-x. If you experienced that feeling the whole workout...then it could potentially be attributable to the TX.

    What's up with your testes aching though?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Terminator LMG
    I'd recommend drinking more water when working out to avoid the light headedness. If you feel light headed for only the first few sets, I highly doubt it has anything to do with the thyrogen-x. If you experienced that feeling the whole workout...then it could potentially be attributable to the TX.

    What's up with your testes aching though?
    Dunno but it is the tx that does it. It always happens about 20 minutes after I take it but not everytime. Goes away in about a half hour.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Spitdeath
    Dunno but it is the tx that does it. It always happens about 20 minutes after I take it but not everytime. Goes away in about a half hour.
    Are there any other medications you're taking or have you had this happen before prior to using TX? Do you take the TX at the same time everyday? If so, try not taking it and see if you get the pain in your testicle anyways. That's odd that TX is doing that. Wouldn't hurt to drop one of the reps from ALRI a line and see what they think (Raven has always been very helpful to me, you might want to try her).
  20. Day 8

    I crashed hard last night, to say the least. Probably the two biggest effects that I have noticed from the Lean Dreams are 1) Very odd and vivid dreams, and 2) I generally wake up feeling very refreshed and ready to hit the gym at 6 AM. This morning though I had to struggle my way through my workout, which was triceps and delts...even jacked up on 1 cap of Venom HD 3.0 and 1 cap of Thyrogen-X. Last night was so stressful that it just physically took its' toll on me. I think I just needed more time to sleep and recover from it.

    Visually, I can see a difference in my midsection. My abs are starting to show some prominence once again. But the biggest difference is in the detail that is starting to show in my arms and shouders.

    And one of the best effects I'm noticing from the Venom HD 3.0 is the increase in mental focus I get from it. I have an big ass Anatomy and Physiology exam tomorrown and it has been a huge help in keeping me on track.

    Here's currently how I'm taking the products.

    6:00AM: 1 cap Venom, 1 cap thyrogen-X
    9:00AM: 2 caps Special Tactics
    12:00PM: 1 cap Venom
    3:00PM: 1 cap Thyrogen-X
    6:00PM: 2 caps Special Tactics
    10:00PM: 2 tablets Lean Dreams (about an 45 min to 1 hour before bed).
  21. Day 9

    Another cardio day...burned 300 cals on the cross trainer using HIIT style cardio and ate 200 cals below maintenance for a total deficit of 500 cals. So far so good. Arms and shoulders are leaning out real nice. And I'm not having the sleepless nights that others were experiencing due to the Lean Dreams...knocks me out and sends me la la land....where I have really weird dreams.
  22. Day 10

    Trained back today. I took 1 Venom HD 3.0 and 1 Thyrogen-X prior to working out. Today was another great workout with great energy and good stamina. I'm still ending my workouts feeling as if I could do more, and thus far my weights and reps have not decreased. They've actually gone up.

    Today was a sort of "feel it out" day. About a week ago I dislocated a rib or did something to it around T10 and T12. Not a good feeling. I had to have my chiropractor adjust me and get it back into place. So, no one arm dumbell rows or deadlifting as usual, but the wide grip pulldowns, reverse pulldowns, and machine rows that I did (6 sets of each) felt great on that area.

    I'm still sucking down water like crazy on this stack, and I'm still getting a very euphoric mood from the Venom HD 3.0. And again, visually I can see a difference in bodyfat reduction with no decrease in muscle mass...but it's only been a week and a half, so it's still too early to fully tell. But results are starting to show. I've been meaning to get a bodyfat % posted up here, but the calipers I have are not at all accurate, yielding different answers each time, even though the same technique is being used.

    Next Tuesday will be when I weigh myself again.
  23. Day 12

    Just some general observations to report today.
    It is very apparent visually that I am significantly leaner now than when I started. My abdominals and obliques are really starting to come out now, along with the serratus muscles between the lats and obliques. Before I was embarassed to have my shirt off around my fiance because of how I had let myself accumulate the amount of bodyfat that I did. I just felt fat, even though I didn't necessarily look it. We had some photos taken of us around the time that I started this log and when looking at them the other day I could see that my face was a lot heavier than it usually is. Now in the mirror my face is not looking so heavy.
    Energy levels are still great, body temp is still very high when taking both Venom and Thyrogen-X, appetite suppression is so-so...kind of hit and miss, I'm still sucking down water like a horse and sweatin' like a pig when I workout, strength hasn't gone down at all, and sleep is great with the Lean far I'm giving this a thumbs up.
    Tuesday will be my next weigh in...can't wait to see where I'm at.
  24. Day 15

    Hmmmmm....I weighed myself yesterday and I'm only down 2 lbs. Not what I expected to say the least after having lost 5 from the week before!! I've been hitting cardio 3 times a week, HIIT style, and burning a total of 300 calories while deducting 200 calories from my maintenance calories, resulting in a 500 calorie daily deficit. A 2lb loss a week though is normal with what I'm doing, and it's just right to preserve muscle mass (one of my 3 main goals). So at least I know I'm not losing muscle, and it's 2lbs less than what I started with, and that's a good thing. Plus my midsection is noticeably leaner than last week, and I feel much more confident not having the extra fat there! So I know this stuff is working.

    At two weeks in I finally started having problems with the Lean Dreams and getting/staying asleep. So I've dropped the Lean Dreams for the last 2 days and I have slept wonderfully! No waking up and random intervals, no tossing, no light sleep without any REM (Rapid Eye Movement....dreaming stage of sleep). I've slept like a rock both nights. When I start taking it again I'll start with 1 tablet at night, rather than 2.

    The Venom HD3.0 and Thyrogen-X has sucked a lot of water out of me though!! My muscles are much more defined, especially in my arms, shoulders, chest and back. Strength is still through the roof on it which is a great bonus!! My weights have gone up every week while on the Venom stack. Another thing I've noticed is that the second serving of Venom I take at 12 noon doesn't jack me up as much as the first serving I take at 6am. I wonder why that is?

    That's all to report for now.
  25. Cool Day 18

    .....hmmm, where to start. I just finished up training back today and I have to say that I am very impressed that I have not lost any strength. My weights are going up, and up, and up!! The Venom gives me that huge kick start that I need at 6am and keeps me going all day with absolutely no crash when it wears off. I'm still sweatin' like a hog in the gym. My water intake at this point is just insane. If I had a dollar for everytime I've had to pee while on this stuff I could buy out ALRI twice!! I'm easily consuming 6-8 Liters a day, if not more. I get dry mouth very bad and my lips dry up on me like crazy when I haven't consumed any water for a while.

    I am still currently on the same product schedule...

    Venom HD 3.0: 1 cap at 6AM and 1 cap at 12 or 1pm.
    Venom Special Tactics: 2 caps with 2nd meal, 2 caps with 5th meal.
    Thyrogen-X: 1 cap twice daily...1st and 4th meal, sometimes 2nd and 4th.
    Lean Dreams: I haven't used this for the last 4 days due to constantly waking up throughout the night. I was also sleeping very light. Nowhere near as deeply as I usually do. We have this cute little ****head kitten that loves to bang the hell out of the door at night, doing her little sommersaults and throwing her whole body into the door to wake us up. Normally that doesn't wake me up, but I sleep so lightly on Lean Dreams that I end up being up all night. I plan on starting again tomorrow, but with 1 tablet instead of 2.

    Muscle mass is still going strong. Just from looking in the mirror I can tell that I have not lost anything other than bodyfat. And seeing as how my weights are still climbing I highly doubt that I'm wrong. My arms are looking absolutely sick...deep cuts between my biceps, brachialis (however you spell that), and the 3 heads of my triceps!! Very cool effect!! I've also burned a nice amount of BF in my chest and abdominal area.

    I'll weigh myself again on Tuesday.


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