ALRI Venom Tri-Lean System Log

  1. ALRI Venom Tri-Lean System Log

    I started using the Venom Tri-Lean System (Hyperdrive, Lean Dreams, Special Tactics) yesterday, and opted not to include the Thyrogen (as many others have done). This is my first log/supplement review, so if anyone has any comments on how I'm taking the supplements or how I can improve my log/review, please let me know!

    Starting Statistics:

    Weight: 175.1 lbs.
    Body Fat: 18.5% (which... I'm not too sure about. The recreation center at school is always backed up and usually has an hour wait to get to a trainer for body fat testing... so I'm using the Health Center body fat estimation -

    Unfortunately, I can't attach the spreadsheet/database that I am using to track my food intake and supplement usage, so I copied yesterday's log into a Word document and attached it. It looks pretty rough, but it's the best I can do.
    Attachment 14087

    Day 1 (April 20)

    I took one [Hyperdrive] pill (serving size according to bottle) around 11:30AM, shortly before I had a meal. Followed with two pills of Special Tactics around 1:30PM, I began to feel quite energetic around 2:30PM during class. A class that I'm normally falling asleep in (not sure why my Severe Storms Forecasting Lab is two hours long anyway), I was attentive the entire time - I couldn't wait to get outside and do something.

    My workout wasn't too out of the ordinary... hit the quads and hams pretty well and did 15 minutes of cardio on an Arc Trainer.

    Later on in the evening (10:30PM), I took two pills of Lean Dreams (again, according to the bottle) and was asleep about an hour later. I was already pretty exhausted by the time I took the pills, so I'm not going to attribute the ability to fall asleep to the supplement. I also didn't notice anything too out of the ordinary in my sleep pattern when I woke up this morning... but, it's only the first day.

    Some improvements I need to make:
    • Need to take (2 pills) Special Tactics with breakfast
    • Need to take in more calories

    Surprisingly, I just wasn't taking in many calories yesterday, even though I didn't feel hungry or run down at all. Could be the supplement or could just be the suddenly warm (80 degrees!) weather in Columbus and being busy all day. We'll see how today shapes up!
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  2. Day 2 - April 20

    Waking up this morning (for once) was a great feeling! Usually, I'm dreading the alarm clock and this morning, woke up a good hour before it was set to go off (which, is set an hour before I "need" to get up for class).

    Today (Thursday) is going to be a rough day, between classes, work, and a ton of meetings. I fault myself for not planning ahead and making meals for on-the-go, so on my way to class I stopped at the market on the corner and picked up a couple South Beach Diet boxed meals... had more protein then most of what they had in there and lower in calories... still not great, but... it's what I get.

    Here's how things turned out:

    8:30 AM: 1 Hyperdrive
    9:15 AM: 2 Special Tactics, omlette (3 egg whites and one whole egg), in a whole-wheat pita
    1:15 PM: (post-cardio and abs) Ny-Tro Pro 40 Meal Replacement
    2:45 PM: 2 Special Tactics, South Beach meal (250 calories, 24 carbs, 24 protein)
    6:30 PM: South Beach meal
    11:30 PM: a couple unbreaded chicken wings
    11:30 PM: a "few" drinks (rum and diet coke)

    I did some internet searching just to see how bad the "slip up" was, in terms of calories and macronutrients. The totals are somewhere around 2173 calories, 86.78 carbs, and 147 protein.

    On the supplement side, I definitely noticed a better "kick" later on in my day. It seems like I don't start feeling anything until after my second dose of Special Tactics. But, I am going to move up to 2 pills of Hyperdrive for Friday to see how it works. Unfortunately, I blame the alcohol (well, and my choice, obviously) for not taking the Lean Dreams that night ... probably not a good idea to do with alcohol anyway.

  3. Day Three - April 21

    A lot of other logs have commented at length about the appetite-suppression benefits of taking the Venom supplements. The first few days that I was taking them, I never felt any difference in my appetite – yesterday was an exception. By the end of last night, I had one meal (around noon yesterday) – and it was only half of a meal (well, and then drinks last night). This is a horrible way to lose body fat (not eating), so I need to figure something out (anyone have any suggestions)? Today, I’m not going to take my second dosage of Special Tactics… maybe that will help?

    But, even with not eating anything yesterday, I had energy ALL day long – very impressed. Especially considering I’ve taken practically everything in market media for energy/fat loss (Hydroxycut, Xenadrine, etc.) and felt little, if any, energy benefits. Fortunately, I haven’t had a problem sleeping at night, which is something that many others have been commenting on. I have been taking Hyperdrive before noon each day (and my latest Special Tactics dosage has been 3pm) and by midnight each night, I’m ready to pass out.

    All in all … definitely starting to see what others are talking about. Looking forward to tomorrow … and finally, some food!

  4. Day Five - April 24

    I officially had a sleepless night. I didn't get to sleep until at around 4AM and felt wired and ready to run sprints all night. With such a hectic schedule and a few exams this week, I can't afford to do this every night this week. At least for the sake of getting enough rest, I'm going to decrease the dosage of the Hyperdrive to one tablet per day in the morning. While I didn't experience the 'jolt' in energy until I increased the dosage, I'm willing to sacrafice that for sleep at nighttime.

    There is nothing else that has changed in the past few days - the energy is still up, appetite is still being affected, etc. I won't take measurements again until Wednesday, so hopefully I'll have some good news to report then.

  5. nice log bro, i love lean dreams, stuff knocks me OUT!!

  6. just an observation..when i did the tri-lean stack....i notice some days i didnt sleep well at all on lean dreams....i would take my first does of venom at like 6 or 630 AM and not take another dose the rest of the i know it wasnt the venom that prevented me sleeping......maybe im just one of those odd stories...but sleeping on lean dreams was a 50/50 deal...i would either sleep well....wake up a few times at night cause of sweating and needing a drink of water...and wake up the next day feeling good....or wake up multiple times during the night...not get comfortable...and/or wake up and be wide away at was weird.....maybe you are having the same issues as i did...

  7. Good luck on this stack man. I'm just finishing up on it and it worked like a charm for me. I found that taking the Lean Dreams about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes before I get in bed is just right.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Quil
    Good luck on this stack man. I'm just finishing up on it and it worked like a charm for me. I found that taking the Lean Dreams about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes before I get in bed is just right.
    Same, one pill is enough for me though, i know FitNfirm takes 3!!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Bigbridrol
    Same, one pill is enough for me though, i know FitNfirm takes 3!!

    LOL, I have taken 3, esp when ive had too much caffiene

  10. I will be following this...wont be cutting until at least March or April, but want to get up to speed.

    good luck!


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