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  1. for me the sd doesn't really kick in till around day 10-12

  2. Day 14 today..

  3. Alot of people use Creatine in there PCT. I am on day 9 of my superdrol cycle and have gone up 4lbs and strength is through the roof.

    I also ordered some Prostanozol and might add it but more than likely will stick with just superdrol its working great, no sides yet just a little lethargy once in a while and when that happens I just take in more carbs. That is one thing I have noticed if I start to let myself run low that is when ill get tired.

    Day 1-3 10mg
    Day 4-21 20mg
    POSSISBLE Day 21-28 20or 30mg

  4. Finishing off Week 3 today and tommorrow. I am going to go another week at 30 mg's. I have noticed increase in size, and more tone. I also believe I am losing fat because my abs are started to show real well. Still at 188, don't know bf at this point. Weird thing I noticed is that some lifts have gone up dramatically while other's have gone up like normal. For example bench press, I have only gone up 10 lbs. but in DB presses I went up 20 lbs per DB. My back exercises have gone up as well. Bench press has always been a weak spot in the past, but I had the best results in strength gains in bench when taking just Phosphagen creatine and a Protein supp. Before I started this I went through one bottle each of cellmass, nitrex and NO Explode, which really didnt do anything. But prior to that I took Phosphagen for 8 weeks and pretty much by bench went up 5 lbs every week, sometimes every 2 weeks. Overall my bench went up about 45 lbs. in the 8 weeks. I felt like an animal on that ****.

    I still havent noticed any sides, except today my lower back hurts. I guess it's those "back pumps". It doesn't feel like normal back pain to me. It feels like when your stomach hurts, but it's my back. So hopefull this **** begins to kick now, lol.

  5. Sounds much does the prost help?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid?
    Sounds much does the prost help?
    I reallly couldn't say.

  7. Absolutely opposite for me. Strength sky rocketed 1-14... slowed dramatically down 15-21 and was non-existent 22-28...

    If I ever do another SD cycle i'll be done after 3 weeks...

    Quote Originally Posted by mixedup
    for me the superdrol doesn't really kick in till around day 10-12

  8. Monday I upped the dosage to 30 mg's, and since then the back pumps have been insane. What's weird, is while I'm lifting it doesn't hurt, but before and after it really aches.

    Also Monday I added another 5 lbs to my bench, and 5 lbs to my db presses, and pretty much every other type of lift so far. So 15 lbs in bench and 25 in DB presses.

    I also got my first "damn" from a girl the other day when I took off my shirt at the pool, lol. I have also been getting comments of how big or good I look. So I guess it's doing something. My back has some definition now, which prior had none at all. So over all I'm iffy about it. I hope the results are worth all this pain I have been going through this week. But the good thing is that the back pumps are the only side effect I have had so far. Oh and also I have been really horny all the time, but when I was about to get down with this girl, I couldn't get it up. First time that ever happened. I was so embarrassed. Hopefully it will be ok after, or I'll be pissed, lol.

  9. Peatee are your running more Taurine when i up the dose on superdrol the extra Taurine really helps with the back pumps for me I'd run at least 1500 mg taurine you can pick up 500mg tabs from GNC for like 5.99 a bottle

  10. Quote Originally Posted by not_big_enuf
    Absolutely opposite for me. Strength sky rocketed 1-14... slowed dramatically down 15-21 and was non-existent 22-28...

    If I ever do another superdrol cycle i'll be done after 3 weeks...
    I agree. 3 weeks is plenty. Eating a ton of food is key here. I was hitting 4000 cals a day at 40/40/20. I am finishing up my PCT. I gained 12lbs LBM from SD and there is no way I will lose it. I have my cals back to 3000 now. My log is in the cycle forum. I would back off that 30mg, I think 20 mg is enough, especially at your weight. Taurine and bananas do wonders for pumps though I could still feel them, just not nearly as bad. Good luck with the rest of your cycle, work hard and eat right and you'll keep everything.

  11. No I didn't up Taurine. I went back to 20 mgs, I think that will be good enough. Tomm is my last day, than Mon I start PCT. I have a few pills left, so I think in a few months I might try a Pheraplex SD cycle. I will wait and see.

  12. good log

  13. Day 5 of PCT...

    Weight 192, dont know bf at this point. Gained back my 4 lbs. I lost originally and am back at my pre cycle weight. I do look more thinner, but bigger. My bathing suit I bought in March is really big around the waist now, I might need to buy a new one.

    I pretty much feel and look the same. Added another 5 lbs to bench this week, and 5 to Db's...overall 20 lbs up in bench and 30 in DB's. Everything else was pretty steady, and gained a few lbs. in every lift. I still have the insane back pumps, non stop all day. I wish they would go away, they are beginning to get annoying.

  14. what are you using for your pct?


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