got some questions about superdrol

  1. got some questions about superdrol

    Im planning on taking Superdrol for one month only in june 4-5 weeks.. I got some questions does superdrol cause gyno? whats better to take with a superdrol stack to prevent gyno: nolvadex, letro, arimidex? How much nolva( or the best one to prevent gyno) can I take with superdrol to prevent gyno without hindering my gains in size and strength? also Will u test positive for roids while on superdrol? will nolva, letro, arimidex, or reboundxt trigger a positive test of something? How long does superdrol stay in the system, i play college footbll in the SEc i dont want to test positive for roids.. Also what is a safe dosage of nolva( or the best one) should i take with rebound xt during pct? The NCAA test during the season, im gunna stop the superdrol in the first week if July, willi be okay by August. I heard Superdrol is not a steroid is this true? thanks

    Stats6ft1 300lb 19%bf Defensive Tackle)
    225lb bench reps-41
    275lb bench reps-21
    315bench reps-18
    Benchpress max-480lb
    squat max-540lb
    Hangclean max-315

  2. Wow, those are some impressive numbers! Superdrol is a steriod and will show up on a drug test, especially one from the NCAA. They dont screw around when it comes to drug tests. My brother plays baseball in the SEC and a couple of the guys on his team got caught last year and ruined their season as well as the teams. IMO, I wouldnt even risk taking SD. You already have an awesome base to go by, and have alot going for you. Its not worth screwing it all up in order to gain 10 lbs. Just keep eating and lifting hard man, and good luck to you.

  3. Hall,
    I wouldn't risk what you've got going for you by doing this cycle. Write Bobo a message in his forum if you really want to help yourslef. Also, you only need to post this once. Good luck.
    My The 1 LOG:

  4. See - Movtiv8er DID NOT refer to to Bobo for advice on a steroid.

    I'm doubting you are 21 either. Most of the football players I lived with at UofTennessee were not.
    If you aren't - forget playing with steroids.

    Motiv8er was recommending you talk to Bobo about his dieting program.

    This HAS to be a record for most number of simultaneous threads.

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