Scivation's **ANAGEN** BULKING LOG

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  1. solid base to work with!

    Dont know if you were looking for comments, but I always like comments so I know what to work on:

    Id work a lot on getting rid of the extra fat... you'd look a lot bigger if you dropped ur BF a few %

    and maybe traps.... other than that I would just work on shaping your muscles... working on iso's with perrrfect form

    your looking good! can't wait to see what you end up with at the end of this!

  2. Day 9:

    Chin ups BW-20lbsx9-10x4
    LatPulldown 167.5x5x1(+2.5lbs -1rep)
    v-barPulldown 180x6x1
    SeatedCableRows(straight bar) 185x5x1 (+5lbs -1rep)
    EZ-bar Curls 110x4x1 (+10lbs -3reps)
    DB Curls 50x5x1
    Closegrip Cable curls 132.5x6x1 (+2.5lbs)

    Pretty good day. Weighed in at 194.4 lbs. Back was pretty tired today so i felt I didn't go as hard as normal. Seated cable rows seemed much easier and I focused on good form as well. Was pretty happy with ez-bar curls today. Not as lethargic today, actually have some pretty good energy, I think it was from eating all the left over turkey from easter.

  3. DAY 10:

    Seated DB press 65x4x1 60x4x1(WeightxRepsxSets) (+1rep on 65)
    Standing military press 125x5x1
    Seated behind head press(smith)
    Front bent over side laterals 40x6x1
    Rear laterals 35x5x1 (+5 pounds -1 rep)
    Upright row 115x6x1 (+5 pounds)
    DB shrug 100x6x2
    Smith behind back shrugs 235x8x1 (+2 reps)

    Felt pretty good today. Lifts slowly increasing, but increasing none the less... When doing the behind back shrugs I looked huge, was pretty neat... Standing military press owned me today so I only did 1 set and tried behind head shoulderpress, I liked it. 35 days to go!

  4. DAY 14:


    Flat BB bench press 185x5x1 185x4x1 (+1 rep) (WeightxRepsxSets)
    Incline BB bench press 160x6x1 165x4x1 (+10 lbs)
    Incline DB bench press 70x5x1 70x3x1 (+1rep)
    Skull crushers 90x6x1 (+1 rep)
    tricep pushdown 92.5x7x1 (+2.5 lbs +1 rep)
    Bench Dips BW+70lbsx7x1 (+1 rep)

    Decent day! Increased in EVERY single lift! Weighed 196 at the gym. Got some comments saying I look like IM improving pretty good. I felt HUGE at the gym so pumped. Even before the gym I felt huge, was very nice sense of well being. Good energy. 31 days to go! Oh man i can't wait to see the effects that it has on my by the end of the 2nd bottle!

  5. Legs
    Squats 250
    x4x2 (WeightxRepsxSets) (+5lbs)
    LegPress 500x7x2
    Deadlift 325x6x1 330x1x1
    (+5lbs) (+1 rep at 325)

    Sstanding calve raise(smith) 415x8x2

    Not a bad day, took it easy on sets. Got 6 reps out of the 325 deadlift pretty happy with that. Did 330 for 1 probly could have done it 2 more times but I called it quits just in case, cuz my back was feeling a little strained. Squat form got better this week. Not much else to report.

  6. Thumbs up

    Pics and progress look awesome man.

  7. Day 16:

    hammer grip Chin ups BWx6-10x2
    LatPulldown 167.5x5x2
    v-barPulldown 180x6x1
    SeatedCableRows(straight bar) 185x6x1 (+1rep)
    EZ-bar Curls 110x4x1
    DB Curls 50x6x1 (+1rep)
    Closegrip Cable curls 135x7x1 (+2.5lbs + 1 rep)

    Busy day, got a few busy days coming up this week and next... finding a new job and tests and homework. Lifting went alright today nothing special. Weighed in at 197 I can tell im gaining weight. And it doesn't appear to be fat or water infact i have improved vascularity. I have to go to a review session now for an exam, tomorrow is shoulders and traps.

  8. Nice logs but where's the deadlifts? I'm not seeing any lower back work, why not just drop wide-grip pulldowns altogether cause your already doing chins, then replace them with deadlifts.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS
    Nice logs but where's the deadlifts? I'm not seeing any lower back work, why not just drop wide-grip pulldowns altogether cause your already doing chins, then replace them with deadlifts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vipersg123
    Good day, very tiring, but good. Increased weight in all lifts. Finally got 325 for 5 on deadlift. Could only get 2reps last week. Very lethargic all day long, donno if this has anything to do with anagen. Leg press seemed very easy today even though I increased the weight a good 30lbs. Only been 8 days and I think i am feeling it. 37 days to go!

  10. haha yes thank you gogo for that clarification. I am changing my schedule next week, and it just happened that this month I did deadlifts with my squats and leg press. Max OT doesn't always have deadlifts in its schedule so i decided to stick it in with the squats. Also the chins this week I did were close grip hammer grip(imagine a hammer curl) it's more so a pullup i guess, i just called it a chin up. I just follow the schedule the max ot guys give me.

  11. lol no problem bro

  12. Day 17:

    Seated DB press 60x4x1 60x4x1
    (WeightxRepsxSets) (-5lbs)
    Seated behind head press(smith)
    Seated Military press (smith) 140x9x1
    Front raises 30x6x1
    Rear laterals on pec deck 90x6x1 Upright row 120x5x1 (+5 pounds)
    DB shrug 100x6x2
    Smith behind back shrugs 235x8x1

    Dissapointed in my performance today! DB press felt SO HEAVY! Weight was 195, down 2 lbs YARG! I guess it was bound to happen sometime sooner o later having a bad workout. w/e i'll do much better next week.

  13. sorry for the late update. I took today off because this morning I woke up and was very sick, anything i drank or ate came back up within 10 minutes. So didn't wanna push it so took the day off. I eventually was able to eat things. I did however puke up the first cap of ecdy, or might have, so later in the day took an extra one with the other 3. Will get back later with todays training. For now.. it's sleepy time.

  14. Day 22:


    LatPulldown 170x6x2(+2.5lbs +1rep)
    v-barPulldown 180x6x2
    T-bar rows 100x5x1
    Deadlifts 335x4x1 (+10lbs) 365x3x1
    DB Shrugs 100x5x2

    Good day, felt good on lat pulldowns. Little less powerful on deadlifts but not bad. Feel much better today, so diet was in check. weighed in at 197 again today at gym. Weighted 194 this morning. Weight seems to be slowly increasing. Gonna increase calories slightly.

  15. Scribed

  16. DAY 23:


    Flat BB bench press 190x6x1 (+5 lbs +1 rep) 195x4x1(+10lbs -1rep)(WeightxRepsxSets)
    Incline DB bench press 70x6x1 (+1rep)
    Cable Crossovers 40lbsx7x2
    Fly Machine 130lbsx4x1
    Skull crushers 90x7x1 (+1 rep)
    behind the back tricep pushdown Whole stack + 25lb plate x15x2 (was on maxOT schedule but was wayyy to easy)
    tricep pushdown 100x5x1 (+7.5 lbs
    -2 reps)

    Mixed it up a bit today. Thinking about changing over to HST for a month and a half to see how that works for me. Bench press up 10 lbs!!!

    Pretty cool if i do say so myself. Tricep pushdowns up 7.5 lbs!!!

    Every exercise up in reps!!!

    arlight thats enough of the jaw dropping. Felt really sick after drinking my protein shakes lately, not sure why.
    Legs tomorrow.

  17. Shut your mouth when your talking to me!

  18. Day 24:

    Squats 255x4x3 (WeightxRepsxSets) (+5lbs)
    LegPress 500x7x2
    Stiff Legged Deadlifts 275x4x1 225x10x1
    Walking lunges 40lbsx20ftx1

    Pretty good day, increased squats put in some stiff legged deadlifts this time around and some lunges. Did some ab work also. Weight was 197.
    Tomorrow is shoulders and biceps.

  19. Day 25:

    DB Press 65x5x1 (WeightxRepsxSets) (+5lbs)
    Shoulder Press Machine 180x5x1
    Reverse PecDeck 100x6x1
    EZ-bar curl 110x6x1 (+ 2 reps)
    Preacher bb curl 90x8x1
    Close Grip EZ-bar curl 95x8x1 (+5lbs)
    Reverse grip pulldown 190x5x1

    Great improvement today! Felt very strong and looked very big! Curls are up and so are DB presses. Finally got 65lb-ers for more than 3-4 reps! Weighed in at 198. Chest is starting to feel much bigger. Also some good, but bad news: from my cissus and powerful cycle i did a few months back i ended up with stretch marks on my right arm, now im getting them on my left arm so obviously there is some growth going on.

  20. I want to change things up a bit. I was thinking HST or 5x5 routines, but cannot make up my mind. I was thinking 5x5 would be good, but its 3 days a week, which is fine but i like to go to the gym so i'de probly have to do some cardio during off days, which wouldn't hurt as I have some extra chub. Any suggestions are welcome!

    If i follow through with 5x5 tomorrow wil be the first day of it, Squat, bench ,BB row, hyper extension, and weighted situps.

  21. Day 28 & 29:

    5x5 day 1
    Squats (all sets 5 reps) 117, 146, 175, 204, 233
    BenchPress 91, 114, 136, 159, 182
    BB row 79, 98, 118, 138, 157

    2 sets weighted hyperextensions (45, 90)
    4 sets weighted situps (25)

    decent day, bench felt a little heavy. Not sure how I will like 5x5 but Its worth a shot. weighed in at 198.

  22. Day 30 & 32:

    5x5 day 2
    Squats 4sets(all sets 5 reps)
    BenchPress 4sets
    Deadlift 4sets

    5x5 day 3

    weighted dips

    Sorry for the delay, been a busy week! I don't have time to really go into detail about lift #'s , but seeing how this is my first 5x5 week and its not at my true 5 rep max yet then it doesn't really matter. Lifts felt really strong. I was so sore after day 2! My back is still sore, I can't pick up much at work it sucks. Had some serious pain in my left calve also... to the point where i was limping a little. Maybe im not cut out for 5x5??? Will decide in a few more weeks... feels like this could over train me, but we will see. 2nd bottle is almost gone! weighed in at the big 200 wednesday, could be more now, will get back to that monday.

  23. Pics Pics

  24. gonna wait til the end of the log I donno if my body comp got better, i suffer from bigorexia so who knows, i'll let u guys be the judge.

    I took today off, my back was still sore from doing deadlifts... which is really wierd. I have decided to scrap 5x5 because of it, I don't like the idea of training bodyparts more than once a week. I was thinking maybe a little high volume to switch things up, but ill decide later and get back to u with that.

  25. alright heres the deal, just about done with my anagen. I got food poisoning the other day and didn't get to eat for a whole day and it completely screwed up my diet. I changed my routine from 5x5 to a simple 2 on 1 of 2 on 2 off upper A and B and lower A and B routine. Its somewhat higher volume, i did it the day before i got food poisoning and i was SO sore the next day even in muscles i didn't use. SO im taking the rest of this week off and starting fresh monday. Will put up some after pics soon. Again, Sorry for the lack of updates finals and food poisoning suck.


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