Halo/Megazol results- My $.02

  1. Halo/Megazol results- My $.02

    I just completed this cycle. I did not keep a log, but thought I'd share results.

    Starting measurements: New Measurements:
    Weight- 220........................... ..225
    Chest- 46"........................... .....47-1/2" (wow)
    Bi- 17-1/8............................. ....17-1/2"
    Thigh- 24"........................... ......24-1/2"
    Calves- 17-1/4"......................... .17-3/4"

    I kept my calories right around 3000/day. Ate pretty clean, but had to have fajitas once...o.k. twice a week. I prolly should of had more carbs during the cycle. I leaned out pretty well.

    Strength increase- 4 sets of 8 db presses w/95s like it was nothing.
    Leaned out
    Increased vascularity
    Increased size
    Mentally jacked for my workouts
    Good pumps

    Weeks 1-2: No apparent sides, but I know changes were taking place.
    Weeks 3-4:
    Increased agression and irritability.
    Very minor acne
    Lethargy...week 4 was a b*tch, wanted to nap all day, but couldn't sleep at nite.
    dehydration- I couldn't drink enough water.
    Joint pain

    Overall, generally satisfied with the results. I took liver supps, fish oil, etc. as well. I've seen a few posts where it seems like some of the people are taking this product not so seriously because of the low sides, but do not make the mistake of thinking this is just a creatine or something. I am currently beginning PCT w/ RXT, LeanXtreme, Fenugreek, Activate, and CEE(that stuff tastes gr8!!!). I am also throwing in some cissus for the joints. Later.

  2. Sounds like good results.
    Gained five pounds, measurements increased, and leaned out.
    Can't ask for a lot more than that.
    What about strength increase, and what were your doseage of each?

  3. Halo- 1 pill/day
    Megazol- 100mg/day

    Strength went up noticably in my workouts. I didn't do any maxes to compare to. During this cycle I really concentrated on my back and my tris, they are lagging in comparison to other body parts. My other routines stayed the same.

  4. what was you goal to cut or maintain. also how much did you lean out do you think?

  5. My goal was to add muscle. I would of been fine if I had put on some fat while gaining muscle, but I don't think I really did. My upper abs show pretty good now and I can see a vein or two running across my chest. This is basically my first cycle since finding all of the info on this site, so I did not know what to expect in terms of gains. Before I was told about this site from a guy from GNC I tried SD, but felt horrible 2 wks in. Wished I'd known about this site then. I may try this cycle again, but as a cutter.

  6. you think this would be good as a cutter then?

  7. Yeah, I think so. Theres a guy on here(Ubber) that says he is running it as a cutter, but with low carbs. I personally would not do that. On days that I did not consume a sufficient amount of carbs, I felt pretty bad. Prolly low cal.


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