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  1. **** EXCELL LOG**** by rysigpi

    Got my EXCELL in today. For those that do not know what this product is, well, it is a BCAA type product with some bonuses.

    For more info www.chemistrylabs.com

    Price: $79.99Items Remaining:0
    EXCELL, 2070g, 4.6 pounds 180 servings per 2 scoops (11.5g)
    L-Leucine 3.5 g
    L-Isoleucine 1.75 g
    L-Valine 1.75 g
    L-Glutamine 2.5 g
    Vitamin B6 10 mg
    Citrulline Malate 1 g

    One serving is roughly 2 tablespoons.
    Most will notice it is similar to Xtend but in a different flavor.

    I just got done working out and took a couple servings right after as I picked my package up right after the gym.

    -First impressions= THE TASTE IS FANTASTIC! I mixed up another serving to sit here and sip on and I just want to keep drinking it. IMHO, it tastes better than Xtend in the watermelon flavor. I never tried xtend in the grape flavor so I cannot comment.

    So far so good .

  2. On to the log!!

    I will be megadosing EXCELL and comparing it to my experiences that I had with Xtend. I really liked Xtend so this should be kick ass.
    -6 servings on workouts days, 3 sipped during workout and 3 more sipped throughout the day.
    -5 servings on non-workout days.

    Carb cycling diet, contest prep. Currently a little under 7 weeks out.

    Currently doing a 2 days on, one day off routine utilizing a 4 days split of:
    -Legs (quads, hams, glutes, calves)
    -Chest/tries/ abs
    -shoulders/ calves/ abs

    -Max CLA
    -bulk CEE
    -fish oil
    (have been taking all of these except EXCELL for at least two weeks now.

  3. Stats:
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 214
    Relationship status: single and always looking for some bootay!
    (note: maybe EXCELL will help me EXCELL in getting some action!! )

    Chest: 46.5"
    Waist: 34"
    Bicep: 16 5/8"
    Forarm: 13.5" (measured arm straight) I get over 14.5" if I bend my arm up....
    Thigh: 26"
    calf: 16 3/4"

    Pics are as of 4/1/06
    (I promise the next pics will be more clear and all from the same vantage point as my dad sat down for a couple which really throws it off!!! )

  4. You are indeed correct about the taste. At first I was thinking I would have to sacrifice taste for the great price. But when I got it I was blown away. Looking forward to your log, wish I wasn't testing right now so I could but oh well.

  5. CARB UP WHAT!!!>?>??

  6. Cardio this mourning went by well. I added a serving to my liter of water and started sipping on it right when I woke up and then headed to the gym. Continued to sip on it during my 45 min cardio session.

    Note: Having EXCELL in a clear container (I have a nice liter water bottle with a squirt spout) is a good conversation starter. Last night in class the cute girl behind me asked what it was

  7. Did weights this afternoon @ about 3 pm.

    Shoulders/ calves/ abs

    D-bell shoulder presses: 65's- 12-12. 70's- 7
    Rear laterals: 25's- 3x12
    Side laterals: 20's- 12-12-11
    Seated calf: 100- 10-12-11
    Calf singles holding 60 lb d-bell: 3x10 each leg
    Incline crunches: 3x15
    Side bends with 45: 3x15 each side

    20 min treadmill walk, 3.0 mph, 1% grade.

    -Workout was good. I was able to really keep rests down and I supersetted the last few exercises which helped keep me rockin.
    -Last time I tried 70's on d-bell shoulder presses I only got 5, and I am cutting

  8. After about two days now I can say that my appetite has suppressed quite a bit. I am not as hungry in between meals. I did not notice this effect with Xtend, but I wasn't on a calorie deficient diet either.

    So not as hungry any more with the feeling of starving myself

  9. Increased vascularity has been noticed today. It was an off day as well so it wasn't a pump from the gym. I never knew that BCAA would have this sort of effect...cant complain though!

    I like the fact that my "water" now tastes quite a bit better. Kinda nice to have some flavor for a change.

  10. Cardio in the am today. It was 34 degrees here at 8 am....can you say burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    Weight: 216 this mourning, with NO loss of definition.

    -45 min. walking, 4 mph, 6% to 11% grade
    -drank two servings during my cardio.

    Did legs at 3 pm today. (3 servings during workout) Oh did I mention that it was now 68 degrees out at this time?
    Squats: 325-5-3
    Front squats: 205- 6-7
    GHR: using a lat pulldown bench (having 40 pounds of assist on the cable) 8 reps, then 6
    Romanian deads: 315-10, 365-8-6
    Glute/ ham kickbacks: 60, 12 ea, 10 ea, 10 ea
    Leg press singles: (hammer strength, pendulum individual leg plates style) 160-10 ea, 170-10ea, 180-8ea
    Smith calf raises: 195-23-20, 245-17

    -Walk 20 min @ 3mph, 1% grad

    I have been sipping on 3 more servings throughout the day.

  11. subscribe. Good log so far. What part of MI you from? 'used to live just south of Grand Rapids..

  12. Im from Cadillac and will be there from MAy-thru August. I am going to school at Saginaw Valley right now!

  13. Something I forgot to mention.... My teeth became somewhat sensitive Tuesday and Wednesday, not real sensitive, but just like how they feel against something cold. It went away thursday and none today either.

    Another note- for all those that care....it seems my "unit" is more full when unerect and during my whole dieting deal, my libido has just dumped, but it is coming back some...food for thought.

    Will update with my chest/tri/abs workout later.

  14. Cool

    -9 am on empty stomach
    -45 min. on treadmill, 4 mph, 6-12% grade

    Weights: @3 pm
    -Weighted dips- 45 lbs- 13-10-9
    -Barbell bench press, wide grip (no lockout, and bring to just above chest (dont touch chest)- 175 lbs- 6-6-5 (Its so hard, constant tension on the muscles with no lock out and not touching the chest, let alone after some heavy dips!)
    -Decline close grip presses: 175- 7-4, 155-6 (pettered out)
    -Incline barbell presses: 155-3 135-6-5 (Using same no lock out, constant tension scheme)
    -Skulls: 65-12, 75-10-10
    -D-bell flyes: 55's-12, 60's-10-8
    -weighted crunches: 192-3x15

    -20 min. walk on treadmill @ 3mph, 1% grade.

    -Overall great workout, my pressing weights were way down with doing weighted dips first. I have also had to lighten the weights since incorpoting the "constant tension" type of style. There must be a proper name for the "CT". All I know is that before I incorporated the "CT" I was repping 215 for the same reps!!!

  15. New pics @ 6 weeks, 1 day out from the contest. This lighting was different then in the other locker room. Bulbs were much brighter and go some funny glare goin...

    Note: Im gonna call my lifting partner "shakes" from now on!! ahaha
    Attached Images Attached Images   

  16. Just a cardio day for me. I usually do cardio in the mourning on an empty stomach, but the fitness center here at college does not open till noon! So I did i went at 1pm.

    -Sipped two servings of EXCELL throughout the cardio. I changed it up some; I hit up the eliptical cross trainer for 30 min. burning between 12-13 cals/min. Then hit the treadmill for 15 min. @ 4mph/ 8% grade.

    I worked my legs thursday, and yesterday they were not that sore. Today they a quite a bit more sore, but it is different then usual. Its like a pump type soreness and it has been fading throughout today. Usually w/o the BCAA's, my legs are sore the day after the leg workout, then super sore the next day with me penguin walking up stairs...lol


  17. Terrible gas today. No stomach discomfort at all, just nose discomfort. My diet has remained unchanged so it is weird I am getting gas now after 6 days of using EXCELL. Maybe just a weird day...


  18. Back/ Biceps @2:30 today
    -weighted pull ups: w/25-8,7,6
    -barbell rows: 165-10 175-10 185-10 (PR for me) never rowed over 165 before!
    -smith machine one arm rows: 95-10ea, 8R 7L, 7ea
    -barbell shrugs: 335-12, 365-10, 405-8 (PR again, never been over 365 for shrugs)
    -ez bar curls: 95-10-7-6
    -reverse barbell curls closely gripped: 65-11,10,10
    -high pulley cable curls: 40-15,12,10

    20 min on eliptical cross trainer

    Notes: Very good workout. I am maintaining my strength very well, so much better than last year when I cut. I actually set a couple PR's today in barbell rows and shrugs. The reps were just going well so I just upped the weight and handled it!

  19. Cardio this mourning. Got to the fitness center around 8:10. 30 min on eliptical crosstrainer burning around 12 cals/ min. Then walked on the treadmill for 15 min @ 4 mph 7% grade. Sipped on a serving of EXCELL during.

    -Just got out of the shower and I am now eating breakfy. Gotta jet to class. Will update with this afternoons workout later today.

  20. Cool

    Weights: 2:30 pm
    -smith military: 155-11-9-8
    -standing calf raises:360-10-8-8 (PR)

    -side cable laterals: 30 3x10 each
    -seated calf: 110- 10-8-10 (PR)

    -incline crunches: 3x15
    -side bends: 3x15

    -leg ups: 3x15
    -rear delt machine: 110-15, 120-10, 130-10 PR

    -20 min on eliptical cross trainer

    Good workout, set a couple PR's.

    updated measurements:
    weight: 214
    chest: 46" (-1/2")
    waist: 33 5/8" (-1/4")
    bicep: 16 1/2" (-1/8")
    forarm: 13 1/2" (0)
    thigh: 26" (0)
    calf: 16 7/8" (+1/8")

    Notes-So I am the same weight, but lost inches...does that mean I lost fat and gained some muscle as muscle does not take up as much room as fat per pound? Makes since to me but I could be wrong.....
    -More vascularity
    Last edited by rysigpi; 04-10-2006 at 05:55 PM. Reason: remeasured my waist......I just tried on a pair of jeans and they fell off me, so I thought I had to have measure wrong....I must have been too close to my hips.

  21. Cardio: 8am empty stomach
    -30 min. on eliptical cross trainer
    -15 min treadmill 4 mph @ 7% grade
  22. Cool

    weights: 2:30pm

    -squats: 335-3 (had to lower weight ) 315-4-3...all really deeeeep
    -GHR: 50 pounds assist 10-8-7
    -leg press singles: 180 10ea, 10R 8L, 190- 10R 8L
    -smith machine skiier type calf raises: 245- 25-18-16
    -reverse calf (tibia flexor??) 20-15-12-10
    -adductors/ abductors: 110- 2x10 each way
    -hammy curl: (diff machine) 150-10-8

    Legs are feeling good tonight. Usually they are sore, but they feel money. My strength is holding up really well for cutting. I remember last year my strength just took a dive!!!

  23. Carbed up last night!! YAY for me.

    Cardio: 8am.
    -I looked absolutely tore. Everyday I now wake up and tell myself "this is the most peeled you have ever been" and it holds true each day i wake up.

    -45 min low to mod intensity cardio. Legs feel good after a hard leg day yesterday.

  24. yesterdays weight training: Thurs. 4/12/06


    Incline d-bell presses: 90's- 12-12-9-7
    Decline smith press: 195-10-7-6-7 (second wind?! )
    Dips: body weight only: 12-12-11-9
    Tri ext: 130-15-13-12-12

    some ab work.

    The workout was different in the sense that I limited exercies but with more sets of each. It worked out well and really liked it. I was suprised I was able to bust off the incline as I did.

  25. Cardio this mourning:
    8am: 45 min. low to mod. intensity burning about 600 cals.

    Weight: 212

    Legs are feeling a little more sore than they were thursday. Def. not as bad as normal and it feels more like a pump than anything. Usually after working legs, a day and a half after, I have to like fall into chairs/ toilet...ect...aahahah (I know you have all been there. Straining yourself to bring your ass to the toilet seat!!! ahaha

    I am doing weights today as well. Normally it would be an off day but with the holiday---ON with the program.


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