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  1. Hey rysigpi, the link isn't working.

    Also could you send me an email I have a question.


    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
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  2. Link works now. I was fooling around with it was I put up the wrong one.....e-mail sent.

  3. 4/18/06

    Cardio: 8am- 45 min. burning roughly 600 cals

    Weights: 2:30pm- Legs
    Single leg squats w/ rear leg elevated: holding 65's- 10ea, 10right-8left, 8ea
    Leg press singles: 190- 10ea, 8ea, 8ea
    d-bell step-ups with knee raise: 50's 3x12
    Glute/ham kick backs: 120- 3x15 each leg

    Nice leg workout, different than usual but I needed it.

  4. Cardio: 8am-45 min, just over 600 cals burned

    Weights: 2:15pm- chest/tris/abs
    Barbell bench constant tension: 185-10-8-6
    Incline hammer strength chest press: 180-12-10-10
    Cable flyes: 60-15-13-13
    decline close grip in the smith: 145-10 155-7-5
    overhead tricep extension with elbows resting on bench: 90-20, 100-12-10

    weighted cable crunches: 192-3x15
    Side bends with 45: 3x15 each side

    eliptical for 20 min: another 200 cals burned

    Everything going good. I am leaning out nicely and my weight really is not dropping as much as it "should". Meaing that last year i did this and was wasting away...muscle and fat. But this year...I know what I am doing (well at least more so that before ! )

  5. Yesterday.... Cardio only for 45 min. ~600 cals burned.

    This mourning:
    Cardio: 600 cals burned in the 45 min. on the eliptical.

    Weight: 210

    I had to redo the diet some. I couldnt handle that many shakes. Not filling and it made my stomach a little weird.
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  6. 4/21/06
    Chins- 16-11-9
    cable curls singles: 40-3x12 each arm (very surprised i got them all on each set!
    t-bar rows: 145-12, 155-9
    dumbell alt. curl standing: 50's-8ea, 7ea
    seated dumbell shrugs: 105's 2x15
    reverse d-bell curls (starts like a hammer then twist to make it like a reverse curl): 40's-12ea, 11ea
    back ext: 2x20

    Somewhat of a deloading day. I still put up good weight (for me) but lowered the sets a lot.

    20 min walk on treadmill after!
    (Im such a badass for walking...ahahah...people give me **** for it then i just flash some cuts...and they wonder how I do it...must be rocket science! lol)

    Notes: My a** is still sore from tuesdays leg day. Its the heaviest I ever have done the glute/ham kick backs and they kicked my a** (literally!!!)

  7. Weights today:
    Side cable lateral raises: 24 (diff machine) 3x10 each arm
    Front cable lat raises: 24 3x10 each arm
    Rear lat raises cable: 24 2x12 ea, 10ea
    weighted crunch machine: 3x12 @160
    calf on leg press machine: 380-18-16-15

    The regular weight room was closed at the university so I had to make do with the "fitness center" they have thus all the lateral raises!!! dangit!!! Lower volume workouts this week as well.

    30 min on eliptical after weights

    Some pics as well.
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  8. Sunday, 4/23/06: REST DAY

    MONDAY, 4/24/06:
    Incline d-bell presses: 90's-15, 95's-12-9 (I lost my old log of workouts, but that has to be close to a PR for me)
    Hammer strength chest press: 200-8-6-5
    Incline cable flyes: 50-12-10-9
    dips: 15-10-8 (im spent by now)
    skulls: 75- 10-9

    low cable pull ins- 60-15-12-10
    side bends: 45-3x15 each side

    30 min walk on treadmill after weights

    Tuesday 4/25/06:
    Cardio- 8:15 am, empty tank
    -60 min eliptical burning about 800 cals

    Weights later today will be Back and Biceps

    Notes: I have changed my split up. It was a 6 day cycle:
    1: legs
    2: chest/tris/abs
    3: off
    4: back/biceps
    5: shoulders/calves/abs
    6: off

    New one!!
    1: Chest/tris/abs
    2: Back/ biceps
    3: off
    4: shoulders/calves/abs
    5: legs (no calf work)
    6: off

    Also I weighed in at 212 after cardio this mourning. Thats 3 pounds more than a few days ago, but Im leaner and my waist is under 33 1/2" now....ummmmm

    So far so good. I have gotten so used to drinking "flavored" water I dont think I could give it up now!! The taste is great and it is helping me get into the best shape of my life. I never even had "abs" before this year!

  9. 4/25/06: Weights:
    V-bar pull downs: 180- 12-9-7
    v-bar rows: 180- 3x10
    barbell shrugs: 315-12, 365-10, 405-7
    back ext: w/45 3x12
    barbell curls: 105-8-6
    rope cable curls: 120-10-10
    bent over curls: 40's-10-10 each
    reverse barbell curls: 65-11-10

    30 min on eliptical cross trainer after


    Also I encourage everyone to go check out http://www.anabolicinnovations.com/

    They have more flavors of EXCELL available! Also they have new whey isolate in some new flavors. Go check it out and I bet you could do some awesome during workout shakes:

    i.e. Succulent Strawberry EXCELL with a scoop of Strawberry-Banana whey sounds awesome!!!

  10. Great log so far. I hear so much about EXCELL its crazy. Ill have to try the stuff someday. Your fat content seems very high (i could only read the first diet, the 2nd one wouldnt load for my ****ty computer). Maybe theres big changes there. I know i know its good fats but it still seems a bit high for my taste.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by MadMas
    Great log so far. I hear so much about EXCELL its crazy. Ill have to try the stuff someday. Your fat content seems very high (i could only read the first diet, the 2nd one wouldnt load for my ****ty computer). Maybe theres big changes there. I know i know its good fats but it still seems a bit high for my taste.

    I am stopping the carb cycling and going with something easier as I have been talking with some people more experienced than myself.

    I am now at : 2560 kcals 334p/ 193.5c/ 51f every day with lots of cardio...

  12. 4/26/06:
    Cardio: 8 am 60 min
    Weight: 208!

    Cardio: 8:15 am 60 min

    Weights: 2:15 pm.
    -Smith military presses: 155-12, 165-10, 175-7 (PR, I just kept going up in weight and it felt great)
    -Seated side laterals: 20's-20, 25's- 16-15
    -Standing bent over rear laterals: 30's 3x12

    seated calf: 160-20, 170-16-14, 180-11

    legs raises: 12-12-10
    Side bends with a 60 d-bell: 3x15
    incline crunches: 3x15

    30 min walk on treadmill after workout.

  13. 4/28/06 Weights:
    LEGS! drinking 3 servings EXCELL throughout
    -squat: 295-6-5-4
    -leg sled: 540-11, 590-8, 630-6
    (difficulty walking now )
    -ham curls: 140-12, 150-10-9
    -leg ext: 180-10-9-8
    -abductors: 3x12@ 120

    -walk for 20 min on treadmill

    My log on running EXCELL is nearing the end, not by choice (I would keep the log going for a year) but as my 2 kg is almost gone! I am ready to buy more here soon. I think if i were to implement this mega dosing with a squeaky clean diet like I have now, but with 1,000 kcals more a day.....I would be an animal no doubt

  14. 4/29/06- 45 min cardio at 11:30 am

    Weights: 11:30am
    Bench press: 205- 7-5-5
    Incline bench press: 165- 10-8, 175-6
    D-bell flyes: 65's-12-10-10

    Close grip decline presses: 155-7-6-5
    Reverse grip tri-ext singles: 40- 18 ea, 14 ea, 12 ea
    Weight cable crunches kneeling style: 200-15-15-15

    25 min on eliptical after weights

    Man, I am almost out of EXCELL so I have not been taking as much since Friday, I am only taking it around my workouts now and I can tell a huge diff!!! I literally can barely walk right now (Sunday night) from leg day on friday night. I want more EXCELL!!!!!!!!!! You never think it helps that much until you start to run out and limit your doses! What the heck is gonna happen when im totally out in a couple days? Am I gonna die?!!?!?!?!

  15. 5/1/06-
    Weight: 207
    Cardio for 50 min burning 650+ cals!

    Weights later today.

    Note: I cant wait for the samples of the new flavors of EXCELL to get here so I can choose what flavor to get next!

  16. I tore back and biceps up today!!

    5/1/06- weights @ 2:30 pm
    -barbell rows: 175-12-12, 185-8
    -pulldowns, medium grip: 170-12-10-8
    -single arm shrugs in smith: 145-3x15 each arm
    -back ext-3x15

    -standing alt curls: 55's-10 each! 60's-6 each

    -seated hammers: 45's- 10ea, 10ea

    -single bent over curls: 40's 2x10 each

    Will finish the log in the next couple days when my EXCELL is all gone

  17. I finished my EXCELL during cardio today. I definately NEED to get more here within the next week.

    Final measurements:
    Weight: 207 (-8)
    Bicep: 16.5" (-.125")
    Chest: 45.75 (-.75")
    Waist: 33.25" (-.75")
    thigh: 25.75" (-.25")
    calf: 16.75" same

    Notes: My strength has remained very well and stable for as hard as I have been dieting. Squats are the only exercise that have really suffered and that is from all the cardio I think. Overall it was a great log and I made substantial improvements to my physique in the 4 weeks. I have never been this cut before in my life. The taste was good, it is so much better than drinking water. I started to drink water again to save the EXCELL for my workout...and goss...it stinks drinking water compared to the "nitrous version"!! (sipping EXCELL that is!)

    Now I just gotta get me some more EXCELL baby!

  18. Today was the first whole day without any EXCELL. Everything seemed okay until I went to the gym, my energy was great at the start but tapered off pretty quick. I must say I miss my fruity workout beverage!

    Please go to this thread:


    Take a look at both of our logs and vote on the poll for the supplement rep contest. Not much activity in the voting so go check it out!


  19. Dayum playa nice back...whats your bf like??

  20. Thanks!
    I would say in that pic I was around 8%, hopefully I can get some new ones up soon as I have cut even more.


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