Kre Alkalyn creatine

  1. Kre Alkalyn creatine

    I have tried different creatines and NO in the past and they just don't seem to work. Alot of people at the Gym are recomending "Sci Fit" kre Alkalyn creatine. Out of all the Bul**** supps on the market you never know what is legit and what is not. I have tried M1t, and superdrol and both worked phenomenal. Obviously no creatine will work as good as superdrol or m1t, but can anyone tell me if the Kre alkalyn is worth buying????

  2. Personally Kre-alkalyn did not work very well for me. I had much better results with Green Bulge, Storm, CVM. On a side note, there is no comparison between Creatine supplements and Designer Steroids like Superdrol and M1T.

  3. haha....exactly. thats like comparing vitamin c to tren.

  4. I really like Kreatine Ultra by Black Star Labs, but it has a bunch of BCAAs and stuff, which might alter the overall effect.

  5. Yeah, if you read my thread i do say that no creatine will work as good as m1t, or SD!!!!!

  6. that is true, but irrelevent. the two are not related. Creatine is a "supplement", SD and M1T are steroids-derivatives/steroids/phs/prosteroids, whatever - therefore a drug, hence the ban.

  7. I've used Prolab Creatine Mono for years but lately I haven't been responding as well. Want to give Kre-Alkalyn a shot. Thinking of getting Cytosport Fast Twitch but It doesn't say exactly how much Kre is in it. I might get another form of Kre to go along with it for my pre workout drinks

  8. Im using VPXsports CEX and it is a new creatine, seems to work well however the taste is horrible, can barely tolorate it, have to mix it with 100% grape juice. Give it a shot!

  9. I was on SCI-FIT's KREALKALYN. It was just ok. In the beginning it seemed to work great, but a few weeks later it seemed like it stop working? I've had much better results with Creatine Ethyl Ester, or even the old reliable powder monohydrate.

    I'd put your $20.00 towards the Ethyl Ester.

    Good Luck


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