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  1. I hear ya. I never had great luck with NO either, but I figured I'd try Gaspari's because I've had such great success with his other products. I just hope the laxative effect goes away soon. Doin legs tomorrow and I dont wanna leave a surprise on the floor in the power rack.

  2. Reguarding the guys that have gotten good results from size-on, are u taking it everyday, do u think daily dosing is neccessary?????

  3. Quote Originally Posted by RipdnTxs
    Reguarding the guys that have gotten good results from size-on, are u taking it everyday, do u think daily dosing is neccessary?????
    I was, but given the Glucose bonding I'm not sure if it would be neccessary as serum levels should be achieved so quickly. I was dosing it directly Pre-WO, not intra. Though if I am not mistaken Rokcy was drinking it during.

  4. Yea, I was (and am) drinking it during...I'm sure immediately pre is just fine too. I just like to sip on something sweet instead of just plain water. I'll drink about half of it, then start diluting it at the water fountain so it lasts the whole session. As far as daily dosing, I missed a day and trained anyway and the pump wasnt as good (keep in mind this was during post cycle therapy so that could be due to many factors).

    Regarding the SuperPump, I'm trying it today following a 3 hour "fast". I just started my diet and for some reason I'm not craving foods like I normally do. I'm going from a 4500 cal to 3000 cal diet and dropping my carbs from 400+ to 100 (and eventually 50 with a 4 day cycle - carb up day will be 400 or so). I'll let you all know if this affects the absorption at all. I'm still a little wary (esp since I upped it to 2 scoops) so I'm gonna do back today instead of legs, and no deadlifts. I'm on day 2 of H-50/m-trn, and will be taking my first pin of sust today so any effects will still be from the SuperPump/SizeOn. These orals work mightly fast though. Last time I ran Halodrol I felt it by day 3.

  5. Ok well it's about 3.5 hours post SuperDump ingestion and no runs to speak of. I did up the dose to 2 scoops. As far as pumps, they were good, but not measurably better than with just the SizeOn. I will say that I had the best workout I've ever had eating 100 g carbs. Was able to blast out DB rows with the 160's for 8 reps, a personal best for me, but that's only because I returned to a gym that I hadnt been at for a long time, and they now have dumbells up to 200. Next back workout I'm goin for the 170's. I can't lie though, I definitely attribute some of the success of the session to a placebo effect of getting back on test. Pinned 500 mg sust before I left for the gym and's good to be back!!

    I will say that the one thing I definitely do notice from the SuperPump is the caffeine. I dont know how much is in there, but it's a good amount. I have a VERY high tolerance for stims, but after ingesting 2 scoops of the SuperPump I went to pin my sust and my hands were shaking. I definitely felt focussed and energized for a hard workout after a grueling day at work.

    It's only day 2, but as of right now I'll say that the SuperPump isnt bad, but I probably wouldnt use it again. I can spend $45 much more wisely (like on another tub of SizeOn). Its not completely worthless, just a little bit of a disappointment. But as I keep using it may improve. Scheduled for legs tomorrow and I was pleased to see that my re-vamped gym now has 2 heavy duty leg sleds so I can finally go past 1170 lbs on the leg press.

    FWIW, just so we're clear on what else is in play, here's my little cuttin cycle I threw together. Diet is 3000 cals 350-400 g protein, 100 g carbs for 4 days, then 400-500 on every 5th day. I'm startin at 260 lbs. Dont care where i end up, I'm goin by the mirror.

    week 1-8 sust 1000 mg
    week 1-4 halodrol 50 mg ED
    week 1-4 M-trn 6 mg ED
    week 1-8 GH 4 IU EOD

    Using 2 servings dails of cycle support, multi, omega 3-6-9, 8 sesathin caps daily, 6 CLA daily, CoQ10. I have Gaspari thyrotabs and tons of the original Stacker2's on hand, but I'm only going to use them if A) i start to stagnate and/or B) my appetite starts to become a problem. TBH I dont wanna get back on the ephedrine if I dont have to. I have such a hi tolerance for it that after 2 weeks if I'm not taking 75 mg then I'm a zombie.

  6. I picked up a jug of this stuff a few months ago. I just tried it yesterday. I took it on an empty stomach about 30-40 minutes of working out. I started to notice some increased energy, foggy head, and a little shaky. Worked out for an hour and half went home and started to feel even more of the stimulant effects. I stared to feel my heart beating so I took my pulse and it was 110 while standing and 104 at rest. BP was a little low from compensation. I have to say for at least three hours the effects from this stuff increased and lasted for six hours. I am more susceptible to stimulants then most but for me this stuff worked. I did develop a mild intermittent headache but I can't say if it was from working 8 hours with no break, no food, then working out. Overall, this product worked for me but I did not tolerate the effects very well. I am going to try to titrate the dose so I am not getting such a strong physiological response to the stimulants. Other then the stimulant effects did not notice much else. I might have felt a mild NOX effects with the low bp but my bp tends to be lower an hour or so after working out. Mentally this stuff did not leave me sharp but rather fogged my head a little. I tried the blue rasberry flavor. I agree with the previous poster you have to choke this stuff down. The funny thing is it states to mix a scoop with 4-8 ounces of water and I have to use like 16-20 just to get it down. The mixability is very poor with clumps at the top whether it is shaken or stirred.
  7. Done with NO boosters

    I am finished with NO boosters. I tried NO Explode then superpump. Bad headaches with both and diahrreah with superpump as an added bonus. I have a brand new jug of superpump I'm going to take to the gym and give away. Actually I'll probably anger someone for giving them the green apple splats, better throw it away. I now just drink a Lo Carb Monster energy drink pre workout and get outstanding energy. I tried the regular energy drinks with sugar (corn syrup) in them and they made me crash later.


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