USPlabs and Scivation Lean Bulk Log by Johnfaceman

  1. USPlabs and Scivation Lean Bulk Log by Johnfaceman

    Super USPlabs Scivation lean bulk stack - by johnfaceman


    This is my second log, so I would like to thank USPlabs and Scivation for allowing me to try this out. Please feel free to make any suggestions because I know I have plenty to learn.

    I am 20 years old and have been lifting for about 5 years, but three more seriously. I am not in any way trying to compete. I just do this for myself. I was 250 pounds in Middle School, lost 90 going down to 160 in High School where I wrestled, ran cross country, played baseball, and track. Since I began lifting I have increased my weight some 38 pounds. My ultimate goal is to reach 210 at 10 % bf.


    I will be taking by USPlabs: c2 and cAMPH. and by Scivation: Sesamin and Lipidfx.

    I will take 2 cAMPH caps in the morning. 3 c2's pre workout (15 minutes)

    By my 3rd meal I will take 1 sesamin, 1 lipidfx, and 2 cAMPH.

    Fourth meal will have one sesamin.

    5th meal will include 1 sesamin and 1 lipidfx.

    Prebed will start with 2 cAMPH which will be bumped up to 3 within the first 2 weeks.

    This log is very similar to that of bentlax39, so hopefully we can compare results.

    Before Stats

    Weight: 199
    BF: 10.7%
    Arms: 15.9"
    Chest: 37.4”
    Waist: 32”

    Before picture

    Current Training Schedule/Protocol

    Mon: Legs
    Tues: Chest
    Weds: OFF… Cardio and abs
    Thurs: Bis/tris/shoulders
    Fri: Back
    Sat: Legs
    Sun: Off… Cardio and abs

    Flat BB, Incline BB, Decline BB, DB Flies, Dips (4 sets of 8)
    Skullcrushers, Pushdowns, Dips (4 sets of 8)
    Pull Ups, Deads, WG Pulls, T-bar Rows, Lower Back Ext (4 sets of 8)
    DB curl, Preacher curl, BB curl (4 sets of 8)
    Squats, lunges, calf raises, front and back Hamstring curls, (4 sets of 8)
    BB press, Arnold press, upright rows, DB raises (with focus on back mids and front, shrugs (4 sets of 8)

    Cardio Schedule

    Mon: Basketball 3 hours
    Tues: Basketball 3 hours
    Weds: 1 hour jog= 6 miles
    Thurs: Basketball 3 hours
    Fri: 1 hour jog= 6 miles
    Sat: Off
    Sun: Off

    Current Supplements

    NOW Fish Oil EGCG and Adam Multi, ATW 20/30 protein, Ergopharm Mass Meal Scivation XTEND


    Typical Daily Diet: 2 gallons of water daily

    Meal 1: Shake, 1 cup of organic oats
    Meal 2: 3 egg whites 2 slice of whole wheat bread and 1 tbsp of Natural PB
    Meal 3: Vegetables and 1 scoop of Mass Meal
    Pre w/o: Shake (1 cup oats, 2 scoops whey, water)
    Post w/o: Shake with 3 scoops of Whey
    Meal 6: Chicken Turkey or Lean Beef
    Meal 7: 2 scoops Mass Meal

  2. nice start man! very detailed, I like it!

    good luck

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sublimejeh
    nice start man! very detailed, I like it!

    good luck
    Thanks bro. Appreciate it.

  4. Day 1: 3-29-06

    To start off the day I took the normal caps, and didn't really notice anything. Today was my cardio abs day. I began with abs. I seemed to fatigue the muscle quicker then normal, but who knows might not have been anything. Cardio went well today and I realized I was sweating like hell. These were the only things I noticed as of today.

  5. Day 2: 3-30-06

    Ok today was my arm day. It took me about half of the workout before I felt any sense of energy. Hard day I suppose. I did notice I perspirated more then usual yet again.

    My eating habits have remained normal. So far nothing much more noticible then that.

  6. Day 3- 3-31-06

    Today was my back day. I woke up feeling good. It was a great night sleep. I took my normal doses of the goods and basically had a good day. Appetite seems to still be there but I dont feel bloated.

    Had a good back workout today. My arms were quite pumped during my workout, and I looked slightly more vascular.

    Didnt really notice anything beyond this.

  7. Day 4- 4-1-06

    Woke up from another great night sleep. Noticed that I had absolutely no appetite this morning. The thought of food actually seemed to disturb me. Well anyway. I have yet to notice much visual proof of weightloss so I guess I have to wait for my one week weigh-in.

    Went to the gym early today because of the Final Four. Still felt good throughout my leg workout. Even increased weights. I did sweat like hell again, and I felt like I didnt want to move afterwards.

    Nothing much beyond this other then GO GATORS!

  8. Ok guys so I apologize for the lack of updates. I won a free trip to NY. Had an amazing time. The hotel did have a gym so I am happy. It wasn't great but it worked. However they had no public computer so I couldn't update. I did however keep what I noticed in a journal. I will update everything tomorrow. Thanks for the patience.

  9. Just curious as to why you are only dosing 2 LIPIDFX per day? Bottle calls for 2 pills 2x ed 6-8hrs apart with meals.
    Recent log:

  10. I was recomended to do half dose of lipid. If it is suggested otherwise please let me know.

  11. Day 5: 4-2-06

    I noticed no appetite again this morning. Can someone let me know if this is normal. I am able to get down some protein but the not much solid food.

    Energy levels were not the greatest today, though my workout was still on par with other days. I am def. leaning out a little bit which is good to see after only 5 days.

  12. Day 6: 4-3-06

    Appetite came back this morining . I might have ate more then I needed to. I woke up this morning pretty damn sore from lifting and basketball. I noticed today that my sleep is pretty damn good, which is surprising when on so many weightloss products.

    Also I need to note that I am in Florida so I sweat regularly, but this is insane. People refuse to defend me in basketball I have been pouring so much.

  13. Day 7: 4-4-06

    Ok woke up sore again today. I think this may be partly due to TTA. If anyone can confirm please let me know. Then again I have not noticed any of the other "sides" of TTA such as water retention so I don't know.

    Energy is down again today. BTW I am very tolerant to stims. This is natural and not due to abuse, so I am not saying c2 doesn't work. Just hasn't been giving me any energy.

    Week 1 results
    Weight: 198
    Arms: 15.9"
    Chest: 37.5”
    Waist: 32”

  14. Day 8: 4-5-06

    Same experience as previous days.

    Day 9: 4-6-06

    When I wake up I look unbelievably lean. Once I eat it goes back to normal. I think this may have something to do with cAMPH that I am taking before bed. Again energy is down though. I may be able to attribute this to the constant walking and bad wheather in NY city right now.

    Day 10: 4-7-06 to 4-10-06

    Nothing really new these days other then that I haven't been feeling as sore as in the past.

    NY was a blast but its time to head home.

  15. Day 14: 04-11-06 to Day 16: 04-13-06

    I am regaining some of that energy about mid day. I am def. noticing a leaning out and almost recomping effect (Just wish those lower abs would see some of these results). Just look all around slightly better. I have maintained all of my strength and in most cases increased slightly.

    Week 2 results

    Weight: 196
    Arms: 15.9"
    Chest: 37.5”
    Waist: 31.9”

  16. Day 17: 4-14-06 to Day 21- 4-18-06

    My results in the past 4 days have been the most drastic thus far. I seem quite a bit more lean. My strength has still been increasing (which is pretty rare for me on a cut/lean bulk.) I have noticed a decrease in any sides. For example the night and w/o sweats are down from before. Also the cramping and soreness is no longer preasant. Im feeling pretty good except for some bouts with exhaustion (not while in the gym).

    Week 3 results:

    Weight: 194.5
    Arms: 15.9"
    Chest: 37.5”
    Waist: 31.7”


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