V-50 Log!!!

  1. V-50 Log!!!

    Ok i've been reading about all the prohormones out there such as PP and SD. All the write ups and logs people have been reading and i decided i wanted to take it slow. I was going to start with some type or Protanzanal but didnt know what was good. I stopped down by my local Nutrition Store and bought more Liver Supplements and BCAA and talked to a very knowledgable guy, who happens to own the store. He told me i was making the right choice to start out with; also he sells PP and SD and much more. He told me that Orastan-E was a great product that alot of people buy but he said V-50 which is new is alot stronger and better for strength at the gym. Cheaper too!! So i decided to buy it and start with it... let me mind u i didnt research anything about it. I bought it and decided to start it the next day. After reading that the main ingredient was some sort of strong DHEA which sucks! but people have emailed people at IDS and they swear its not... rigghhtt.

    First Day- i took it 30 mins before the gym and didnt feel to much. Before that i only took multi-vit and liver supps. I went to the gym and had ok lifts nothing amazing. Suprisingly i've gotten alot better pumps and feel much stronger when i take Superpump but ohh well! I didnt feel much of a mood change and noticed my back pains had dissappeared. On Superpump i'll lose that strength and pump feeling after about 2-3 hours tops! But on this i felt kind of strong and with energy for the next 22 hours. Which was amazing! I was like wow pro-hormones sticj with u.

    Day Two - I planned it out well b/c i was going to the gym about the same time that day i took the V-50 so it started to wear off about the time i was supposed to take it. This time i decided to take some NoXpolde. Just half serving though and some BCAA with it. And my lifts were even more amazing this time. The strength wasnt really there but the endurance was Crazy! I lifted and lifted normally i do 5x5 but today 7x5 if not 5x7.

    Well now its about 3 hours since i worked out and i still feel a lil pumped and all. I wish V-50 was stronger but its not. I've felt this way taking stuff like t-bomb 2 which sucks but at least this seems to last. Im thinking of stacking this with Orastan-E if things dont start looking up for my strength. I have my PCT ready even though the guy at the store said i dont need any on this but better safe then sorry. Im going to start looking for Novla or Clomid soon so i can get everything ready for my PP cycle soon. Also... Im taking in tons of healthy carbs and protein w/ a lil fat from muscle milk and peanut butter. Im taking all the nessacary Liver Supps for prep of PP cycle and good health. If anyone else has tried this and has some tips please share b/c i've been searching this for days and have found nothing. AM.com has even less info then BB.com
    Im goin to start taking ZMA with Tribulus at night to help my healing. Is there anything else i should take or worry about?

    Day Three - ok today was my day off from the Gym. I feel strong and capable to go to the gym. Not to much soreness and no pains. No temperment, just a lil tired. Tomorrow ill be back in the gym w/ Noxplode. Soon ill be taking Orasten-e and V-50. Cant wait! This stuff just seems really weak Ohh well at least i know but people say ill lose more weight and keep strength then become huge.

    Day Four: I didnt workout b/c of g/f was really sick and needed me to take care of her. I did some push ups and dips and some other small stuff b/c i slept but thats it. Nothing out of the ordinary Hunger was there as well as this really bad pain in my back. Not really my lower back but left side/ middle section. I've read that Taurine and Potasimum will help. Im unsure though?!?!?

    Day Five: Day started fine. I felt like i wanted to go the gym all day. But when i got there i had one of the worse days there ever. My strength just wasnt there. Endurance was fine but i just couldnt put up my normal weight. As well as this back pain. Its starting to get to me, i dont think its from lifting b/c i didnt lift for 2 days and it came out of no wear. V-50 just isnt what i thought it was. Starting this weekend im going to stack Orasten-E with it, and i cant wait!

  2. Day Six: Day off from the Gym and started my First Day with Orastan-e!!! Wow it was strong right off the bad, more so then V-50. Kind of like the first time i took V-50. I hope the effect doesnt wear off like V-50 I ate alot b/c of a family party i had to go to. Nothing special though only took 25mg of Orastan-e.

    Day Seven: I took my muti-vit and Orastan-e! As soon as i took it i started feeling great! About 3 hours later i went to the gym taking V-50 and my BCAA's before hand. I had a good day at the gym. Endurance was up, Strength was up a little bit nothing to special. I liked my day there, did two extra reps on all my excerises. Later before dinner i took another Orastan-e and started to feel my body tighten up. Tomorrow im going to start taking 75mg of Orastan-E.
    Im unsure how high i should go with the dosage of Orastan-e.

  3. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. Day Eight: The day started off more lethergic then others and i was really really hungry all day but i took one Orastan in the morning 8:30 and then another at 2:30 and then V-50, BCAA at 4:00 before the gym. Had a good day there bench went up a lil bit and endurance was there.. but then.. Bam! Joint pain and alot of it. My elbows hurt from Tricep Pull Downs and then Wrist pains out of the world! I dont know what to take for it all so i might start taking Tylenol for the pain. But all around good day.

    Day Nine: Day off nothing special, felt strong all day stuck at 75 mg for another day, wrist pains and elbow pains seem gone, we'll see tomorrow though when i go back to the gym. Tomorrow ill take 25mg in morning, 25mg @ 2:30, then V-50 @ 4:00, then 25 @ 6:30 and lastly at 9:00. i hope i can feel a difference at 100mg.

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