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  1. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs
    Okay guys that are following the thread.

    Click on the Bbicep picture in the beginning of the log and leave the it open and then click on the Bbicep on the second page.

    I see a much leaner human in the lats, serratus, stomach, tricep and chest area..

    Derek how about a quick evaluation from a pro!

    Others please send your evaluation on the before and after and its only been 14 days!
    DEFINITLY! especially around the midsection and below the belly button. The little fat that was under his stomach is disapearing! nice work man!


  2. Glad you guys can see some difference. I wish I could make clear pictures like the dark ones, cause I look better before that flash erases everything, but my camera is not to adjustable. I feel like I am doing pretty good so far, and I am hoping that I can maintain this rate of loss.

  3. Shoulder Workout

    Smith Shoulder Press - 105x18,155x10,175x8, 185x4
    Upright Rows - 115x8,8,8
    Side Laterals - 35x10,40x8,8
    Shrugs - 225x20,315x9(damn grip), 345x10(w/straps), 225x20

    Bike - 10min. Medium intensity

    Grip exercises

    Bike - 20min Medium intensity


    Clean and same as usual, and doubt anyone is really reading my diet at this point.


    Had a good workout today as usual. Strength is still 100% with no drop off at all. My grip has started limiting my back workout pretty bad unless I use straps and it is doing the same on shrugs. My forearms are TINY, so I have started adding grip exercises with shoulders starting today

    I also had a cardio/ab day at the gym yesterday that went well. Tomorrow will be a rest day and Saturday I will hit legs.

  4. Legs Today
    Squats - 135x15, 225x8,8,8
    Leg Press - 600x8,8,8
    SLDL - 225x10, 245x10,10
    Seated Calf Raise - 225x15,10,10
    Standing Calf Raise - 225x20,275x18, 315x18
    M1 - 2/3c oats, 2 strawberries, 2 scoops whey, 1/2c FF milk
    M2 - 2 scoops Muscle Milk
    M3 - ~5oz lean ground beef, 2 slice Whole Wheat Bread, sprinkle cheddar, 1tspn Light Miracle Whip
    M4 - 3 scoops whey(pre/during workout)
    M5 - 2 scoops Muscle Milk
    Next meals not yet planned, but will be clean.
    Not much to report. Knees are getting better and I am working back up on weight. Stack is going great with no sides at all right now.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs
    Derek how about a quick evaluation from a pro!
    Love handles are noticeable smaller, lower pecs/serratus is more defined, lower ab fat has decreased.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Derek_aka_Beast
    Love handles are noticeable smaller, lower pecs/serratus is more defined, lower ab fat has decreased.
    Thanks for doing the side by side. I dont have a decent editing software do to that.

  7. Today was kindof an off day, but I ended up working out anyway. I went in and did a couple bicep exercises and did supersets with abs and forearms. Then went for 30 minutes on the eliptical.

    Diet was 100% clean today as well. Sorry for the short entry, but I am whipped and headed for bed.

  8. Sorry I have not been able to update the last couple days. I was on the road working and could not get the wireless in my hotel to work. I did a chest workout on Monday, and it was pretty bad actually. I did not get alot of sleep the previous night and it hury my workout pretty bad on strength, but I got through it.
    Back Workout Today
    Lat Pulls - 12plate x 12, 14plate x8,8
    T Bar Rows - 180x6,6,6
    V Bar Rows - 15plates x10, 16plates x 10, 17plates x8
    Straight Bar Curls - 95x8,8,8
    Hammer DB Curls - 50x10,10,10
    Bike - 5min. low intensity
    Eliptical 20 min. medium intensity

    Workout went well today and my strength was good. I was still a little tired because sleep was short for three nights straight. My diet has been pretty clean, but not as good as I would like due to being on the road. Just can not do it perfect when traveling, but I do my best.
    I weighed today and I was 180.5. Weight does not seem to be dropping much at all at this point. I am feel like I am still slowly leaning up due to increased vascularity. I think that I am holding some water right now around my midsection because there has not been much change there, but I can see a difference on my arms and legs. I will see how it measures up tomorrow on my update for the week.

  9. Three Week Update

    Weight - 180lb(-5lb)(up 1lb from last week??)
    Bicep - 16.125"(-.125")
    Chest - 43.5"
    Thigh - 24.25"(-.75")
    Waist - 34.375" (-.125")
    Stomach - 34.875" (-.375")


    Pectoral - 5,5,5
    Abdominal - 18,18,18
    Thigh - 15,15,14

    BF% - 11.19% (1.7%)

    Well, the total changes look okay, but week to week this week is very strange. My legs seem to have shrunk down a bit. This makes sense because I can see more definition all over and vascularity in my lower legs. I also gained a bit on my weight, but caliper measurements went down. While my waist and stomach measurements dont seem to be changing, the fat on my back and stomach seems to be alot softer and "squishier". From what I understand this is a good sign when fat gets really soft. I think that my water weight is going up and down right now and alot is hanging around my waist.
    I counted my doses last night, and I have 9 more days on the stack. I am going to actually wait two or three days after stopping LipidFX before I give the final update. I want to give the water retention a chance to decrease if, in fact, that is an issue.

  10. Legs From Friday
    Squats - 105x20, 205x10, 225x8,8,8
    Lungs - 90x10, 3 sets
    Leg Curl/Leg Extension - 120each, 12 reps, 3 sets
    Standing Calf Raise - 225x20,275x20,18,18
    Seated Calf Raise - 180x15,10,10
    Bike - 10 min. low intensity cool down
    Not much new to report. I was pretty damned whipped after my leg workout Friday. I only had ~70g of carbs all day leading up to my workout so I was pretty low on energy. On another note, I have noticed a big increase in acne on my face and chest. I have also noticed being hot more lately. I think I have had it all along, but the weather is warming up here and I am really noticing now.

    Yesterday I was gone all day working with my Dad. I worked about 10 hours in the sun and I am still feeling the effects of it today. I think I am almost back to being hydrated. Diet was pretty clean yesterday, but I did eat alot more for breakfast and had alot more carbs through the day. I was carrying around 150lb post all day building fence, so I needed the calories. Today, diet has been clean and back down on the carbs. I am taking today off of everything because my body hurts all over from legs on Friday and working yesterday. I am not used to working that hard.

  11. Chest/Tri Workout Today
    Flat Smith Bar Press - 105x18,195x10,225x6,4
    Incline Dumbell Press - 100x5, 90x8,8
    Flat Cable Flyes - 6.5platesx10,10, 7 plates x 10

    Cable Tri Pressdown - 7plates x 12, 8plates x 10,10
    Overhead DB Extension - 30x12, 35x10, 40x10
    20 minutes medium/high intensity

    Workout was decent today, but nothing to write home about. Kindof like my chest workout last week....just a little off. Diet was clean today other than one cookie my wife made and I could not resist. I am out of chicken and lean ground beef so most of my protein was from whey and muscle milk today. I did have a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch with my wife.

    Fat loss seems to have kindof fallen off. It was slower last week and this week I really dont feel like I am loosing much. We'll see how it goes for the next couple days. As mentioned before I am hoping some water will disappear after I finish the stack.

  12. Bi/Calf Workout Yesterday
    Standing BB Curl - 95x10,95x8,105x8
    Alt. DB Hammer Curl - 50x10,55x10,60x10(little cheatin on the last set)
    Hammer Cable Curl - high rep, low weight for pump...it worked
    Seated Calf Raise - 180x20,225x15,15
    Standing Calf Raise - 225x20, 315x15, 15
    20 minutes on bike medium intensity
    Well, yesterday and today I seem to have dropped a little water or something and my waist and stomach measurments are down about 1/8-1/4 inch each over the lowest measurements I have had. I know it is not much, but any change there tells me things are happening. I weighed 179.5 yesterday, so weight is really not changing much.
    I have two days after today on the stack. I will do an update first of next week after having a couple days off everything other than my staple suppliments. That should give the most accurate before and after pics/stats.

  13. Back and Hammie Workout Yesterday
    Wide grip chins - BW x 15,12,10
    DB Rows - 100x12, 120x10,10(almost hurled on that last one)
    VBar Rows - 15plates x10, 16x8, 17x7 (still grip limited dammit)
    SLDL - 135x20, 225x10, 265x8,6 (never done 265 before, reps were down)
    Ham Curls - 12plates x 8,8,8

    Well, this is the end. Yesterday I ran out of everything but cAMP, which I have a little bit left. I am going to post an update first of next week to see what happens when I level out. I will tell you that this morning I measured my waist and.........under 34"!!!! I am hoping today I will drop a little more water around my waist and it will go down some more. I also measured BF yesterday and was coming in high 10's, but we will see how it looks in a couple days. Hoping to measure mid 10 putting me in the 12's at least in reality. Final update in a couple days.......

  14. Final Update
    Weight - 180lb (-5lb)
    Bicep - 16."(-.25")
    Chest - 43"(-.5")
    Thigh - 24.5"(-.5")
    Waist - 34" (-.5")
    Stomach - 34.375" (-.825")


    Pectoral - 5,5,5
    Abdominal - 18,17,17
    Thigh - 14,14,14
    BF% - 10.78% (-2%)
    Final Thoughts

    Hmmm.....lost 2% BF in 4 weeks. I guess that sums it up for the most part. Obviously my actaul BF is probably still in the 12% range, but I am very happy being able to drop that much on the calipers. You can look at my measurements and see a shrunk a good bit. I was able to maintain strength through the entire log and might end up gaining a little LBM in the end if I am lucky. I will weigh in today when I go to the gym and update the progress chart so you can see it all the way through.

    I would recommend this stack to anyone who is cutting. I dont really know if all the products are necessary to get the same results, but I am very happy with how it turned out. I would like to again thank Scivation and USPLabs for making the log possible and thank Derek for picking me to do it.
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  15. Great log...... Looking good!


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