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  1. Chest/Tri Workout Today
    Flat Smith Bar Press - 105x18,195x10,225x6,4
    Incline Dumbell Press - 100x5, 90x8,8
    Flat Cable Flyes - 6.5platesx10,10, 7 plates x 10

    Cable Tri Pressdown - 7plates x 12, 8plates x 10,10
    Overhead DB Extension - 30x12, 35x10, 40x10
    20 minutes medium/high intensity

    Workout was decent today, but nothing to write home about. Kindof like my chest workout last week....just a little off. Diet was clean today other than one cookie my wife made and I could not resist. I am out of chicken and lean ground beef so most of my protein was from whey and muscle milk today. I did have a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch with my wife.

    Fat loss seems to have kindof fallen off. It was slower last week and this week I really dont feel like I am loosing much. We'll see how it goes for the next couple days. As mentioned before I am hoping some water will disappear after I finish the stack.

  2. Bi/Calf Workout Yesterday
    Standing BB Curl - 95x10,95x8,105x8
    Alt. DB Hammer Curl - 50x10,55x10,60x10(little cheatin on the last set)
    Hammer Cable Curl - high rep, low weight for pump...it worked
    Seated Calf Raise - 180x20,225x15,15
    Standing Calf Raise - 225x20, 315x15, 15
    20 minutes on bike medium intensity
    Well, yesterday and today I seem to have dropped a little water or something and my waist and stomach measurments are down about 1/8-1/4 inch each over the lowest measurements I have had. I know it is not much, but any change there tells me things are happening. I weighed 179.5 yesterday, so weight is really not changing much.
    I have two days after today on the stack. I will do an update first of next week after having a couple days off everything other than my staple suppliments. That should give the most accurate before and after pics/stats.

  3. Back and Hammie Workout Yesterday
    Wide grip chins - BW x 15,12,10
    DB Rows - 100x12, 120x10,10(almost hurled on that last one)
    VBar Rows - 15plates x10, 16x8, 17x7 (still grip limited dammit)
    SLDL - 135x20, 225x10, 265x8,6 (never done 265 before, reps were down)
    Ham Curls - 12plates x 8,8,8

    Well, this is the end. Yesterday I ran out of everything but cAMP, which I have a little bit left. I am going to post an update first of next week to see what happens when I level out. I will tell you that this morning I measured my waist and.........under 34"!!!! I am hoping today I will drop a little more water around my waist and it will go down some more. I also measured BF yesterday and was coming in high 10's, but we will see how it looks in a couple days. Hoping to measure mid 10 putting me in the 12's at least in reality. Final update in a couple days.......

  4. Final Update
    Weight - 180lb (-5lb)
    Bicep - 16."(-.25")
    Chest - 43"(-.5")
    Thigh - 24.5"(-.5")
    Waist - 34" (-.5")
    Stomach - 34.375" (-.825")


    Pectoral - 5,5,5
    Abdominal - 18,17,17
    Thigh - 14,14,14
    BF% - 10.78% (-2%)
    Final Thoughts

    Hmmm.....lost 2% BF in 4 weeks. I guess that sums it up for the most part. Obviously my actaul BF is probably still in the 12% range, but I am very happy being able to drop that much on the calipers. You can look at my measurements and see a shrunk a good bit. I was able to maintain strength through the entire log and might end up gaining a little LBM in the end if I am lucky. I will weigh in today when I go to the gym and update the progress chart so you can see it all the way through.

    I would recommend this stack to anyone who is cutting. I dont really know if all the products are necessary to get the same results, but I am very happy with how it turned out. I would like to again thank Scivation and USPLabs for making the log possible and thank Derek for picking me to do it.
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  5. Great log...... Looking good!


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