Venom and Thyrogen-x Cycle

  1. Venom and Thyrogen-x Cycle

    Hey guys. I noticed there's another thread like this but I thought I would post my own log versus hi-jacking.

    Here's a little bio:
    22 years old 22-23% bf. I start the venom at 265 from 268.
    I got really sick in Dec. Spent one and a half -two months on anti-biotics got fat lost muscle. I did a PH cycle which screwed up my lipid levels. I get regular blood test, usually pre-cycle, mid-cycle and post cycle. So, now I'm cutting down for the summer and trying to lose unwanted fat. My goal to reach is 12-15% bodyfat, I just want to be healthy and look good.

    Diet: 6 meals a day right around 3,000 cals per day, 350-360 grams of protein per day, 270-300 grams of carbs, 40-60 grams of fat per day. I take in at least one gallon of just water, not to mention crystal light, milk, etc.

    Training: Weights 4 x times a week
    Cardio: 4 x times a week (30 minutes twice a week, 45 minutes twice a week)

    Supplements: Milk Thistle, lean xtreme, ultra hotter, ogoleplex, venom tri-lean with thyrogen-x, policansol (sp?), red bull, Iso-pure.

    I weighed in today at 265 I've lost 3lbs from the diet and cardio since Sunday.

    Now on to the Venom,

    March first

    I received my Venom yesterday afternoon and took one thyrogen and two special tactics before my wokrout. I noticed I sweated more than usual with two during cardio nothing special.

    I took the Lean dreams an hour before bed time. I had the deepest sleep I've had in along time. I didn't wake up untill 7:15, my alarm had been going off since 6:00 AM!!

    March Second

    7:30 I took my first venom hyperdrive pill. I felt really awake, not too jittery. Definetly has increased my work performance and decreased appetitie.

    10:30 took 1 thyrogen and 2 special tactics before lunch. Not much to notice except I feel really awake and alert with out the jittery feeling.

  2. Good luck, and keep at it.

  3. March second continued..

    I had to cheat on my diet a little yesterday, I was just too worn down.
    I had a foot long steak and cheese from Subway with a diet coke.

    Todays workout was legs. I ran 3/4 of a mile outside on the track since it was such a nice day. I sweated PROFUSELY, this can also be contributed to my pre-workout red bull. Workout was great. I have this constant feeling of euphoria. I have no jitters and no problem sleeping. The only side effect I've seen so far is increased body temperature.

    March Third

    looking and feeling much tighter.
    Today's workout is bi's/cardio/abs.

    I went a head and took two capsules today, one at waking the other before lunch, let me say I have so much energy. I'm getting compliments at work on my performace (I work in the IT field).
    I'm looking forward to tonight, I'm going to take three of the lean dreams, turn off my phones and sleep until I wake up the next day. I'm curious to see as to when I'll wake up.

    I was feeling pretty fatigued before my workout due to calorie deficit, I took a redbull with my pre-workout meal and I was able to make it to the gym. Strength was suprisingly good, one odd thing I noticed was the pump I experienced during my workout. It was like a NO2, CEE or even PH/AAS kind of pump.

    I had to up the carbs in my last meal, I was experiencing serious fatigue.

    March 4

    Well, I didn't sleep as good when I took 3 lean dreams as when I took two. I'm definetly seeing increased defintion in my stomach. I'll weigh on Moday to get a idea of total lbs lost. I'm starting to get compliments on the fat loss. I didn't take the lean dreams untill 3 am and I don't think I could go to sleep with out it. I never get hungry using this stack, I just get this feeling like that if I don't eat something I'll pass out. Appetite is really suppressed even when I do eat I can't eat much right around half of what I would normally eat.

    March 5

    Chest day

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