The Ultimate Adrenal Burnout Log - Redline - Amp - Stimulant X Cycle

  1. The Ultimate Adrenal Burnout Log - Redline - Amp - Stimulant X Cycle

    I've been avoiding all stimulants for the last couple months in order to prepare for my summer cut. I will be cycling Stimulant X, Amp, and VPX Redline Caps. I will cycle through them taking one of them at least daily. I just don't want my body to build up a tolerance to a certain one. Most Stim X users seem to report thats its most effective if used a a maximum of 3 times a week. Amp also states it should only be used three times a week. I don't know about the Redline but considering it contains Yohimbine HCL it would be best used cycled also.

    Age : 20
    Gender : Male
    Height : 6' 1"
    Weight : 190 lbs
    BF% - Guess ~15%
    Bodytype :

    Training : I have been lifting seriously for the last 6 months.
    I follow a 4 day split:
    Back and Traps
    Shoulders and Arms
    Chest and Abs

    I plan on doing Low Intensity Cardio (approximately 30 minutes on a treadmill) everyday until I reach my desired body fat. From August to November I didn't do any cardio but went from 230 lbs to an all time low of 183. During Novemeber and December I did a bulk cycle and made some decent gains. I eventually reach 195 lbs but have since dropped back down to 190 due to my increased cardio and strict diet. The last time I weighed 190 lbs was in 6th grade.

    Current Supplements:
    Sam's Club Multi-Vitamin
    Lecithin (for choline)
    Acetyl L Carnitine

    Previous Stimulant Use:
    Jet Alert
    Bulk Nutrition Caffeine Anhydrous Powder
    Omega Power Jolt
    Biotek (Only Once, Didn't Like it)
    Diesel Fuel

    Diet Breakdown:
    My cutting diet should be approximately these numbers everyday.
    Cals Fat Carb Prot
    2266 78 186 210

    Other Info:
    Sleep - Approximately 8 hours a night
    Water - Minimum 2 gallons

    I don't drink any liquid calories ever including alcohol. I'm not on any presciptions and do not participate in any recreational drugs.

    Get rid of the last little bit of chest fat

    I love this site and the people that make it such a valuable resource. When I lose more BF I will post some before and afters.

  2. Stimulant X Cycle is it worth the price to pay. How are the results?

  3. damn...190 and 6'1, and you are cutting! what the.

    Good luck.

  4. When I read the title, I thought he was taking all 3 at the same time.

    I'm pretty damn sure I'd die taking Redline, Amp, and StimX.

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