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    I just finished my first bottle of Cissus RX and in my opinion it lives up its hype. Now with the sale on USP products, it will become one of my staple supplements.

    Two years ago I tore my ACL playing lacrosse and had to have reconstructive surgery. Since the surgery I have always gotten pains in my knees when increasing weights for leg exercises and when there are big swings in the weather/temperature.

    I'm currently bulking and making gains in legs and while on cissus the pain in my knee and the tendon they took the graft from have been significantly less sore following leg workouts. Also the pain while on cissus is gone after about a day when it usually took 2-3 days for the pain to stop following in increase in weights.

    When old people tell you that they can feel a storm coming, they are lying. Whenever the weather changes drastically, which its does on a daily basis with this new england weather, my knee always becomes more sensitive. Since starting on Cissus, this pain has not completely disappeared but feels dulled.

    I would reccomend Cissus for anyone that has had a significant sports related injury.

  2. My friend who you all might know from this website, cable626 told me about cissus. I got tendanitis in my elbow and was in a lot fo pain curling and doing some other excercises. I also broke my wrist october of 2003 and to this day it still never complatley healed. I would wear wrist straps all the time in the gym especially on my injured wrist. Once i tried cissus the pain in my elbow went away. i felt so much better. cissus also helped with the pain in my wrist. i am able to wear my strap much looser and soemtimes nto wear it at all. It is a great pruduct and i praise it to everyoen to use it. I didnt believe a product liek that could work but i was wrong. Cissus RX will make you feel a lot better in the gym.

  3. i'm on my second bottle of this. i am taking this and "anarchy stack"-ALCAR,ALA,CLA,GREEN TEA XTRACT. i have lost 20 lbs since i started. i haven't even been lifting, just bicycling a few times a week and hitting a heavy bag twice a week for 6 five minute rounds with 1 minute rest. also playing softball once a week. my appetite has gone down but i don't seem to have lost any muscle mass.

    pain: i have had bursitis in throwing arm and terrible shin splints from being overweight/shattering my leg in a crash and being flat-footed. super cissus has really cut down on the leg pains and eliminated shoulder pain from throwing a baseball. i reccommend pitchers try this for arm and shoulder pain.

    starting dosage: 3 pills with each meal. now 2pills/meal. i have missed a few doses every week as well.

    i will post again after this bottle.

  4. glad it's working for ya, buy plenty of bottles so you never run out, then you'll never have to worry about losing the analgesia effect

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