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Olive Leaf Extract

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    Damn, this stuff rocks.

    I caught a cold about 2 months ago, was the first in a long time, as I take immune boosting/supporting supps year round and always have a super clean healthy diet. Anyway, it wasn't bad, lasted about a week, didn't even keep me out of the gym. Though, ever since I had a lingering cough. I'd cough maybe 20 times throughout the day, but otherwise felt 100%. Then I ordered some Olive Leaf Extract from BAC and BAM! Cough compleatly gone in 4 or 5 days taking 1.5g/day! It's real cheap too!

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    This stuff is great for sure. I had problems a few years ago with recurring urinary tract infections that antibiotics weren't working very well at clearing up. On the recommendation of a member from another board I started taking olive leaf extract several times a day. At first, I suffered from alot of lethargy, which I suspect was from the die off of bacteria. Within a few weeks, the infections were completely cleared up, and haven't come back since.
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    D-Mannose is excellent for getting rid of UTI's. Works overnight in most cases. My wife just used some and got rid of a bladder infection overnight..pretty amazing really.

    I'll have to try the OLE sometime.

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