Melting Point cycle log

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  1. Melting Point cycle log

    This is going to be a log about a 3 week cutting cycle, 2 week break/ continued cutting, then an extremely lean bulk. Looking to try a maricle and do a straight lean gain!

    I am 19 years old, 6'5" and 250 lbs. at ruffly round 14-16% BF... self caliber tested. I am using a cutting cycle of Melting Point and Basic cuts for three weeks, and then two weeks of nothing while still cycling carbs and cutting. Then going into a three week bulking cycle of Omega Cre-Ethyl Thunder with Lean Xtreme and Basic Cuts with some AX PCT.

    I am shooting at around 3000-3300 cal. for loss, I still have a high matbolism so I have to keep the cals around that level.

    I will post a daily workout/ feeling log and any encouragement or ideas would be nice.

    I have been takeing the MP and BSC for a week now and I have seen some nice results, most of its a placebo effect on how much cardio I have been making myself do.

    Todays workout:
    Incline DBP: 6x70, 6x80, 8x80
    Flat DBP: 12x80, 8x90, 4x100 with one assisted... damn long arms..

    Decline DBP: 12x70, 12x70, 12x70... these three sets were done in quick rotation with my training partner.

    Wide grip assisted pull-ups. 20x150 lbs. (thats 100 lbs of assist), 20x150, 20X150
    Bent over rows: 20x95, 20x95,20x95... seeing how good of a pump doing volume gives you with the excerise. Might trying switching it up sometimes.

    Single Arm rows: 6x80, 8x80
    Good morningsfirst time I have ever tried these) 2 sets of the bar for 12.

    Cardio:15 minutes on elipitcal
    Cardio:15 minutes on Elipitical
    15 minutes on hand cycle.

    I gotta go eat I will post my diet later!

  2. Diet:

    3-4 am: cup of oats with a scoop of ON whey

    7am: 2 cups of powdered eggs, cup of FF yogart with granola, cup of orange juice, cup of 1% milk, sometimes a whole grain muffin first does of MP and Basic Cuts with a bananna

    10:30-11 am: 1-2 lbs of sliced turkey with ketchup, a cup of white steamed rice, 3 cups of water, bowl of fruit and a banana. 2nd does of MP

    2 pm: last class, 2nd dose of basic cuts, workout

    3:30-4 : Protein shake... 2 scoops whey with some cranberry juice and water

    530-600: half a cup of rice, black beans, ground beef(lean), guacamolie, two chicken breast, some water, skim milk, OJ, normally some sort of vegitable last dose of MP

    7-9: bag of tuna with ketchup

    10ish: protein shake.

    Any suggestions?

    I attached a photo of after a week of this cycle, a little bloated, but not too bad
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  3. For the initial week, I had some abdominal cramps, but I started taking 2 grams of Taurine with each dose of MP, and it seemed to stim it off. Does anyone have any other ideas to stop the cramping?

    And does anyone have anything to say about the non hormonal stack I have planned in three weeks?



  4. Had a good arm workout today.
    Did 45 minutes of cardio. Does anyone know if MP is supposed to make cardio harder the longer your on it? Because I feel slightly lathargic before my second dose of basic cuts, then I am fine while I lift. But when I start my cardio I feel like anything past ten minutes is to long, maybe it is the lack of carbs? I am getting in around 250- 300 grams of protein a day. About 200-250 grams of carbs, with around 90-100 grams of fat a day. Thats almost 40% protein, 30 % carbs, and 30% fat... is that off in any way? Any who, it was a good day, no cramps from the MP and I was hungry enough today to get an extra serving of oats and protein in!

  5. For the cramping:

    300-500mg potassium twice daily
    300-500mg Magnesium in the evneing


    Some people notice a drop in cardiovascular ability. Others do not.
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  6. I am thinking it was just the timing of the cardio, I had to do it later in the day, due to having a paper due at 5.... Thanks Rob , I love this stuff!

    Taurine is also helping with the cramping, I tried pot. and mag. it worked too. But if I eat a couple of banannas and a couple of grams of taurine, and some mag. before bed it is fine.

  7. Don't forget that the bananas have calories and should be included in your daily breakdowns.
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  8. Yessir, I add them into fit day. I normally keep it around 2 earlier in the day....

  9. I am noticing that I am becoming more vascular. Around my biceps and my delts. I heard that MP packs on a bloat normally? Well if this is the case, I cant wait to see what happens when the bloat leaves! Awesome stuff! I am weighing in around 245ish, and I will post BF later.

  10. any updates?

  11. Yep, sorry guys its been a ruff weekendish with some college stuff... But my BF% is around the 12% margin at 243ish. I haven't noticed any decline in strength or any other sides due to cutting. I also have found that I am the only one in my dorm staying healthy. I was talking to my brother who said that is a possible side effect of MP. So with a multi and some MP, one may make it through the cold season in Minnesota....

    Another thing, Robboe or any of the DS guys, does MP mess with your testicles any? I have noticed a kind of tightening when orgasming, and it is not uncomfortable. Just wondering if anyone in beta testing noticed such a side? I am not complaining! Continued vascularity, my training partner is saying I look cut, and my girl has been loving the 8 pack starting to come back out.... it was in hybernation all winter

    I'll try to post more frequently this week.
    Had a good shoulder work out today. Standing shoulder pressed for the first time this year and it felt good. Ended it with 2 giant sets that hurt, but it was fun...

    Haven'tt really hit a plateu with the dieting. I am gonna wait till I am done with the MP to start messing with my caloric intake, maybe a week after... let the bloat subside. Then I will take a restocking of my figure and see if I want to cut for another week or so with rationinng the carbs. So I will keep you boys posted if your interested !

  12. My body just feels drained today. I am gonna take the day off and sleep, had a late night doing hwk lastnight and now I just think rest is a better option... its gonna be another late night tonight. I am noticing more veins every day as I come to the end of this cycle.

  13. 3/1- Officially skipped class today because I felt like **** this morning. I think this is just a sinus cold thing going on that is making me nausious with all the crap draining down my throat. Drinking a lot of OJ and trying to sleep... might just throw Ronnie Coleman's cost of redemption in, watch the eating seens.... they put you to sleep in no time

    Report back tomarrow, hopefully I can get back in the gym, I got this itching for a nice arm workout

  14. After a couple of gallons of OJ, and some milk chocolate... I have officially started to feel better. I slept all morning, and got some hwk done. Rescheduled a test and I feel good. Lets pray tomarrow is even better!

    Kept up with my dosage. But I always feel fat when I drink a lot of juice or eat milk chocolate... so we'll see how I feel in the morning...

  15. Ok, felt a lot better today. Ate a little below my normal cutting caloric intake. It really sucks being in college, on a friday night, and not being/wanting to drink

    Anywho, I upped my dosage to 8 pills of MP, thats the max recommended dosage and at over 240 lbs, I didn't think it was a bad idea.

    I am starting to not feel the kick of the stimulants of Basic cuts. I had a talk with my brother, and I am gonna try upping the dosage there, for the last week.

    The bloat is already starting to slack off. I am seeing more veins in my calves and biceps and my holester hips are disappearing.

    I got a good back and chest workout intoday, and an hour of cardio, then a lot of good stretching.


  16. I took the weekend off... got a lot of sleep, and I think that was a good plan. Between school and dieting, my body was just really strained and sick. I got in a good 20 hours of sleeping between saturday and sunday... which for you tall guys is great... college beds are way to short...IMO

    I feel good, this will be the last week of my MP log, and then I will take two weeks off of any stimulant and cutting aid, to let the bloat and effect wear off. I will continue to cut in these weeks, with 1 or 2 planned cheat meals(hawiian pizza )

    Then I am gonna start a straight non-hormonal stack for bulking. It will consist of

    Cre-Ethyl Thunder
    Basic Cuts
    Lean Xtreme
    AX PCT

    So stay tuned, I will log in my work out


  17. Are you taking PCT without doing a cycle of anything requiring it? If so, what are the benefits and why are you doing it? (I am very curious about this)

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Brent
    Are you taking PCT without doing a cycle of anything requiring it? If so, what are the benefits and why are you doing it? (I am very curious about this)
    Alright, well I cant really post in the Anabolic section, but this is what I have figured and had explained to me a couple of times. Anyone that has a problem with what I am saying can correct me or support me.. (flames)

    Designer Supps and AX... well ok lets just say AX, has numerous PCT programs that are actually non-hormonal stacks for PCT, that could potentially be used to help your NaTTy test or natural boast of my teenage hormonal test... ie non steroidal compounds that allow me to grow, but not really mess up my nuts or my naturaly testerone levels.

    I am just trying to JACK my NATTY TEST :P

    Any who, thats what I am gonna use to help kick start, motivate, whatever you want to call it, a really lean bulk.

    Rice, meat, and non sodium spices and some vitamins... with a protein shake or three... will be my main stay for my clean bulk.

    Any other questions, or ideas?


  19. Leg Day~

    It hurt...

    two warm-up sets of leg extensions (12 reps each)


    (Hip flexors werre really tight today couldn't do as much as I was hoping)NO excuses mofo... just do it

    Leg Press

    SLDL (25 Kilo bumpers as a deficit)
    I wasn't feeling great after that, so I didn't try to up the wattage any ;0)

    Lying Ham Curl/ Leg extension supper set
    LHC 12x100/ LE 12x70
    12x130/ 12x100
    12x160/ 12x 130

    That was the end of it.... ack...

  20. I've never heard of a tightening from orgasm (well, beyond the typical tightening at climax).
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  21. subscribes

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Viking22
    Thanks bro! Its nice to get positive feedback!

    Alright today was just a chest workout. I have been doing a chest and back twice a weeek workout, I outlined it in the exercise science forum if your interested. Stopped that for the first time in three weeks today, did a straight chest work out, it was pumping awesome... still pumped.

    flat DB press
    warm-up 12x40
    RUFF 6x100

    Incline DB press

    Decline DB press

    Flat DB fly
    12x30 super setted with champagnes

    it was one of those workouts, that you kinda just do by feel... when the pump becomes unbearable... you stop... that felt good

    Finished with some abs, did not have time for cardio today due to having so much shizzle today this afternoon...

    I have tomarrow as my last day of MP, then about three days of basic cuts left...
    then i will be ready for my two week break, with high cardio and heavy lifting, with cycled carbs. I will post pics from at the end of my cycle, to the beginning of my bulking.

  23. Nice job, Yeah I'm almost done with my 30 day MP, and am just starting to lean out, I've noticed hips have lost 1/2 inch or so of fat and my midsection is leaner than ever. Have you ever tried Lean Extreme?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by ssor1005
    Nice job, Yeah I'm almost done with my 30 day MP, and am just starting to lean out, I've noticed hips have lost 1/2 inch or so of fat and my midsection is leaner than ever. Have you ever tried Lean Extreme?

    I have a bottle sitting around. I am gonna use it to do a lean bulk in about two weeks... I want to see how my body responds to a totally lack of fat burners ie. MP and BC

    Then its Lean Xtreme
    AX's PCT
    Basic cuts
    and Omega Sports Cre-eythl thunder

    and a lot of eating... I like to eat

    So after spring break gonna see if I can do a lean bulk to around 250ish in about 5-7 weeks, I am probably gonna be just under 240 at the end of this cut, because I weighed in at 240 exactly today

  25. Nice, After spring break I'm going to go on a clean bulk and try to put on about 15-20 lbs before June.

    I am going to be using BC and Lean Extreme and dont know what else yet, but am looking foward to the extra calories.


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