Melting Point cycle log

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  1. Time yourself running up them, then walk down.

    Catch your breath and try and beat your time.
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  2. Ack what a weekend. My father came and took me and some friends out... NICE steak at the resturant. I did the stair running tthing on saturday. It got my knee acting up. So I took the rest of the weekend off because I couldn't get to an eliptical.. did pretty much push ups and sit ups and stuff. WE are now under a foot of snow, which is fun! I am gonna get some shoulders in this evening. The melting point bloat is starting to leave, it looks nice. I am having some head acches from the lack of caffiene, I am just combating that with some Diet coke. A little bit at lunch seems to geet rid of them, so I will use that to ween myself off of my dependency. All and all I am pretty happy with the stack. I will post pictures next week!

  3. Had a four day weekend tour with the choir. All of which was poor eating, and no time to workout... I feel like a fat ass. I will do a body assessment tomarrow and get back after I see what working out feels like now that I am totally off the product.

  4. I just got back from spring break. I don't feel fat, I can see that I am fat. Lost definition in the abs. Sad, I worked so hard.


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