Melting Point cycle log

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  1. Good luck bro!

  2. thanks you too.

  3. Alright... sad news my gym is closed for three days, due to the Division III indoor national track championships are in it... which sucks, cuz it means my first three days off MP I cant do any cardio... cuz its ***** ass cold outside... On top of that, they have lent out our #3 cafe in the nation to all the teams. So they expect us to be happy eating PIZZA in our dorms... I am miffed, but I'll get over it... just gonna eat my pizza watch my CSI, and then go outside and shiver for an hour of hard walking, calling that my cardio... I cant run....


  4. Does your dorm have stairs?

    If so, no excuse.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Brent
    Does your dorm have stairs?

    If so, no excuse.
    Damn, your a good idea... mine only has like a flight. But the one next door is 14 stories tall... its a tower

    I will just go walk up and down the steps for a while. 3 sets of 14 flights....

    Thanks Brent

  6. Time yourself running up them, then walk down.

    Catch your breath and try and beat your time.
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  7. Ack what a weekend. My father came and took me and some friends out... NICE steak at the resturant. I did the stair running tthing on saturday. It got my knee acting up. So I took the rest of the weekend off because I couldn't get to an eliptical.. did pretty much push ups and sit ups and stuff. WE are now under a foot of snow, which is fun! I am gonna get some shoulders in this evening. The melting point bloat is starting to leave, it looks nice. I am having some head acches from the lack of caffiene, I am just combating that with some Diet coke. A little bit at lunch seems to geet rid of them, so I will use that to ween myself off of my dependency. All and all I am pretty happy with the stack. I will post pictures next week!

  8. Had a four day weekend tour with the choir. All of which was poor eating, and no time to workout... I feel like a fat ass. I will do a body assessment tomarrow and get back after I see what working out feels like now that I am totally off the product.

  9. I just got back from spring break. I don't feel fat, I can see that I am fat. Lost definition in the abs. Sad, I worked so hard.


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