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  1. how about those donkeys huh huh big man!!! haha awesome as always!!!!

  2. Workout #21

    Slammed the guns today. Started out on preacher where I went up in weight big time.... I was so excited about this because preacher curls seem to be the bicep grower for me... and if I'm going up in weight while cutting that means diet is definitely in check. Had a crazy pump after finishing this exercise.

    Next I went onto do some seated machine dips. Did them nice and control but still used some really heavy weight. After finishing with this exercise I had a pump in pretty much everything on my upper body lol. Not bull****ting, pump in my chest, back, bis and tris.

    I proceeded to do several more exercises... doing decreasing sets with my straight bar curls just because they couldnt handle the added weight from the previous exercise... not really a disappointment in endurance here.. i think that would be expecting a little too much.

    Finished up with a full routine, didn't short any of my exercises so I was really happy about this. Carbed up with some simple carbs and blew up even more... these two products are incredible.

    Okay so i think tomorrow will be a day off, cardio only ... maybe some ab work but thats about it. Then friday we will hit the chest... stay tuned all

  3. Workout #22

    Don't worry I'm still alive and kickin... and so is this SNS stuff man oh man...

    Did legs and blew them up big time...We decided to do some higher reps today and I notice an even fuller feel in my legs than normal. Strength definitely went up in my extensions... finished off with some heavy weight with a good 12 reps... 15 and 20 before that OUCH! Also got back into doing some leg presses.. We decided to finish off the legs with these yet I was still happy with myself in this department. We did no lock outs and we finished up with some good weight and a had a vicious pump. Hit hammies up with some machine work and also got them nice and full... definitely more full than normal. We finally slammed the calves with some standing smith calf raises.. ended up going pretty heavy with these and managed to get the calves extremely full and hard.

    Endurance was definitely up today and more noticable because of the higher reps... pumps are still there and full as ever.. awesome products.. cant wait for the next workout!!

  4. Workout #23

    Quick workout, but a good one at that.. we decided to hit up pecs and we changed things up some and did db incline presses. Started out with my normal weight and absolutely smoked it, strength was definitely up, so i decided to move up. Jumped up 10 pounds higher which might have been a mistake, handled them real well, just didn't get a ton of reps in. Still really nice strength increase here.. and had a lot of blood pumping at the end.

    We next went to some reverse rear delt flys. Started right off the bat with heavier than normal weight, I figured why waste time right? Stayed at this weight and had 3 really good sets.. while decreasing on the last set. Awesome endurance with these, and again had a really nice pump. Some more good strength increases on these.

    Finally just finished with some easy sets of bodyweight dips. Nice and slow going super deep. Not too much to note here, just the fact that it blew my chest up even more.

    Overall another great day, keep in mind I am still cutting and my strength is actually going up!
    Can't wait to see what the next days bring, new write up soon.

  5. Workout #24

    Had a good workout today, went rather quick for some reason but it definitely satisfied my pump for the afternoon hehe... I hit up back and i began with some reverse grip pulldowns which was a nice change and one in which I definitely noticed a good amount of strength increase in. I next went on to do some machine closegrip rows, I lightened up in weight with these and really concentrated on a 3 second hold.. man did a get a good pump from these... definitely had some added vascularity after finishing with these sets. Finally finished with some pullovers. Haven't done these in a while and I felt it was a good time to add them in. Used a lot more weight than I thought I would be able to handle and finished with an awesome pump in my lats. Good day today, got in and out and definitely had some nice gains and added vascularity.


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