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  1. haha yeah baby big LEGS!!!!!!!!!! you better come wit it tops. i want to hear an all out war on legs!! nothing less,or else haha.
    glad to see you are getting the same kinda pumps that i got from the arginine e2 matrix!!

    tear it up tom!!!!

  2. Workout #9

    Legs baby.... pretty decent workout, despite a somewhat lack of energy, must be the whole cutting scheme. Started the day out with some machine work using different types of shock methods and my quads blew the hell up immediately. Had an awesome pump and my strength was very good also. I went through several sets and then went onto some slow tempo leg press. I noticed some major endurance in this exercise and also had some fairly good strength. I finished up hitting the hams and calves...big pump in the calves, I was really stretching them out during this exercise and noticed an increase in pump more then normal.. good workout overall... real nice pump in the quads and calves, which is not the norm for me... hittin up boulder shoulders here real soon... until next time folks

  3. Workout #10

    Sorry for the long delay between posts... got two workouts to update... the one was somewhat mediocre... the other... one of the best workouts I've had in a very long time.

    Shoulders... were on the menu for today, had a decent pump but nothing like the normal. But this can be attributed to a bunch of different exercises I threw in today.. off the norm. I started off the day with some cable laterals.. that were pretty decent... definitely stronger then I have ever been with them.. got a decent pump.. just something felt a little off when I got finished with my sets, didn't feel as pumped nor as tired, I kind of figure this to being because of such a strict movement and not being able to put as much weight on them then say standing db. I then went onto a press movement and finished up with rear delts... all exercises using new movements and machines. Overall not that bad of a workout but nothing to brag about really.

  4. Workout #11

    After somewhat of a disappointing shoulder day, because of new exercises, I was hoping bi/tri day wouldnt let me down. It sure didn't. I was feeling rather down all day, and somewhat tired and was debating on whether to have a cheat meal or not. After consideration I decided on just upping my carb intake pre-workout. My carbs usually consist only of rice,oats,veggies, and simple carbs directly after workout, so I decided to change it up and take in some whole wheat bread.
    I took in about 2 servings worth of whole wheat bread pre- workout and went into the gym feeling actually rather energetic.

    Started out with one of my favorite bicep exercises, machine preacher curl. Went through several light warm up sets , and they left me wondering where in the world my pump was?? I expected much more, especially taking in a decent amount of carbs pre-workout. So i began my first set, and WHAM it hit me. My bi's felt like they were going to blow up.

    So set after set.. eventually reaching about 10 pounds past my personal record on these... by the end of just preacher my arms were unreal. I next proceeded to some db pullovers for tri's and then several other exercises for both... totaling 2 exercises for bi's, two for tri's and then some supersetting at the end.

    Nearing the end of my workout I normally watch and be careful not to do too many sets , because of cutting, I tend to lose me pump if I do. Well this wasn't the case today... set after set just slamming them home... huge strength in all of them and ONE OF THE BIGGEST PUMPS I HAVE EVER HAD.

    So say it was the carb up pre-workout, or credit it more to SNS's products either way my pump was out of this world. I cannot honestly imagine being on this stack when bulking and I will surely be doing it my next lean bulker. Truely amazing products.

    So... next is a day off, and then hitting up chest with my boys from back home!! and then the Arnold Classic... cannot wait... I'm very anxious to hit up the pecs soon... so i'll keep everyone posted with the results... im out

  5. hey all... just to keep this thing updated... been super busy with work and the Arnold Classic but I should have some reviews up very soon!!!

  6. Workout #12

    Alright guys, sorry about the huge hold up on posts.. had the arnold and now I have mid terms and I have a cold to boot... but workouts are still going great!

    Did chest back home with my boys and lemme tell ya it was a great workout. Started with some flat bench db presses and dominated them. Probabley started out my first set with too light of weight because by the last set it still felt like I could have gone heavier... althought this would have been a nice gain from the normal for sure. I next went into one of my favorite exercises which is flat bench db flys. Even though I went pretty damn intense with the db flat bench I was still able to hit an all time best with the flys... awesome exercise. Finally finished with some machine presses where I used a little bit of lighter weight to just get some blood flowing to the max.

    Overall strength was very high, and pump was awesome, still noticing the full body pump which is awesome.. makes you feel tank like. Still lovin this combo for sure!

  7. Workout #13

    Hit bi's and tri's up ... another really good workout.. really not sure if you can have a bad workout on this stuff, still trying to have one.

    Started out hitting tri's first for a change... used some skullcrushers to punish them.. had a massive pump in them by the end of the exercise, which was an awesome feeling because like I've stated before in this log I rarely get pumps in them. Next went to some straight bar preachers which I haven't done in a long time. Definitely was really strong on this exercise.. finished up using a little bit too much weight on the last set but I just used some drop sets to fix that.
    Went through 1 more exercise for each muscle and then finished with lighter sets of 1 more exercise for each. Still had a huge pump when I was done and I was able to go through the whole routine without having to stop for fear of losing my pump in the tri's.

    Had a good amount of endurance today, did some higher reps and really noticed it. Also had the full body pump again.. and loved the pump in the tri's..

    probabley hitting legs next, but we will see, cant hit them if i still got a cold

  8. Workout #14

    Legs.... Decided to do legs today and they are absolutely destroyed. Big strength increases on extensions and some really noticable endurance when I finished up with lunges. Legs were so beat I really couldn't hit calves hard... massive pump in quads and hams... definitely one of the best workouts I've had with legs in a long time.

    To give an update ... legs have been extremely sore for a good couple days, definitely beat the hell out of them.

  9. Workout #15

    Did probabley one of my stronger body parts today, chest. Another real good workout despite the fact I had no spot. Had a new personal best on db flys weight wise, and did a rediculous amount of reps with them also. Also did some heavy db incline presses afterwards where I noticed some major endurance. After going as heavy as I did on the flys I was really surprised at how heavy I was able to go on the inclines. Finished up with some dips. Did some posing afterwards and I have to say it's the fullest I have ever had my chest... looked really impressive and I was extremely stoked about it. Probabley doing shoulders next, been super busy with stuff lately ... sorry for the delayed posts.

    Still lovin this stack for sure!

  10. Workout #16

    Decided to get a shoulder workout in. Started with some upright rows which is another one of my favorite exercises. I hadn't done them in a while and was expecting a mediocre performance at them, which is the exact opposite of what I got. I ended up beating a personal best on these on my final sets while using normal weight for my first two, but really repping them out. I next went to lateral raises with not much to note, used about the same weight as previous weeks, but I am still losing weight so this is definitely a good thing. I finished up burining out my rear delts with some cable work. I then proceeded to do some shrug work where I kind of noticed a decrease in energy, but not too much of a disappointment, it was a long workout. Overall a good day. Went up in upright rows and had like normal, very good pumps. Endurance crashed at the end a little bit but I think I can attribute this more to cutting.

  11. Workout #17

    Hit up the old back today. Started with some pulldowns which went fairly well, nothing to crazy to note about them. Went onto some db rows where I was able to go fairly heavy and was pretty happy with the weight I was using for my last set. I then finished up with some cable rows where I kind of died down at the end. Overall not a great day, but I was kind of out of it mindset wise, wish I would have had some focus . Not much to note, no strength increases and not a huge pump, but I always say if ur head isn't in it you misewell not even go to the gym. Hitting up bi's tri's next I believe so I'm hoping I get a better workout this time. Check back!

  12. Workout #18

    Did bi's tri's and after a somewhat disappointing back day I was ready to rock and roll on the arms. Ended up having a really good workout. Started out with some O bar curls where I was really able to load up on the weight.. very impressive and I was really happy with what I finished my sets with. I next went onto to do some db pullovers for tri's and the onto some heavy cable concentration curls, which were very interesting and flushed a huge amount of blood into my arms. Finished off with a couple more exercises for each and a massive pump (unlike yesterday).
    Thought this workout went really nicely, had good increases in weight and still had some solid pumps even though I'm still on my cutting diet. Also noticed that I kept a really nice pump in my arms for a long time after my workout was over, which I was really happy about.

    Still very impressed with this stuff and will definitely use them again in the future. Guna hit up some chest next and then legs over the weekend. Might kick in the Arginine a little harder and see if I can get my pumps to stay all day long. Im out for now...

  13. dude. im enjoying your log. it is very helpful. you are making me want to try it. ill talk to you later man. yeah buddy!

  14. Workout #19

    Hey thanks joncron for the comments... im trying to keep this thing as updated as possible but its getting extremely hard with all the school work i've had lately, but I'm not guna let the guys at SNS down.

    Hit the legs up and started with heavy stiff leg deads. Started out with some warm up sets and by the time I was ready to rock and roll I already had a decent pump going. I finished off with a final set of some pretty decent weight.. nothing spectacular but definitely nailed the hams and had them blown up for sure. I hit the quads up a little bit with some machine work but really didn't go over board just because of limited time and because I hit them so hard last week. But knowing that I wasn't going to nail the quads I knew I had to destroy the calves, and man did I ever. Had some noticable endurance on these, did some old school donkey calve raises and blew them up. Had a really great pump and was able to hold my reps for a surprisingly long time... definitely lovin that.

    Overall awesome leg did... hit up the hams a little, gave the quads a little rest and smeared the calves... awesome pumps in my calves and improved endurance for sure.

    Stayed tuned all

  15. Workout #20

    Decided to hit up boulder shoulders today. Started with my favorite ... upright rows and used some major weight on these puppies... noticing a decent amount of strength increase in these. I then went on to improve in weight on lateral raises as well, and by this time had a huge pump and looked decently broad in the mirror. Finished them off with some partials on the rear delt machine and had an ungodly pump. Nailing the rear delts like that definitely gave the shoulder a better appearance and overall pump. Finished up with some heavy barbell shrugs.

    Also noticing some increase in vascularity which I am very happy with. Overall a pretty good day, had some nice strength increases and had a really full feeling in the shoulder.. probabley hitting up bi's tri's next... but who knows... check back!

  16. how about those donkeys huh huh big man!!! haha awesome as always!!!!

  17. Workout #21

    Slammed the guns today. Started out on preacher where I went up in weight big time.... I was so excited about this because preacher curls seem to be the bicep grower for me... and if I'm going up in weight while cutting that means diet is definitely in check. Had a crazy pump after finishing this exercise.

    Next I went onto do some seated machine dips. Did them nice and control but still used some really heavy weight. After finishing with this exercise I had a pump in pretty much everything on my upper body lol. Not bull****ting, pump in my chest, back, bis and tris.

    I proceeded to do several more exercises... doing decreasing sets with my straight bar curls just because they couldnt handle the added weight from the previous exercise... not really a disappointment in endurance here.. i think that would be expecting a little too much.

    Finished up with a full routine, didn't short any of my exercises so I was really happy about this. Carbed up with some simple carbs and blew up even more... these two products are incredible.

    Okay so i think tomorrow will be a day off, cardio only ... maybe some ab work but thats about it. Then friday we will hit the chest... stay tuned all

  18. Workout #22

    Don't worry I'm still alive and kickin... and so is this SNS stuff man oh man...

    Did legs and blew them up big time...We decided to do some higher reps today and I notice an even fuller feel in my legs than normal. Strength definitely went up in my extensions... finished off with some heavy weight with a good 12 reps... 15 and 20 before that OUCH! Also got back into doing some leg presses.. We decided to finish off the legs with these yet I was still happy with myself in this department. We did no lock outs and we finished up with some good weight and a had a vicious pump. Hit hammies up with some machine work and also got them nice and full... definitely more full than normal. We finally slammed the calves with some standing smith calf raises.. ended up going pretty heavy with these and managed to get the calves extremely full and hard.

    Endurance was definitely up today and more noticable because of the higher reps... pumps are still there and full as ever.. awesome products.. cant wait for the next workout!!

  19. Workout #23

    Quick workout, but a good one at that.. we decided to hit up pecs and we changed things up some and did db incline presses. Started out with my normal weight and absolutely smoked it, strength was definitely up, so i decided to move up. Jumped up 10 pounds higher which might have been a mistake, handled them real well, just didn't get a ton of reps in. Still really nice strength increase here.. and had a lot of blood pumping at the end.

    We next went to some reverse rear delt flys. Started right off the bat with heavier than normal weight, I figured why waste time right? Stayed at this weight and had 3 really good sets.. while decreasing on the last set. Awesome endurance with these, and again had a really nice pump. Some more good strength increases on these.

    Finally just finished with some easy sets of bodyweight dips. Nice and slow going super deep. Not too much to note here, just the fact that it blew my chest up even more.

    Overall another great day, keep in mind I am still cutting and my strength is actually going up!
    Can't wait to see what the next days bring, new write up soon.

  20. Workout #24

    Had a good workout today, went rather quick for some reason but it definitely satisfied my pump for the afternoon hehe... I hit up back and i began with some reverse grip pulldowns which was a nice change and one in which I definitely noticed a good amount of strength increase in. I next went on to do some machine closegrip rows, I lightened up in weight with these and really concentrated on a 3 second hold.. man did a get a good pump from these... definitely had some added vascularity after finishing with these sets. Finally finished with some pullovers. Haven't done these in a while and I felt it was a good time to add them in. Used a lot more weight than I thought I would be able to handle and finished with an awesome pump in my lats. Good day today, got in and out and definitely had some nice gains and added vascularity.


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